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Defenders Wanted: Partners And Sidekicks

by pikachu315111


     When Neopia is in danger who are you going to call? The Defenders of Neopia of course! An organization of super powered heroes dedicated to keeping Neopia safe, they are always ready to answer the call to action. However, who is going to help a Defender if they’re the ones in danger? Why, a partner and sidekick of course! While all experience heroes able to handle themselves, on the more difficult missions even the most adamant hero brings along some help. But each hero has their own preferences for who they seek in a partner and sidekick. So I ask the most well known Defenders who they want to back them up in:



     A partner stands along with the hero and helps in a pinch,

     While a sidekick helps close behind following by an inch.

     (Special thanks to parody_ham for grammar checking!)

     DEFENDER: Judge Hog


     POWERS & SKILLS: Leader of the Defenders of Neopia, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Endurance, Enhanced Agility, Enhanced Speed, Combat Expertise, Strategic Thinking

     LOOKING FOR IN A PARTNER: “I’m not “picky” when it comes to either partners or sidekicks. As long as you have a brave heart and are willing to fight for what’s right I’ll be glad to have you fighting by my side! But I guess I do have different expectations from a Defender I’m depending on as a partner to a Defender I’m training as a sidekick. For a partner I would like them to be experienced and can operate alone if we would need to split up. No matter who I team up with I have no worries we can work together.”

     LOOKING FOR IN A SIDEKICK: “While I’ll gladly take any young Defender on as a sidekick, whenever I assign sidekicks I tend to tutor the ones other Defenders have problems handling. Either because they don’t have a strong grasp on their abilities, are in some way awkward, or they have a certain “sharpness” to their attitude. Some would more say I get “stuck” with them but I don’t see it like that. Despite their quirk, if they signed up to be a sidekick it shows they want to do good and I want to teach them how they can use their abilities to better Neopia as well as themselves. While I ask for them to be open and understanding to my suggestions, orders, and criticisms, I know that can be difficult for some of them so I’ve learned to be patient and when to intervene. And I may just learn something from them. Even though I’m the leader I am always learning and lessons can come from anywhere, mostly when you’re least expecting them.”

     DEFENDER: Sergeant Brexis


     POWERS & SKILLS: Second in Command of the Defenders of Neopia, Flight, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Agility

     LOOKING FOR IN A PARTNER: “While some have called me a “Judge Hog that can fly”, I’m not as versatile as the boss is. Not ashamed of the comparison, same with the nickname. Me and Judge have been friends since our early years. Back then we were both just really strong but I could fly; I would tease him on it but he took it with a smile while he kept working on his endurance, speed, and strategies. I just stuck to what I was good at, Judge can do most things now but he still needs someone that can command the air *gives a big grinning smile*. That brings us back on topic, I prefer taking the flying missions and so obviously I’d like to partner up with a Defender that can also fly. Depending on the type of mission I may look for other qualities like can fly faster, has an additional power, is as strong as me, etc.; but it all starts with the question “can they fly?”.”

     LOOKING FOR IN A SIDEKICK: “Now with a sidekick I actually prefer them not to fly. I used to, but in a middle of a mission I often had to remind them how to keep good flying posture while also trying to chase down a villain; and if they began to fall I would have to save them as the villain got away. So now I focus on sidekicks who can’t fly and mentor them on how they can assist a flying Defender. It’s nice to have a pair of eyes on the ground who can view the entire aerial battle, more than once they prevented me from getting attacked from a blind angle. There’s also keeping the Neopians on the ground save from falling debris or catching someone that is falling; a citizen, the villain, or me. And if they have a way to help with the battle from the ground, like able to shoot a projectile, I can instruct them on aiming so they don’t accidentally hit the flying Defender, which in this case, is me.”

     DEFENDER: Aisheena


     POWERS & SKILLS: Flight, High Intelligence, Enhanced Senses, Enhanced Agility, Enhanced Speed, Combat Expertise

     LOOKING FOR IN A PARTNER: “There’s not much that I can’t do on my own, to be honest I kind of find partners a bit of a hassle. The only time I would have a partner is if I’m assigned one for a mission or need some raw muscle. But otherwise I can take care of things by myself.”

     LOOKING FOR IN A SIDEKICK: “Sidekicks are another story. As long as they follow my orders I appreciate the help they give and they learn valuable lessons in being a Defender. I prefer it when my sidekick has psychic powers, magical abilities, or high intelligence just in general. Not only are they easier to work with but I do have a slight amount of telepathy; those who have a more trained mind I can more easily communicate with. I can give them orders without having to verbally speak it. I may sound strict but I value efficiency.”

     DEFENDER: Blackwing


     POWERS & SKILLS: Energy Claws, Dark Vision, Stealth, Enhanced Agility, Enhanced Speed

     LOOKING FOR IN A PARTNER: “As the stealth expert of the Defenders, I appreciate having a partner to take attention off of me. They send me to get in and out, and while I have these energy claws to get me out of sticky situations, the best way to get out is to not get into them in the first place. The louder and flashier the better. Of course they sometimes come with an ego but we’re usually not communicating that much anyway, it’s just another thing to draw in our enemies ire.”

