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Making the Most of Advent Wearables

by earthiness


     Still feeling the holiday spirit in January? Want to make sure your pets are feeling it too? Well look no further, for this article can help you with all your post-holiday wearable needs. This article examines some of the free wearable swag obtained from last year’s advent calendar. Have a baby? It has you covered. A spooky pet? We can take care of that. Or maybe just a pet that wants to spend the holiday on a beach? No problem! Below you will find looks that highlight the first thirteen wearables that were given out during the advent season, and bonus- they’re all NP only themes! A brief review of all the items are also shown with the looks.


     Theme One: Hasee Nursery -- Advent Items: Ladder Bookshelf, Festive Spirit Baby Crib ;


     This is a rather simple look (only four items!), but the basic theme comes across well with the advent items. The crib helps to show that it’s a nursey, while the bookshelf gives a bit more pizazz to the background. The Purple Hasee Balloon Toy is supposed to appear as the child in the look, while the Neopet (in this case the toy Shoyru), gives the effect of an oversized toy. A different toy pet or plushie pet would also work for the theme.

     Items Review: The Ladder Bookshelf would be a lovely addition to most indoor backgrounds. It is nice to have more foreground options for indoor spaces, although the neopoint indoor background pool is fairly low itself. TheFestive Spirit Baby Crib, on the other hand, is not as versatile. Having a crib neopoint option is lovely, but the snowmen on the sides really make it a strictly seasonal option, and give it a color pallet that might be hard to use with most settings.

     Theme Two: Late Shopper -- Advent Items: Large Victorian Window, Wild Snowdrops Foreground


     After playing around with the Victorian window a lot, I realized I absolutely love how it fits with the Waiting for Restock Background. Both items on their own are.. well.. sort of “meh”, but they end up working very nicely together. The window covers up the sides of the background enough so that you can play around with different background items to fit on the shelves (side note- the Christmas Couch is really fun to put on the shelf as well, but I use that for a different custom). The snowdrops foreground also works well with the window, to show the proper setting (indoors versus outdoors), but any outdoor lower foreground would work as well. And if you couldn’t tell the theme- the poor Lenny is sad because all the items she wants are out of stock, all that is left is an awful Skarl statue.

     Items Review: As stated before, the Large Victorian Window by itself may be a little hard to work with. But if you can find a background that meshes well with it, you can come up with some pretty fun customs. I see the Wild Snowdrops Foreground as being a great versatile outdoor item. It doesn’t give off a terribly winter feel, so in my opinion it could even be used year around.


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