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Searching a place:Part Eight

by nacil30


     Chapter 8. The Final Battle, Isla de Roo, Meridell and Brightvale.

          Battles demonstrate many things, some show that some are stronger than others, others honor, and others simply that in the world there are people who have no sense of reason, and the battle that was beginning would show that good always triumphs over the bad, the Snowager bowed so that Saemonell came down, both were exhausted by the road stopped a few minutes on the island of Roo to take a little breath, in the distance you could see the lair of Count Von Roo, it seemed that he slept like if nothing in Neopia was happening, after a few minutes the Snowager told the cybunny that they should continue because they did not have time, Saemonell climbed back into it and they both left again by the sea, in the distance there were signs of a great city, and that was the place where they would go, after a few minutes they came to the other side, they were in Meridell.

     Arriving at Meridell Saemonell under the Snowager to continue advancing, the Snowager returned to help Sloth in The Mountain of Terror, Saemonell way to the castle, entered and climbed the great corridors of the catillo that were made of white marble and solid brought from distant lands, when finally reached the top floor saw a large door, without warning entered and there were King Skarl with El Capitan Trespatas, were discussing how they would help and Saemonell interrupted them, he explained that he needed to get to Kiko Island to see the Space Fairy who was on his way from the Virtupets Space Station, King Skarl and Captain Trespatas told Saemonell that both had gathered a large army and were ready for the invasion, Saemonell told them that there was no They lost time and needed to leave the place as soon as possible to avoid the enemy forces.

     They got out of the castle quickly and outside were all the Allied forces waiting for instructions to do what they were told, they explained that they had to recruit Saemonell to get the collar safely, King Skarl said Brightvale would be his next stop, so the troops prepared to march in what might be their last battle in the free land of Neopia, Saemonell was given a sharp sword, I keep it well encased and also kept the gun that Gorix had given him in Virtupets, they carefully crossed the green fields that had been on the road verifying no one was following them, they were halfway there when some explorers saw that enemy ships were on them in the clouds, they accelerated the passage to arrive as soon as possible to Brightvale but just when they were less than half were attacked with an ambush, defending themselves and taking care of Saemonell faced the group of enemies that confronted them. they left with all their strength, some stayed to gain time while others kept moving as fast as they could, after a few minutes they reached a river that they had to cross over a suspension bridge that was old and somewhat rotten, behind them they came more invaders willing to attack them and even cut the bridge, Captain Trespatas knew that someone must stop them, so he told Saemonell to continue without him, Saemonell did not want to but could not do something to convince him, when King Skarl heard this He returned and told Trespatas that the glory of that battle would not be his alone and that he would also stay to help him, so they both prepared to fight while Saemonell went alone with just a bit of the army that had left from Meridell.

     Skarl and Trespatas prepared their weapons to stop them, towards them came a group of furious enemies, at the moment that the Sun shine before them hurting their eyes which made Skarl and Trespatas have time to attack them, both fought very well, their skills were from the old training school and they were the best in all of Neopia, their incredible movements could leave anyone who saw them fighting open-mouthed, their swords moving so fast that they seemed to cut the air with just a movement, they were sure of themselves and defended the bridge until Saemonell and the others finished passing, they stayed there stopping as much invader arrived. Saemonell would come in front of everyone with the collar under his clothes and his hands in his arms ready in case he had to fight, in his face he felt a security that he did not have before and without doubt his courage was much better, they all ran quickly through the field until finally they managed to see the castle of Brightvale, they walked the last stretch and they finally entered the city, in it there were many people, in the center of the city in front of the castle was Lutrarix and Roxton along with King Hagan .

     The three of them were ready to hear orders from Saemonell, no doubt it was now the little Cybunny who said what to do, Saemonell told them he should go to Lake Kiko to finish it off, King Hagan together with the two Lutaris told him they could win time and stop the invaders while he went to Lake Kiko, after all was a few minutes away, the three scattered throughout the city each with a group of the great army that had gathered, Brightvale, Moltara and La Isla Lutari were in that place fighting for the same cause, Saemonell ran out following the instructions that had given him to get to Lake Kiko, he was hurrying between green pastures when both sides flew out enemy Buzz soldiers, Saemonell knew that he could not with all but had to fight, was halfway there and stopped, took out his gun and his sword and began to defend himself, shot as many Buzzes as he could until his pistol ran out energy, and kept coming out everywhere, Saemonell began to face them furiously with his sword defending the necklace to the end, he thought it was over when someone who did not wait appeared, was the vagabond of the Lost Desert, when he appeared he felt a breeze of tranquility all over the place, the Buzz were paralyzed and turned to see, for the first time in a long time had removed the old clothes from above and leaving to show their personality left several open-mouthed, was identical to the image of the ghost of Coltzan but much younger, he explained to Saemonell that he was his son and had been in exile for a long time waiting for the day in which he would help save his life in Neopia, he told Saemonell that he could call him Folkzan.

     Folkzan took out from the sides two sharp weapons with a half moon shape, its brightness was similar to that of freshly polished diamonds, its abilities were incredible and it showed its great strength when it faced the Buzz, Saemonell did not want to be alone watching and also he decided to keep fighting, both were stopping all the Buzz, when suddenly they saw at the end that Tiberius was approaching them quickly, in his face he saw a lot of courage and he did not stop seeing Saemonell fixedly, between lips he was letting go wind that only he listened to, Folkzan told Saemonell that they had to keep moving because they could not finish with Tiberius, both ended up with a little more invaders and a blow left running towards Lake Kiko, Saemonell went forward while Folkzan I followed him quickly, they ran while Tiberius was on their heels, they crossed several paths until finally coming down a small mountain I saw In the Kiko Lake, in the center the Space Fairy was waiting for them, attacking the invaders who wanted to attack her, Saemonell and Folkzan ran towards her as fast as they could but Tiberius was too close and shot Saemonell leaving him lying on the ground. floor, at that time the Space Fairy approached him to heal him, using his medallion he could heal his wound, Folkzan seeing this he got so angry that without weighing before he threw himself against Tiberius, they fought for a few minutes but the strength of Tiberius was Much larger and defeated Folkzan leaving him wounded on the ground, Tiberius approached Saemonell barely recovering from the attack, the Space Fairy stood in front of him telling him not to touch him without first fighting with her, Tiberius took his staff and began to fight with the Fairy, they confronted each other for a while but because of an oversight of her she was badly beaten, when Saemonell saw that all her friends were there helping him sack courage from his Orazón and grasping forces of all his body he got up preparing to fight against Tiberius, the end was finally coming.


To be continued…

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