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A Sister’s Feud

by katieneo_211


     Long ago, before the world as we know it now, there lived two faerie sisters who were very close. Long ago, their parents were taken by Dr. Sloth to be kept as slaves and forced to work in his laboratory for all of eternity. All the sisters had in the world was each other and they bonded in their isolation. Their names were Jhudora and Illusen.

     That’s right, the two sisters were inseparable, chasing each other through the clouds of Faerieland, basking near the Healing Springs and playing in Rainbow Fountain, coloring each other’s hair and pets. They shared everything with each other. They traded their pets back and forth to take on adventures and went shopping together daily. They trained in the magical arts and became stronger every day, practicing duels against each other, brewing potions, and learning spells. There were no two closer sisters in all of Neopia. That was all before Jhudora overheard Illusen talking to King Hagen of Brightvale. Jhudora had heard Illusen called to a meeting with King Hagen and snuck to the ledge outside the window so she could find out why. She didn’t like being separately from her sister. What she heard surprised and upset her. It appeared Brightvale was under attack by Dr. Sloth’s mutant Grundo army and King Hagen had chosen Illusen to strengthen his troops with her faerie earth powers so they could defend themselves.

     Jhudora was overcome with jealousy. Her sister was nowhere near as powerful as she. Jhudora almost always won their dueling matches and her potions and spells were perfected long before her sisters’. However, Illusen did have a way with people so they trusted her more. Everyone seemed fearful of Jhudora as though they knew a terrible secret about her. Jhudora had no idea where this fear and disdain came from, for she was raised in the same castle as Illusen and they shared all their secrets and adventures. Nevertheless, Jhudora always had the feeling she was disliked and seeing King Hagen chose her weak younger sister for such an important task cut her heart in two. She loved this land more than anything in the world, except Illusen of course, and would give anything to defend it. She would especially be honored to fight against Dr. Sloth’s evil forces as an act of revenge for her parent’s capture. Shouldn’t King Hagen have asked hem both to help his cause. Jhudora wanted to confront her sister but didn’t want to admit she was spying on her.

     The next day Jhudora saw Illusen leaving for her noble quest and couldn’t take it any longer. “How dare you?” Jhudora yelled from her window.

     Illusen whipped around, clearly startled by the outburst, but then she calmed and looked her sister square in the eye, “How dare I what, dear sister, protect Brightvale? Save our Kingdom? It is what mother and father would’ve wanted.” Jhudora sensed a hint of disdain in her sister’s voice which stung more than her words. Throwing their parent’s wishes in hurt. After all, Jhudora had done all she could to save them but it was out of her hands…

     “What makes you think you can protect them? I am stronger! We both know it!“ Jhudora shouted, her heartbeat grew faster with every word. She could barely control her rage. “I could’ve protected mother and father too! I could have saved them but they chose you and you were too weak!” There, she had said it; the thought she’d held in since that fateful day. Dr. Sloth had challenged the sisters to a duel and their parents decided Illusen’s magic was better matched against his power. Jhudora had stood by and watched helplessly as her sister failed and her parents were taken to be slaves forever. Throughout all her magic training she fantasized about the day she could rescue her parents, it’s what motivated her and made her so strong.

     “I’m sure I don’t know what you mean, darling. Everyone knows it was you who failed to save them. Don’t you know that’s why the Kingdom disdains you. After all why would the youngest be chosen to fight? I had to keep up appearances, look distraught, and continue to stand by my weak elder sister. I had to take care of you because that’s what my parents would’ve wanted. That’s why the Kingdom adores me. I am noble and humble and honest and kind. You on the other hand, couldn’t save your own parents and acted like nothing happened. Training and looking possessed by power. It scared people, J. People think you are training to take over Neopia.” Illusen said calmly, “that’s why King Hagen chose me. You’re a known failure and I’m the obvious choice.”

     Jhudora couldn’t believe what she was hearing. All this time her sister had been plotting against her, spreading lies and hatred, all while keeping up the “poor me” act, and leading Jhudora into believing she was a loyal sister. And she’d fallen for it! Jhudora was disgusted with herself, but even more she was disgusted with Illusen. And now she was using her nickname. It sickened her. “You have to tell them. Tell everyone that you were lying!” Jhudora exclaimed. She didn’t want all of Neopia to think she was weak or plotting a takeover for that matter.

     “Why would I? You’ve done such a great job painting yourself the evil Queen with only a little help from a tiny rumor on my part. I’m just taking advantage. I’m going to be the hero, J. This time I’ll beat Dr. Sloth. Don’t forget, those were my parents too. I’m going to save them. I’m going to save all of Neopia.” Illusen’s voice grew louder and more ruthless with every word. “I’m stronger than you realize. I just downplayed my powers so others would fear your strength. I’ve won, J. And there’s nothing you can do to stop me.

     “You can’t do this Illusen! I won’t let you make a fool of me!” said Jhudora looking her sister right in the eye, “You’re leaving!” Jhudora raised her hands to her sister and expelled her from Faerieland. It broke her heart to hurt Illusen but she was so torn by guilt and jealousy that she couldn’t find it in her heart to let her stay. She also banished herself. She could not remain in this place she’d loved so much with all the pleasant memories of her sister who she now knew to be hateful and bitter. Was any of it real?

     The more Jhudora thought about her plight, the more she felt sick and stuck. What was she to do? She was out here in the world with not a soul who cared for her, in fact the entire Kingdom thought she was about to take over the world. Then a thought came to Jhudora; if the Kingdom thought she was evil, maybe she’d pretend to be. She couldn’t truly be evil, it wasn’t in her heart, but she could take a page out of her sister’s book and spread rumors. She could claim that Illusen saw her do something truly terrible and had banished her. She could be the scapegoat everyone needed. She could pretend to be the face behind the chaos and in turn reap the benefits of fear. After all fear is a powerful motivator. She could “protect” her faithful followers from her “evil conquests” and in turn stay hidden, protected, and cared for by presents, gifted with trinkets, and send others out to fight for her. For she couldn’t bear to see Illusen ever again.

     The End.

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