     LOOKING FOR IN A SIDEKICK: “On the flip side, a sidekick is the LAST thing I need. Oh sure, they can draw in everyone’s attention, but that usually results in two things. One, they do it while still following me, or two, they realize they’re dealing with a sidekick so go looking for the actual Defender: me. This has led to me using my stealth skills to sneak out of the Defender’s HQ whenever its sidekick assignment day; and even then Judge Hog assigns me a sidekick ahead of time! And sure, if the sidekick has a knack for stealth it’s usually alright, though stealth jobs don’t really need more than one person. But just as many times I get a sidekick whose powers are loud and flashy and are now following me around. Like what am I supposed to do, paint a bullseye on them and leave them a sitting Mallard? Just ‘cause I have connections with the Thieves Guild doesn’t mean I follow their new recruits practices.”

     DEFENDER: Captain K


     POWERS & SKILLS: Advanced Technology (blasters, force fields, sensors, hacking tools, spaceship, and others), High Intelligence

     LOOKING FOR IN A PARTNER: “My ship’s A.I., ha! Jokes aside, as the Defender’s lone space exploration expert I’m usually on my own. Only times I have a partner is when I’m stationed in Neopia or the rare times I sent out a distress beacon. When stationed on Neopia I’m good with any of my fellow Defenders, I’m the only one who uses space technology so I complement well with a magic user, someone with enhanced physical traits, or a psychic. As for when I send out a distress beacon, well beggars can’t be choosers in the depth of space, I just ask them to be gentle boarding my ship if they can help it.”

     LOOKING FOR IN A SIDEKICK: “Now this is where I get picky. I don’t like anyone touching my equipment unless they know what they’re doing so they need to be knowledgeable in space technology or at least have a high intelligence and are a quick learner. Space is a dangerous place; I wouldn’t be sending a rookie out into the vacuum of space or onto an unknown planetoid. It’ll be me out there and I’d need whoever is in my ship able to provide me with assistance when I call for it. Now they’d have my ship’s A.I. to help them out, but sometimes the best solution to a problem comes from out-of-the-box thinking that organic life forms are best at doing.”

     DEFENDER: Dr. Flexo


     POWERS & SKILLS: Elasticity (including rubber-like skin and super flexibility), High Intelligence, Medical Expertise

     LOOKING FOR IN A PARTNER: “As the Defender’s head physician I have no issue working with any of my teammates, it would be unprofessional for me to have “favorites”. That said, when on the field my bigger and sturdier teammates need emergency medical assistance less often making them optimal partners when it’s my elasticity that is needed more than my knowledge. Those times I end up having to treat myself as we usually do the “fast ball special”, with me as the ball.

     LOOKING FOR IN A SIDEKICK: “I really appreciate sidekicks that know their way of wrapping around bandages. Sometimes during big brawls so many Defenders and civilians get hurt I both figuratively and literally stretch myself thin. First priority are civilians of course, getting them to safety and healing any injury they obtained. This lets me focus on the other Defenders; due to our powers we have unique physiology I’m well learned in treating and getting them back into the fight. Of course I’d like the sidekick to also know this, or at the very least know my physiology in case I get knocked out. Just like in role playing games, it’s important to keep your healer healthy for the big fights. Also remember to thank your healer every once in a while, speaking from experience we’d appreciate it.”

     DEFENDER: Lightning Lenny


     POWERS & SKILLS: Super Speed, Enhanced Agility, Quick Thinking, Computer Expertise

     LOOKING FOR IN A PARTNER: “If you want to be my partner you gotta keep up with me. Yes, I know, sounds like a big expectation coming from the fastest Neopet alive... which is probably why I usually don’t get assigned a partner. Of course, that assumes I even get assigned a mission. Most of the time I spend at HQ monitoring the computers that Captain K hooked up for us. Sure, if a small crime happens I can handle it lickety-split and be back before my mug of coffee gets cold, but otherwise my super speed is more being used to type out reports. Maybe it isn’t for missions I need a partner for but to man the control room, THEN I can be put on more missions... meaning I would then need mission partners. Ugh, wrapping my head around that is making me dizzier than running around Neopia in a few seconds does.”

     LOOKING FOR IN A SIDEKICK: “I guess I could get a sidekick to watch the computers... nah. If the reports aren’t the way Judge Hog wants them he’d just have me do them over again anyway; also wouldn’t wish desk duty on anyone else. But I also wouldn’t want a sidekick to try and keep up with me if a full-fledge Defender barely; I’d probably be typing the final mission report before they even get to the crime scene. Actually, maybe at the crime scene would be the best place for my sidekick to be. While I’m on the chase they can investigate for any clues that’ll lead me to the perp or at least help with the clean-up. Sure, clean-up duty isn’t any better than desk duty but at least they aren’t stuck in this stuffy control room all day.”

