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Valentines Day Activities for the Utterly Unromantic

by alissiee


     Valentine’s Day Activities for the Utterly Unromantic

     It’s that time of year again, when happy couples flood the streets, walking hand in hand down cobblestone pathways singing loud love songs for all to hear. For those who are not entangled in such affairs, however, February 14 can sometimes seem a dreary occasion. However, while others are off celebrating, why not take advantage of some of Neopia’s best solo activities? There’s no better company than yourself!

     Take yourself on a shopping spree

     Valentine’s Day is typically a time for two, when you would be budgeting your hard-earned neopoints to spoil someone else. Well, why not spoil yourself instead? After all, who loves you more than you do? No one, that’s who! So buy yourself that book you’ve had your eye on. March into the chocolate shop with your head held high, nudging your way through the throng of doe-eyed couples, and buy a box of chocolates that you won’t have to share with anyone! Get a new dress just for yourself. Treat yourself in whatever way you choose, because on this day (and every other day), you’re worth it just for being you.

     Explore the Haunted Woods

     Look, Valentine’s Day can be a bit overwhelming for those solo adventurers among us. Perhaps Neopia Central is too crowded for your taste, and Faerieland leaves you with little room to breathe between those meet individuals celebrating their duality. If you’re looking for the road less traveled, consider spending your February 14th in the Haunted Woods. Few Neopians think of this as a romantic location (though to be fair, there will be a handful of couples whose tastes are on the spookier side), so you will have much more room to stretch your legs. Many popular attractions will have shorter than average lines on this bustling day. Have you been itching for a chance at that new Brain Tree avatar? Perhaps this is your chance to give it a try! Looking for some words of wisdom from Edna the witch? I’m not saying she’ll have any to spare, but her tower will likely be more deserted than normal, so take your life into your own hands and pay her a visit if you dare.

     Go to a performance at the Tyrannian Concert Hall

     Think that music has to be a time for romance? Think again! Many of the music acts featured at the Tyrannian Concert Hall are ideal to be enjoyed by your lonesome, or even with a group of your closest friends. Chomby and the Fungus Balls sets the wrong tone for a potential beau but the perfect tone for a night out with your pals. The Mellow Marauders might be the kind of smooth jazz preferred to inspire romance, but the concert hall is more frequently filled with the beats of Sticks N Stones, Twisted Roses, and Wock Til U Drop! As an added bonus, five of the potential eighteen concerts will award you an avatar if it’s your first time seeing the artist perform. Whether it’s your first visit or your fiftieth, you’ll walk away with a piece of concert swag, so head down to the Tyrannian Concert Hall and snag a Twisted Roses Magnet this February!

          Cheer up the Grumpy Old King

     How many people can say they spent their Valentine’s Day with genuine royalty? King Skarl’s mood doesn’t improve with the holiday (though really, why should it?), and many who usually come to lift his spirits are too focused on their own joy to spend time trying to bring him joy. Lucky for you, hopping on down to his castle doesn’t take too much time out of your day, and the castle guards are only too happy to let you through if you say you’re there to put their master in a better mood. Be warned: getting the kind to crack a grin is notoriously difficult, but it can be rewarding if you can manage it. He offers not one but TWO avatars— though to be entirely fair, one is for those who fail so entirely that they are thrown from the castle, so I wouldn’t exactly call that a success. Other rewards include a range of Medieval Foods and some prizes that can only be won by visiting the king himself. Keep in mind that King Skarl takes three hour long breaks per day, so make sure that you pop in to see him when he’s there to receive visitors!

     Volunteer at the Soup Kitchen

     While some people enjoy the feeling of being solo on Valentine’s Day, others are less happy about the solitude. For those Neopians, I recommend finding fulfillment in helping others at the Soup Kitchen. The Soup Faerie can always use another set of hands to help dole out her soup, especially in the cold throes of winter. If you can’t make it down to the Marketplace, consider donating to the Money Tree, which helps fund the Soup Faerie’s good works. It’s not just on holidays that pets need help, but every day of the year.

     Take a Stroll by the Forgotten Shore

     When was the last time you visited Krawk Island? While there are a number of rather prestigious locations scattered around the island -- the Governor’s Mansion is always a beautiful place to visit, especially if you are a fan of noble architecture, and for those of the battling disposition, you simply cannot pass up a trip to the Academy -- the Forgotten Shore often goes, well, forgotten. This is a shame because you can often find the kind of treasure which Krawk Island is well known for scattered throughout the sands of the shore. In search of some extra neopoints, or perhaps some trinkets to add to your collection? You can often find them along the shoreline. While lovebirds are out to dinner, take yourself on a sunset stroll along the beach and see what you can treat yourself to.

     Do Something Only You Enjoy

     Isn’t this the point of spending quality time with yourself? Find something that your friends wouldn’t necessarily enjoy doing with you and do it by yourself! Are you the only one in your friend group who finds enjoyment in playing Coconut Shy? Take yourself down to the Deserted Fairground and play to your heart’s content-- and while you’re there, have a few rounds of Bagatelle, because why not? Try your hand with at the Cork Gun Gallery too! Spend an entire afternoon playing Kiss the Mortog even though everyone you know thinks it’s a ridiculous waste of time, because you’re convinced that if you play for long enough, you can get that elusive spot in the top fifty and win that avatar. This is a day where you can focus on what you want, not pleasing other people. If you want to ride the Merry Go Round ten times in a row, then do it! If you want to sit and pull the Lever of Doom until your hand goes numb… well, I wouldn’t personally recommend it, but hey, that’s up to you.


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