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The First Light of Neopia - Part Two

by steve_km


     Chapter Two - The Leader of the New World

      Three months have passed since life began to surface on the planet. Hiding in the shadows of his lab, the doctor lies silent with his eyes fixated on the screens. Questions are flooding his mind. He cannot comprehend how this phenomenon could have occurred.

      On the screens, creatures have begun to create a societies. On the first screen, there is a great plateau with caves, homes, and the creatures there have signs outside of their buildings. On another screen, great monuments have been created in a sandy desert. A monarchy has taken over that land and a great king is ruling over it. Again, on a third screen, a great land, lush with vegetation, homes, castles, farming, many games, and another great king. Finally, on a fourth screen, another society, floating on a piece of land in the sky and it contained a great black castle. A society is being formed there but very little activity is ever seen on the surface. Sloth liked this land because it was not touched by very much sunlight. This land was located directly above the land that was full of vegetation.

     The creatures that were created just a short time ago were already bestowed with a great vast amount of knowledge; this was an age of discovery for all of those beings. The doctor was very concerned. His plans for creating life and ruling Cormara are beginning to be far more challenging if this new society of creatures were to oppose him. He knew that right away that he would have to rule them. After months of questions and pondering, the doctor came up with a brilliant idea. He would travel to the nation in the sky and explain to them his ideas. With the power of the nation in the sky and his brains, he knew that this world could be ruled.

     “Erwund, gather my things. We are going to travel to a land outside of our cave. We will need to use our shuttle to move across the land without being caught in the sun.” the doctor ordered.


     After a few minutes of travel, the doctor reached the land in the sky. Immediately, dark winged creatures came out from every dark place in the land. Screeches and howls were heard throughout and within seconds the doctor was surrounded. Weapons were drawn and were pointing into every side of Dr. Sloth. If the doctor moved even an inch, he would have been killed or at the very least, terribly wounded.

      The doctor raised his hands and began to smirk. Laughing maniacally he said, “Take me to your leader, I think he will pleased to meet with me.”

      A bag was placed over Sloth’s head and over the head of Erwund and the two of them were dragged away. The only thing Sloth could hear was the sound of their laughs. For Erwund, the pain of being dragged over the hard ground felt like forever and he had passed out but Sloth, even though his head was covered, it is said that he was still smiling.

     Thrown to the floor, the bag was removed from Sloths head. Erwund could not be seen. Sloth, like a great master, calmly rose from his place. He stood up straight, towering over all of the creatures, except for the great figure sitting in from of him. A creature that had two great wings, two large ears pointing straight up, and skin that was completely grey. Doctor Sloth and the great figure made eye contact. A large smile came across the face of the grey leader and suddenly both leaders began to laugh hysterically. The smaller creatures looked onward, confused.

      “Great leader of the dark lands, I am here to offer you great power.” the doctor said calmly.

      The grey creatures face turned to a scowl. “And what does someone, like you, believe he can offer, someone like me? I already rule over the land here, I am already the master of these beings. Why should I listen to your offer when I already have everything I want?” he said scornfully.

      “My name is Doctor Frank Sloth. I have been in these lands for much longer than you have even existed. Since before your creatures have come to be on this planet. What if I were to tell you that there are more lands than just yours? What if I told you here were many other kingdoms? What if I told you, there was a kingdom, right below you?” the doctor's eyes squinted and began to brighten in color.

      “Preposterous! How could I believe such a bold statement?” shouted the grey creature angrily.

     Sloth reached into the inside of his cloak and threw down three photos that he had taken of the screens in his lab. “The one on your right is the land directly below you.”

      The grey creature glared at the photos, “I have not seen such a thing ever in my time!” Sloth thought this was humourous since he had only been created a few months ago. “And what do you, Doctor, Frank Sloth, propose I do?” The grey creature was clearly angry knowing that there were other beings that he was not ruling over. It is believe that Doctor Sloth knew his before going to the dark land. He could tell just by looking at it that this person ruling the land was probably someone like him, someone with the same ambitions. However, Doctor Sloth is very old, very tricky, he is going to use this leader for his own ambitions.

     “I have a great deal for you. I have learned much from being on this land and I know where to find all the best materials to create the best weapons.” the Doctor’s voice is beginning to get louder. “With the knowledge I have, you could rule over this whole planet. You can bring the other leaders to their knees and destroy all those who oppose you!”

     A great look of joy came over the new leaders face, but then he thought, “Doctor, what is in it for you?”

          Doctor Sloth had this all planned out, “For now, my ambitions are my own, but I am happy to serve and I would like to have access to your armies… When you are not using them of course.”

     The great leader put out his hand, “You may have the use of my men if you can create me a create weapon of power.” Doctor Sloth put out his hand and they shook hands. An agreement had been made. “There are a few things you should know Doctor. That hideous creature you brought with you is staying in my prison. Should you fail to provide, we shall surely kill him, and you of course. Also, from now on you will bow in my presence and refer to me as Lord Darigan and this is my kingdom. I am your only Lord and you shall serve no others.”

     Sloth did not care for his slave and he had his own plans in mind so he played along. He continued to shake his hand in agreement, “Yes, my Lord Darigan.” He began to walk away. As he was moving to gather himself and his photos, he turned and bowed, “My Lord Darigan, the first thing that needs to be prepared. You must move your armies to the this place here.” He handed Lord Darigan the photos. “I know the threat below you is closer and the biggest threat but the resources of this land are far more beneficial for our needs. In this land, there is a purple stone called Neothorium. It is the strongest metal in all of Neopets. You must bring gather it and melt it in the hottest fires of this planet's core.”

      Sloth shifted himself up, “There are three things we must do in this land. Here on this plateau are a group of primitive beings, after observing them for one hundred days, it appears the only thing they respond to is force. They have a great arena where they fight for glory and honor. They are not ready to be ruled just yet. You and a small team must gather some Neothorium and head into the cave located in the North East. My sensors show me that this will lead you to a great cavern under the ground to the pits of the planet. There you can forge your weapon in the great fires of the planet and return to the surface to immediately rule over The Plateau. They will not be able to withstand the power of the blade!”

     The End.

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