     DEFENDER: Mammoth


     POWERS & SKILLS: Super Strength, Super Endurance

     LOOKING FOR IN A PARTNER: “If you had strength to spare and are so big you have to duck through doors built to fit Skeiths, you would also understand why I appreciate having a smaller and faster partner. Well, “smaller and faster” in relative terms; maybe I should say someone who can just walk upright through a doorway or can enter a full sprint without causing the ground to shake with every step. However what they don’t need to be is strong, not that they can’t be of course, some extra muscle never hurts, I’m just saying if I’m on the mission then you know I’m doing all the heavy lifting. As in, actually lifting heavy objects or Neopians, I’m not saying I do all the work because we all do your part... oh boy.”

     LOOKING FOR IN A SIDEKICK: “When it’s sidekick day I always look for the one who also has super strength like me. I know how it’s like growing up super strong, having to be careful with all your movements so you don’t crush something or someone and how it makes you awkward and clumsy. I’ve been there, through all the teasing from other kids and the glares and side glances from every adult not sure what to do with you. I don’t want any kid to go through that, it’s real rough and I got through it by admiring other strong Neopians like Kasuki Lu. I can teach them how to control their level of strength, how to lift something without hurting themselves, and how they can use their weight and size to help their teammates or stop criminals. Just because you’re big and strong doesn’t mean they’re only good for lifting and hitting things.”

     DEFENDER: The Masked Intruder


     POWERS & SKILLS: Wall & Ceiling Clinging, Acrobatics, Danger Sense, Enhanced Agility, Combat Expertise

     LOOKING FOR IN A PARTNER: “Eh, most of the time I think a partner would weigh me down. Thanks to my danger sense and fast reflexes I can jump into the middle of the action and not even get touched when it’s all over. In the middle of the chaos I don’t want to worry about my partner getting caught in the crossfire.”

     LOOKING FOR IN A SIDEKICK: “Sidekicks I can make use of as long as they listen to me. Wait, that sounded a bit sinister, let me rephrase that. I can use a sidekick... no, that’s not any better. Shouldn’t say “use”. I can use a sidekick’s help... wait, I said “use” again, didn’t I. Maybe I should just explain how I have a sidekick help. Sometimes there are just too many thugs for even I to handle, best way to dwindle their numbers is to set up a trap. Sidekicks set it up, I draw the targets in, and next thing they know they’re in a net or hole or under some rocks or whatever we had on paw. Then the sidekicks wait with the captured criminals, once I make sure they’re completely disarmed of course, for other Defenders to arrive as I take down the rest. That’s what I call teamwork.”

     DEFENDER: Orig the Great


     POWERS & SKILLS: Super Senses, Enhance Strength, Enhanced Endurance, Enhanced Speed, Combat Expertise

     LOOKING FOR IN A PARTNER: “If we’re heading into a mission as a pack we all need to coordinate our attack. To do that we need to know what each of us can do so having similar fighting styles will help us synchronize faster. I’m a close quarters fighter so another Defender who uses hand-to-hand combat or melee equipment would be the best match-up.”

     LOOKING FOR IN A SIDEKICK: “Youngsters are too inexperienced to directly contribute. I rather they provide support on the sidelines with suppressing fire. With my super senses I’m in no danger of getting accidentally hit, I may even be able to lead my foe into getting hit that’ll let me follow up with an attack of my own. The youngster will also learn from watching me fight and when is the right time to assist.”

     DEFENDER: Torchio


     POWERS & SKILLS: Fire Elemental (body made of fire, can create fireballs and flamethrowers, emit intense heat & light, heat resistance), Flight (can combine with fire powers to fly faster and create a trail of fire behind him)

     LOOKING FOR IN A PARTNER: “Fire resistant, unless they don’t mind standing in a bonfire. Actually, a better idea would be for them to stay out of the hot zone and keep the fires from spreading. No, I’m not saying they should stay out of the action, but if they can keep my fire in check then I can then REALLY let loose. And if I can do that, well, there would be no need for them to get their hands dirty, aside from ash and soot. And if you still think I’m underestimating that partner, I would only release my full power with people I trust as I know that, if I can’t stop myself, they’d be able to take me down.”

     LOOKING FOR IN A SIDEKICK: “Seriously this time, fire resistant. I may sometimes be reckless on my own or with a partner but I’m not going to toast a newbie. Instead I take a more supporting role, creating fire barriers to keep everyone from moving around, and let the kids take the center stage; they gotta take charge eventually right? And if things get too hot I’m there to take some of the heat off them. Okay, no more fire analogies, mainly because we’re done.”

     Many different viewpoints, but all towards the same goal. The Defenders of Neopia are always looking for new able bodied volunteers, maybe your Neopet can offer them some of their time. Who knows, maybe they may get recruited and can use this article to help them know which Defender they’d be able to work with. But until then, I turn the question to you. What kind of partner do you work well with? If you had a sidekick, what would they be like? And what do your answers say about yourself? And I’m off; up, up, and AWAY! *I bend down, hold out my arms... and then run out the door making whoosh noises*

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