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5 Must Haves In Your Neohome To Start Off 2019 Right

by chaeldar


     Ask yourself this: Do you want to be the trendy Neohome everyone hangs out at in 2019? Do you want to be acknowledged for your advanced modern decorating capabilities? Tired of everyone spending Holidays and Celebrations at somebody else's Neohome? Did you spend Buzz Day alone in your home last year? With the New Year already upon us comes new trends. Who doesn't want to have the trendiest house and be the one to host all your Neofriends at your place?! You may not have a lot of Neopoints to spend on renovation, but these 5 inexpensive items under 5,000 Neopoints for each item could make your Neohome look more modern right away and will guarantee to impress all of your Neofriends. So you want to show you have exquisite taste? Then without further delay, let's get started!


     Faerie Kitchen Stove (3,000 Neopoints)

     Add charm to your space with a Faerie Kitchen Stove — color isn't just for kitchen cabinets anymore. Just by adding this attention piece stove it allows you to spice up your whole kitchen. Besides the looks, let's talk about the unique features on the stove itself. As for the stovetop, there are four burners that are all slightly different sizes provide flexibility for cooking. The stove itself is cordless, powered by faerie magic and the oven is guaranteed to heat anything up in 5 minutes flat. You know which house your Neofriends will want to go to when it comes to baking cookies and watching your favorite Tyrannian Concert on TV!


     Large Plain Arched Window (2,000 Neopoints)

     Say goodbye to decorated stained glass windows and leave them in 2018. Last year there were too many windows blocking natural light and beautiful views from outside your Neohome. This year, try to fill your Neohome with fresh air and abundant natural daylight with this simple, yet large, clear glass window! Nature is in and this window is a way to bring the outdoors in. A large window like this can help you feel like you are part of the outdoors even when you’re inside. Having a beautiful window is pleasing to look at and will make your room appear bigger. Try cracking it open every once in a while to get some fresh air in your home while you're hosting a Neofriends night in.


     Hover Chair (4,999 Neopoints - temporarily on sale!)

     Due to a recall on these chairs, you can finally buy one in your budget! There was a huge scandal about the hover chair not working properly and people were stuck floating in their living rooms. They have since fixed any mechanical issues, but the brand took a hit and now they're on temporarily sale. There are a lot of people who still think they are not achievable and insanely expensive, even though they are currently very affordable right now. If you got your hands on one of these, you would for sure be the life of the party. Everyone is going to want to go over to your Neohome and get a chance to sit on your brand new hover chair and try it out. If I were you I would be checking what kind of deals are available for this chair on the shop wizard right this very second before time runs out!


     Gallion Wall Clock (3,400 Neopoints)

     Bold colors and flying wall clocks are going to be all the rage in 2019. So why not get ahead of the curve and be the very first of all your Neofriends to own one? This flying wall clock zooms right in front of the person who asks "What time is it?" How cool! Don't forget that 2019 is here and now, and you will no longer be confused about what time of day it is again, OR what day it is! This clock also comes with a special feature that also tells you what day of the week it is as well as the date. This Gallion Wall Clock has it all and will most definitely be a must have in almost everyone's homes by the end of this year.


     Tyrannian Hammock (1,600 Nepoints)

     Last but not least let us not forget about the days where the weather is absolutely gorgeous outside. A tribal printed Tyrannian Hammock is just what you and your Neofriends need on a warm, sunny day. Patterns are in and items that are boring one solid plain color are out. Have all the vibes of the Tyrannian Mediterranean right outside in your backyard without all the fuss of giant plants and wild Neopets that actually are in the Tyrannian

     The total cost for all 5 items comes in at 14,999. Under 15,000 Neopoints. What an insane bargain! At such a low price to pay to be the most popular Neopian in your city, I don't know why anybody would not be headed to the Shop Wizard to start making some purchases. I hope everyone loves and enjoys the Neohome items I recommended, and that you make many wonderful memories in 2019 at your stylish Neohome with all your best Neofriends.

     Oh yeah..I almost forgot. I have one last mandatory statement: This article was sponsored by the Acara who owns the Neohomes NP Superstore. They have everything you might need to decorate your Neohome! For each item bought from this article I may collect a share of the sales. Know that I never take sponsors that I don't truly endorse. At the Neohomes NP Superstore they have good quality at amazing prices. I have never seen more unique flooring, decor, furniture, or wallpaper at any other Neohome store. The Red Acara who owns the place is truly passionate about home decor and has a good eye for upcoming trends before they happen. Make your way there after the holiday season to spice up your home for 2019. If you purchase any of the products above and don't like them or aren't completely satisfied, I will make sure you your money back guaranteed. Happy New Year!

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