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Top 10 Most Difficult Flash Game Trophy to Obtain

by silver0225


     Playing game is one of the great pastimes in Neopets. Some people like to pursue excellent score in a certain game. Some players act as trophy hunter to collect all game trophies as much as possible in Neopia. Some game master may try their best to make the game trophies they collect are gold. No matter how you are professional in game playing, however, some of the game trophies are pretty hard to obtain. Although you may find a lot of game guide and gameplay video on the Internet, it is still hard to play and obtain those trophies. As one of the trophy collectors, I would like to share my view about the most insane flash game trophy to obtain in Neopia.

     This article only ranks top 10 of them. Any games required Shockwave Player or 3D Life Player plugin are not included in this rank. HTML games are also not discussed in this article since those game trophies are the easiest trophies to award. In addition, retired games are not mentioned as not many people had played them before, particularly for those players who have not played more than ten years on Neopets.

     At any rate, here are the top 10 most difficult flash game trophy to acquire I have selected. I hope all the readers, including casual game players and trophy collectors, have the same opinions. Enjoy.

     10. Defender Trainer


     Difficulty score: 8.0

     Description: You have to answer a various type of question by shooting the correct picture. All the question they asked is related to the English name of Neopets, Petpets and Items. As all the questions they asked are associated with the English spelling of them, you might feel stuck frequently after you complete the first 2 rounds. The only thing that I can advise is try to memorize the spelling of them as much as possible, and then keep trying, practicing, and hoping they ask a relatively easy question.

     9. Tyrannian Mini Golf


     Difficulty score: 8.0

     Description: If you just want to complete this golf game for fun, you just get the ball to the hole within 10 strokes. However, this strategy is not suitable for aiming high score. You are required to get “hole in one” as much as possible in all 18 holes. You may ask, “How can I make “hole in one” in each hole?”. Although you can found some useful guideline about it around the Internet, this information may not help in each round since each level has mirror version. So, can you overcome this difficulty to manage to get a high score?

     8. Gadgadsgame


     Difficulty score: 8.0

     Description: You have to control the fruits and eliminate these fruits as much as possible in the game boards. You can find the powerups which are Fruit bomb, Twirly Fruit Potion and Fruit Elixir during the gameplay to facilitate us to remove those fruits. Also, grouping the fruits together to make large fruit size can earn more points when they are bombed. This puzzle game is relatively easy to play but hard to obtain a high score. Do you need any hints and tips on it? Maybe no since it mostly depends on your skill and luck!

     7. The Search for Princess Lunara


     Difficulty score: 8.5

     Description: The game mode is similar with Defender Trainer. You are required to answer the question raised by guards. All the question and corresponding answer can be found on the website. If you answer all the question correctly, you will get full scores on this section. Do you think it is easy to earn this trophy? Definitively, No! Don’t remember there are speed bonus points. You need to answer all the question correctly within 1 second in order to get full speed bonus points if you are aiming for the trophy! Therefore, this game is certainly test your reaction time rather than your game skills! That why this trophy is hard to obtain compare with former game.

     6. Snowmuncher


     Difficulty score: 9

     Description: One of the well-known games in World Challenge. This game is relatively hard even though you are the aiming for avatar. Moreover, you should have well game control and excellent skill to eat gems and save your live for getting a high score. Due to the existing of World Challenge in the past, you were not able to obtain this trophy at reset day if the score is lower than 11,000 points. However, you can earn this trophy around 8,000 points nowadays because the World Challenge is broken. It represents the difficulty of earning them are decrease a little bit. But, this does not mean you can take a relax on it.

     5. Word Pyramid


     Difficulty score: 9

     Description: One of the English puzzle games in Neopia. This game is relatively hard for those players who are non-native English speaker or not familiar with English puzzle games. The high score key point is how to use the least number of vowel letters to create a long word. This is not the main problem for the above players since most of the English word are end with '-ing’, ‘-er’, ‘-est’, ‘-ly’ and ‘-ful’ etc. Also, we can buy vowel letters which decrease the difficulty during the gameplay. But, the main issue is, how can you form a word efficiency if most of the vowel letters are used up? It could be the main problem for most of the players.

     4. Freaky Factory


     Difficulty score: 9

     Description: Another famous game in World Challenge. Same as Snowmuncher, this game is really hard even though you are aiming for the avatar. The minimum score that requires to obtain this avatar is 1,250 points. If you want to get such scores, the only thing that you can do is try again, again and again. Why? Sometimes when you want certain colour of Kreludite to make a toy but that colour and angel blob always don’t appear, what should you do? You can only wait, wait, wait, and finally game over! Although the timers and atomic blob will appear on later level, these only bring limited help to you. Of course, this avatar and trophy become yours when you successfully overcome the above troubles.

          3. Destruct-O-Match III


     Difficulty score: 9.5

     Description: The top 5 most popular games in World Challenge! There were many advanced players joining World Challenge to play this game for getting valuable prizes. Therefore, the scores that required to obtain the trophy were really high, even though you were trying to aim for this trophy at the reset day. In the past, I may classify the difficulty of getting this game trophy as insane since you had to score above 2,750 points to guarantee you can get a bronze trophy. Yet, the World Challenge is broken now. You cannot mitigate on this game in spite of the aforementioned reason.

     2. Kou-Jong


     Difficulty score: 9.5

     Description: The most tedious game in Neopia for those players who are aiming for this trophy. The gameplay is simple, just match a pair of tiles and further eliminate all tiles in all 3 stages. Definitively, you need to play hard mode in order to get a high score on it. The extent of high score what you can get is mostly dependent on remaining time bonuses at each stage. Therefore, you are required to complete each stage within 2 minutes in order to obtain at least 240 time bonuses if you want to obtain this trophy. What does it mean? It represents that you need to match all of the tiles as quickly as possible without any interruption. If you fail on it, you need to reset and replay this stage again, again and again to acquire the target score. I know this is a boring, depressing and tedious procedure but you have no choice in order to get this trophy.

     1. Spell-Or-Starve


     Difficulty score: 10

     Description: The most insane, the evilest game in Neopia. Most of the gamers are stuck in this game. If you are not good at English word puzzle game, basically you will knock-out before complete level 1. The game mode is similar with Word Pyramid but the English letter is limited, which means that you cannot buy any vowel letters in the game. In addition, you can only be able to link letters that are adjacent to the previous tile, which also increases the difficulty of this game a lot. Even if you play very well in Word Pyramid, it doesn’t represent you can overcome this terrible game because of the different in game mode. Base on the above reasons, forming a long English word to get enough points within the specified time limit will be the biggest challenge in the game. Therefore, many gamers are always stopped at first 2 levels because of not enough points to proceed next level. That why, this game trophy is the rarest available flash game trophy in Neopia nowadays.


     So, do you agree with the above ranking? I know some gamers may play very well at certain games as listed above, or really bad in a game not mentioned above. Nevertheless, this is the generally acknowledged rank I think for the top 10 most difficult flash game trophy to obtain in Neopia.


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