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Top Neopian Valentine's Vacation Destinations

by catchinglights


     Welcome to the first annual edition of the Neopian Vacation Planning Committee’s list of Valentine’s Vacation Destinations! We have compiled this brief list so that you can stop stressing about where to take your special someone and instead focus on the good times you will have together. Life is so much easier, after all, when you have someone else to make the important decisions for you. All of these destinations are worthy of consideration, and we have narrowed it down to five options so that you may choose somewhere that suits your tastes.

     5. Maraqua

     Maraqua, the home of the best restaurant in all of Neopia, was sure to make the list, it was just a matter of where. If you can snag yourself a reservation at Kelp on Valentine’s Day, then consider yourself lucky, and go without giving it a second thought. Kelp’s menu is bursting at the seams with plenty of food so delicious you’ll have no choice but to take leftovers home with you. The interior décor is simply divine and the staff, while at times distant, is professionally trained and will ensure that you have the best time possible.

     However, the exclusivity of the restaurant is what keeps Maraqua from being any higher on the list. The waters will be cold this time of year, and unfortunately, the only other tourist spot is a tour of King Kelpbeard’s palace. Unless you can breathe underwater, dear reader, Maraqua simply does not have much else to do. If your Kelp reservation falls through and you don’t sprout a set of gills overnight, we urge you to consider one of the many other lovely locations on our list.

     4. Terror Mountain

     The fun atop Neopia’s tallest mountain doesn’t end after the Day of Giving comes to an end. No, Terror Mountain has fun attractions all year round! If sipping hot cocoa in a cute little café while watching snowflakes swirl around in a gentle wind sounds like a great evening, then Terror Mountain is the place to be. Additionally, the ice skating rinks will still be frozen over and plenty of snow is abound for skiing, snowboarding, and impromptu snowball fights.

     Like Maraqua, however, be aware that Terror Mountain will be extremely cold. Terror Mountain certainly has more opportunities for fun and bonding than Maraqua, but you may find yourselves limited not by time or money but by the sheer physical inability to be outside for too long. If you are the type to get cold quickly, then perhaps choose another destination so as not to spend what should be a fun day huddled up in a ski lodge.

     3. Faerieland

     No vacation spot list, Valentine’s Day or otherwise, would be complete without a mention of Faerieland. Despite its crash several years ago - which we are informed was very horrible and not deserved in the slightest - the Faeries have managed to create beauty from the wreckage. Quite resilient they are, almost annoyingly so at times. Anyway, Faerieland is chock full of things to do: shopping, Poogle racing, games, good food. Anything a Neopian would want, the Faeries have. You can also do a quest for Jhudora while you’re at it. Jhudora is such a nice faerie, and she deserves to have some assistance on Valentine’s Day as well.

     The main drawback to Faerieland is that, naturally, not everyone likes the Faeries. If you can stand to be around the faeries for a long period of time – which some can’t, and that is perfectly understandable – than Faerieland is a fantastic option. If you would rather not go into the land of the Faeries, we think the remaining two options will more than satisfy your Valentine’s vacationing needs. Faeries aren’t for everyone, after all. Other than Jhudora. You should be sure to do quests for her.

     2. Shenkuu

     With the cherry blossoms just coming into bloom, Shenkuu has some of the most beautiful views in all of Neopia. Shenkuu is worth a visit at any time. The explosion of pink petals in every tree that occurs in early spring, however, makes for a near-perfect Valentine’s backdrop. Shenkuu also has plenty to see and do outside of the trees. Chef Bonju has been known to make delightful meals for visitors, and what better way to spend a Valentine’s Day than with a custom-made meal cooked by a world-renowned chef? Additionally, you can visit the Lunar Temple, although we all know that paying any attention to Kreludor is a foolish prospect.

     Shenkuu’s main fault is also its main attraction. The cherry blossoms are beautiful, to be sure, but as many Neopians experience on a yearly basis, the most beautiful flowers are often the worst when it comes to allergies. If you suffer from seasonal Pollenitus, you surely do not want your Valentine’s Day to be ruined by a severe case of the sniffles. If breathing clean, pollen-free air is not a concern of yours, then you may enjoy a trip to Shenkuu. If not, however, we urge you to consider our final option as it is well and truly the best out of all the Neopian vacation spots.

     1. Virtupets Space Station

     How could we choose anywhere else to be the top destination, really? With scenic, starscapes out each window, the Virtupets Space Station is one of the most romantic places in Neopia. In addition to the views, the Space Station has a robust entertainment deck with games and movies and plenty of other fun ways to spend time with a close companion. Unlike the other options on the list, the Virtupets Space Station is also climate controlled to be comfortable and warm all year round, not to mention the purified air.

     As far as your dining options, your humble authors cannot think of a better way to spend their Valentine’s Day than at Grundo’s Café, laughing and smiling and declaring loyalty to Dr. Sloth. Did you know that Dr. Sloth is the most romantic Neopian around? It’s true. Therefore, it only makes sense to honor him on Valentine’s Day, and all other days too. The only thing better than two Neopians declaring their love for each other is two Neopians declaring their love for Dr. Sloth.

     Upon further examination, we at the Neopian Vacation Planning Committee have decided that further editions are not necessary, as this is the definitive and only logical listing. Thank you for reading. Please be sure to return this pamphlet to your nearest library before you take your Valentine’s Vacation to Virtupets Space Station that you will definitely return from within a day or two.

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