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Valentine Petpets to Help Show Your Love!

by ilovemykitties12


     Valentine’s Day has long carried a tradition of being a time to show our Neopets love, affection, and appreciation. As the date approaches each year, many Neopians scramble to find the *perfect* gifts for their favorite Neopets. Sometimes this poses a problem though! I hear people ask “What can I get for my Neopets that already have so much? Flowers and candy aren’t enough!” Well, we’re here to give you an idea you may not have thought of yet...gifting them a Valentine Petpet!


     On Valentine’s Day in Y17, all of Neopia was blessed with something magical: The Valentine Petpet Paint Brush. With the coming of the paint brush was the arrival of four new Valentine petpets: The Cirrus, GX-4 Oscillabot, Noil, and Rock. This was only the beginning - with each subsequent Valentine’s Day, we have been introduced to more Valentine petpets that make our hearts melt and love soar. Below, we have provided a comprehensive list of all of your Valentine Petpet gifting options! Browse and see which one your Neopet might adore most.


     Valentine Acko

     If you’ve ever roamed through Tyrannia, there is a good chance you have seen Ackos of all colors looking for a neopet to call their best friend. As we look at the Valentine Acko, we see the heart freckles that cover its body, adorable heart-shaped backbone plates, and a heart-tipped tail it swings around. With all of these features, any neopet receiving a Valentine Acko will feel the care flowing through! This petpet would pair perfectly with a Chomby, Grarrl, or Scorchio so they can travel the Tyrannian Plateau together in style.


     Valentine Baby Blu

     As if giving a petpet to your Neopet were not already a sign of affection, a Valentine Baby Blu comes holding a heart it can greet its new owner with! Its bright pink hue and small white freckles are the perfect girly pair of features to fit into the Valentine spirit. This tiny petpet can fit into the arms of any species quite swimmingly, but would definitely match well with a Blumaroo due to their similar characteristics!


     Valentine Bearog

     A three-headed petpet may frighten most Neopets and leave the rest hesitant, but the Valentine Bearog with each face shaped in a heart can be quite adorable and inviting. Think about the love they show tripling, such as covering your pet with triple the licks or sending three smiles instead of just one! We think this Valentine Bearog will be perfect for your spooky pet, like the Korbat, or even pets with a harder, scarier demeanour like the Hissi.


     Valentine Cirrus

     The Valentine Cirrus, with lovely button eyes and raining hearts, definitely tugs at our heartstrings with its cuddly and fluffy demeanour. With its cloud like features, it floats around gently, hovering over its new owner and showering them with love. We think the Valentine Cirrus is perfect for your Faerie pets as they will have such amazing and flighty adventures around Faerieland!


     Valentine Clompkin

     The Valentine Clompkin is a derpy and clumsy companion. As it wanders around seeking its new owner with its little pumpkin head, a single eye, and a chain of hearts around its neck, it definitely melt hearts with its silliness. We think the Valentine Clompkin will be a good choice for baby pets as they can be each other’s play date.


     Valentine Farnswap

     We have heard that Farnswaps are perpetually in the same smiling expression and to actually figure out what they are thinking, you have to look at their swishing tails. For the Valentine Farnswap, we would think they are always thinking endearing thoughts! Covered in heart freckles, with a heart chain around its neck, you can usually find one wandering in Krawk Island, making it a great companion for Krawks!


     Valentine GX-4 Oscillabot

     The Valentine GX-4 Oscillabot is indeed out of this world. With it being a robot, there are a lot of ways it can shower its new owner with love – you can programme various messages for it to speak, or let it assist in bringing things to its owner. It even detects your Neopet’s mood and sends lovely vibes to cheer them up! This petpet definitely compliments a Grundo and they may even develop an extraterrestrial connection.


     Valentine Kadoatie

     Any colored Kadoatie is at the top of every Neopet’s dream petpet list, and what’s more to say about the Valentine Kadoatie! With light-colored heart freckles, a heart charm around its neck, and its tail curled into the shape of a heart, one of these adorable Kads would be sure to curl up to its new owner and make them feel really special. It’s no wonder you will never find a Valentine Kadoatie in the Kadoatery as they will be be inseparable from their owners, even whilst on holidays.


     Valentine Lyins

     The Valentine Lyins can be found in the Lost Desert, standing out in the glorious golden sands. They may look a little frightening from afar, but as this guy pops up from the sand with a heart on his head, your Neopet will melt and be so happy to have this new friend. The hard shell on its back is meant to protect itself from predators, but the hearts the Valentine version sports will even protect its new owner’s heart!


     Valentine Magaral

     This fluffy, adorable puff ball of a petpet has heart eyes for its new owner! By having the Valentine Magaral as a petpet, your Neopet will never have to worry if its adored, because that look of love says it all! Hailing from Faerieland, the Valentine Magaral can help its new owner to feel like it is floating in the clouds. This critter would match any pink-colored species, but would feel right at home with and be the perfect match for match for a Faerie Wocky, Ruki, or Kyrii.


     Valentine Noil

     If you’ve ever met a Noil, you probably already know that they are loyal and committed petpets who will protect their Neopet as needed! This Valentine Noil can do that by using its heart-shaped nose to sniff out anything that clashes with the affectionate vibes of a safe environment for its owner. It also uses its heart-shaped ears to hear the love in its owner’s voice if it gets lost, bringing it right back home!


     Valentine Rock

     The Valentine Rock is definitely a crowd favorite – who does not love a box of chocolates that lasts forever? Shaped like a chocolate box, the Valentine Rock opens up to many mini Rocks representing chocolates. It will indeed be an unconventional Valentine gift for your Neopet and represents your eternal love. Careful though, remember to remind your Neopet not to nibble on them, we are not sure if they will break a tooth!


     Valentine Slorg

     Slorgs may get a reputation for leaving some slime on everything they touch, but rumor has it that a Valentine Slorg uses this to leave trails of candy behind. While we are not sure of the validity of this, we can at least tell you that this petpet will always be happy to see its owner and as a result be accountable for making sure your Neopet is always smiling! And while there are histories of Slorg attacks, these will only attack with love!


     Valentine Turtmid

     Our favorite part of the Valentine Turtmid is the look of surprise it carries around on its face as it travels to and fro. On top of that, its eyes light up with wonder, especially when it looks into the face of the Neopet it belongs to. Between these two features, this petpet will forever be in awe of its owner, truly spreading the love that Valentine’s Day represents. We see this little wonder pairing perfectly with a bright-eyed Neopet such as a Kiko, Quiggle, or Vandagyre.

     Regardless of which of these adorable, love-filled petpets you decide to gift this Valentine’s Day, we believe it will be a present your Neopet will never forget. The beauty of these gifts as that they are ones that keep giving - they bring endless amounts of fun, laughs, and overall joy.

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