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The Quest to 75

by lissiwciorka


     Eroberi opened the door to her trophy case and looked at her trophies, fondly remembering the frustrations and triumphs they gave her. The Dice Escape trophy and her struggles to get the platform even working, let alone get enough for the avatar and the trophy. The Grand Theft Ummagine trophy, with its guards and water traps galore. She looked especially fondly at her gilded Kadoatie likeness, remembering how long it took her to learn about those hungry, baka kads….


      Mewling Kadoaties called a young Eroberi as they begged for food. She frantically tried to find the Kadoatie Biscuits they wanted to be satisfied. She kept on going back to the Shop Wizard in vain until he refused to let her even peruse through the markets anymore. “Whoa there, too many searches!” he declared. “Try again at the top of the hour. ”The Fresh Foods shop always seemed to be empty or full of run of the mill items that she hated. Even the Trading Post never had the biscuits she needed, and if by chance one popped up, the user was asking an exorbitant price. Eroberi let out a frustrated sigh, wondering how she would ever feed 75 Kadoaties for the beautiful trophy and avatar.

          Day after day, Eroberi went back to the Kadoatery in vain to find only a row of hungry kadoaties asking for Kadoatie Biscuits. She never, ever saw a Kadoatie ask for anything that she could find with the Shop Wizards help. Eroberi eventually gave up for years, sometimes looking longingly at the spot where her beloved Kadoatie trophy could be.

          One day, as she was browsing the game boards to see what her next game trophy might be, she noticed a little Kadoatie image in the corner of her eye. Intrigued, she clicked on the board title. It was a whole board dedicated to feeding Kadoaties! The posts on the board were a mess of “cf!” “nto,” “last rf,” and many other things. Overwhelmed, Eroberi stored this in the back of her mind, deciding instead to play Attack of the Slorgs.


           Sitting at a table with numerous pieces of paper that served as reminders around her, Eroberi gazed at her list of avatars and trophies remaining. So many of them were random avatars, such as Snowager, Edna, and the Deserted Tomb. She’d had her fair share of feeling the icy blast of the Snowager exhaust her and stop her from fighting her favorite opponents in the battledome. Edna’s recipes came endlessly, with each rewarding her with a few neopoints and a spooky item. The deserted tomb horrified her and she couldn’t believe that she was so dedicated as to risk scary monsters and dead ends just for a measly reward, or no reward at all. Trophies seemed just as useless, as it was a long way away from the monthly reset. She shook her head, letting her auburn locks fall around her face in frustration. Taking one last glance at her list, she stood up and strode to the window. Looking out the large bay window, she noticed a slender acara walking past with a rainbow Kadoatie at their side. Inspired, Eroberi turned around to her list in a flurry of skirts and hair. She realized that the Kadoatie avatar that had seemed so far out of reach might not be, with the board that had so many confusing terms. She gathered up her papers and marched out the front door, determined to feed at least one hungry kad.

           Eroberi was nothing if not determined. She pored over the guides that the helpful Kadders gave her. She learned what all the confusing terms meant, such as “conkads, feeders!” “not taking over,” or “last refresh.” She asked her newfound friends what the times meant, and they patiently explained to her. Finally, she felt ready to feed her first Kadoatie. She paid careful attention to the times and stood in front of the Kadoatery when she thought it would refresh and all of the Kadoaties would be hungry. Once all the Kadoaties became hungry, she scrambled with the other feeders to quick ask the Shop Wizard for the item, or go to the Marketplace. As she ran back to the Kadoatery, she saw many other neopets doing the same. They seemed to be a little faster than her, whirling around and around in their haste to feed their chosen Kadoatie. Some would race each other to the same Kadoatie, leaving one staring at the food in their hand at defeat. Others who were beat would run out again, noticing yet another Kadoatie that still needed to be fed. Once she brought her item of choice for Pretty Kitty, she stopped and stared. All of the Kadoaties had been fed! Pretty Kitty refused her item and glared at her. Eroberi sat down on the Kadoatery floor, frustrated. She had worked so hard, and for this? She saw on the board that so many overfeeders had successfully fed. She posted her frustrations and almost walked home in defeat. One of her friends, a friendly, outgoing faerie Blumaroo, waiting at the door to the Kadoatery stopped her.

      “Why would you give up so easily? This is so uncharacteristic of you!” Illuminating said, shaking her long blonde locks in confusion.

      Eroberi sighed and explained her trials and tribulations that had taken her so much time but for no reward.

      Illuminating said, “Well, if you stop now, that will really be for naught!” She smiled, and explained how long it had taken her to feed her first Kadoatie. She reminded Eroberi that everyone who fed now started somewhere. She herself was still working toward 75 Kadoaties, and had gotten beat so many more times than she could count. However, all the overfeeders were so friendly and encouraging, and the Kadoatery had a friendly camaraderie more often than not.

      Eroberi pondered everything that Illuminating told her. She could go home in defeat and blame the overfeeders for her slowness in finding the right food, or she could get better and learn how to feed those pesky kads. She decided to wait around for just one more refresh, to see if she could beat someone at their game. Her pulse raced and she tied her hair up, not wanting to miss a moment. She stood on her feet as the Kadoaties refreshed once more. She ran even faster than before, nabbing the carrot her kad wanted for a measly 1000 neopoints. She sprinted back. As she ran, she noticed a lumbering royal Elephante gaining on her, holding the same carrot. She grinned, knowing she was going to win. She quick opened the door to LaFou’s cage and shoved the carrot in. Reading the words above her very first kad, she giggled.

      LaFou has been fed! Thanks, lissiwciorka.

           Eroberi smiled, triumphant. All that work hadn’t been for nothing! Now to do it 75 more times….


      With a contented sigh, Eroberi closed the door to her trophy cabinet. She looked at the clock and realized that she was very nearly going to be late to her lunch date with a friend! She grabbed her things and hurried out the door to meet with Illuminating.

      Later, she mentioned that she had been reminiscing on her very first kad feed to Illuminating over tea and biscuits. The two friends smiled and laughed, thinking about the times before they had gone pink. How times changed! They were now overfeeders who welcomed new Kadders to the Kadoatery, giving those mewbies the same advice they had been given. After they had had their share of food, they looked at the clock and decided to head to the kadoatery to feed once more...

      by lissiwciorka and noitalletsnoc ♡ The End.

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