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A Normal Conversation with an Aisha

by vamica1000

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The Pteri Defence: A Weapon Guide
Pteri are fierce competitors when it comes to the Battledome. They are lightweight, nimble, quick, and able to take flight high over their opponents. They have a large range of weapons that they can use that play to their strengths and protect their fragile feathers. These guys are fierce and are sure to make quick work of anyone who dares to challenge you. If you stock up on a bunch of healing potions and make sure to get some good faerie abilities then you are sure to be unbeatable.

by parshew


Bottled Happiness Faerie
Where's my blaster!?

by hamster_z


Never give up!

collab with kaizen_boi

by libera_me


Those walls, though...

by kougra_adoptables

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