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Searching a place:Part Four

by nacil30


     Chapter 4. New Friendships, Altador and Moltara.

          Friends are undoubtedly one of the fundamentals of life, are always by our side and can be found everywhere, sometimes friends can become like brothers, and even last for a lifetime, I spend the night and Saemonell He was still asleep in that old chair, he was in a light sleep because he had not slept well, when suddenly he heard the door open, it was Lutrarix who had returned to look for him to go to a new place, he woke up Saemonell with a clapped on the back, Saemonell quickly got up and went to prepare to leave as quickly as possible, after a few minutes Saemonell was ready to leave, Lutrarix and Saemonell walked and crossed the entire island of Lutari to reach a low from the coast, there were two Marathic Shoyrus waiting on the sand, when they arrived Lutrarix spoke with them and after a while he told Saemonell that everything was ready, They both went up to the carapace Shoyrus and left the island, while the water of the sea was enough to wet the feet and the place was getting farther and farther away.

     After traveling for approximately two long hours they finally reached the mainland, the place was different from the last places that Saemonell had visited, this place was not an island and it was surrounded by mountains, no doubt they were on land signing, both said goodbye of the Shoyrus and left for the city, when they arrived Saemonell realized that they were in Altador, a place that was once a mystery, this land had reappeared in Neopia after a thousand years of absence and with its history of heroes it was a place that without a doubt Saemonell would never forget, his buildings were monumental and the city even had a coliseum, when they arrived Lutrarix told the little Cybunny to wait in the Hall of Heroes since they would be there only a few hours as they contacted the other person that would take them back to another city, Saemonell ignored him and entered the Hall of Heroes while Lutrarix disappeared among the buildings, when Saemonell entered The place was amazed by the statues that had been in it, after seeing one by one the statues realized that at the bottom of the Hall of Heroes there was a little Cybunny baby crying, approached slowly to her and with a pleasant gesture I speak, the Cybunny turned around and I see him, he was crying enough to fill a glass of tears, Saemonell asked him what was going on and the Cybunny replied that he was sad because he had lost a bet, Saemonell appeared before her saying his name and the Cybunny did the same.

     Boxii, that was the name of that little Cybunny baby, Saemonell immediately felt that Boxii was special, and he felt a fondness for her, Boxii dried his tears and they both talked for a long time, Saemonell remembered the bet that had made her crying and asking about her, Boxii told her that she had lost in Altador Cup and that's why she had to pay a ball from Grarrls or they would take her away and she did not have any money, so Saemonell decided to help her, together they went where they were Garrrls and with great courage Saemonell spoke with them, he wanted to reach an agreement but the Grarrls only wanted money, so they started arguing with Saemonell while one of them grabbed Boxii, when Saemonell saw this he got so angry that he hit the leader of the Grarrls and was in aid of Boxii but they surpassed them in number and size, they were about to be kidnapped when out of nowhere two strange individuals came out, they were very similar, one was Lutra rix, but the other was mysterious, was also a Lutari but adventurous aspect, Lutrarix and his partner took care of the Grarrls to win a few minutes, the four left running towards the abandoned Tomb where a medium-sized balloon was waiting, when they arrived all climbed aboard leaving behind the group of angry Grarrls.

     Being all away from danger, Lutrarix introduced his friend, his name was Roxton and he was the owner of the balloon, Roxton introduced himself with Saemonell and Boxii, told them that he would be his new guide, Lutrarix asked what was that little Cybunny there and Saemonell she told them that she was her friend, so please let her go so that if they left her, those Graders would grab her, Lutrarix did not agree but Roxton convinced him so that Boxii could stay with them and thus join them, the Cybunnies got comfortable while the Lutaris handled the balloon, Boxii thanked Saemonell for his help, Saemonell felt that she was certainly special and gave him a hug, both had become friends and their friendship would last a lifetime, but it would not be so easy be always united

     After a few hours they came back to Lutari Island and there Lutrarix went, said goodbye to Saemonell, Boxii and Roxton and wished them good luck on their way, I leave a little provisions I had brought and went down in a house high that was built in a tree Chokato, after leaving Lutrarix left for the other city, Saemonell explained to Boxii everything that had happened to be aware of everything, Boxii was a pretty curious Cybunny and was certainly delighted to accompany them, Roxton told them to sleep for a while in one of the rooms of the balloon, gave them a room that was quite spacious, had two beds that were separated by a bureau with a lamp in it, the room was brown and It was adorned with beige curtains, both Cybunnies entered and they reclined each other in their respective bed to rest, spent a time in which they both stayed well asleep, Roxton took the food to have strengths. The balloon was going straight, everything was fine when in that Saemonell began to have another dream of the future, this time his dream was clearer, after a while Saemonell woke up but decided not to tell anyone what he had dreamed, only the he would know what to do in case his dream came true, he left the room and went to Roxton, he offered him a glass of water and they sat down to talk while the ship was driving alone.

     A few more hours passed when Roxton told Saemonell to wake up to Boxii, the Cybunny went to his room and knocked on the door, Boxii who had just woke up opened it and gave him a hug telling him that he thought it had all been a dream, Saemonell told him that they had arrived and both picked up their things, they walked around the globe until they reached the control chamber where Roxton was already looking for a way to land, after a while they managed to lower the balloon in a huge esplanade, the three of them went down and with the help of Roxton they walked until they entered a cavernous place, they walked for a while until they reached a city that was underground, Roxton told them that they were now in Moltara.

     Moltara was a city that was deep in the center of Neopia, a land full of lava and steamers, it had been discovered in year 11 and was inhabited by neopets who had lived near the lava for many years. No doubt a city that promised to reveal secrets was now the place where they were, Roxton warned them from the beginning that their stay there would be quick to not waste much time, took them to a mysterious place where they could find answers, entered a Half-light cave where there was a Gnorbu Magma, the Gnorbu got up from the chair where he was sitting and greeted Roxton with a big hug, after greeting him he introduced himself to the Cybunnies, his name was Igneot and he was the wise and mystic of the place, Roxton left them there for a while in which he bought fuel for the Globe with Tangor, Saemonell approached to talk with Igneot while Boxii was distracted watching one of the crystal balls that On the spot, Saemonell asked Igneot several questions about his dreams. He told him that he had developed the ability to dream of the future at the moment when he had been exposed to the volcano flame of Mystery Island and that was why he had fainted, he also told him that his fate was very important and he always had to be strong, he said something that stayed in Saemonell's head: No matter how many times you stumble, what really matters are the times you can lift to be able to move forward.

     Roxton returned with Tangor, a Green Mynci who seemed to know a lot about machines, Roxton brought fuel in boats and Tangor had three strange devices in his hands, they looked like diving objects but more sophisticated, he gave them to Saemonell and told him they were a gift , they would soon use them, the three friends said goodbye to Igneot and Tangor, Igneot wished them luck while Tangor said goodbye to them as they walked away through the cave they had entered, when they managed to get out they went aboard the balloon, Roxton in When he went up he went to the engine room to fill the balloon with the fuel they had brought from Moltara, it was a special fuel that Tangor had designed to last three times longer than normal fuel, Saemonell and Boxii were waiting for him in the control room while Roxton He was going up quickly to take off, when Roxton entered the engine room he found Saemonell and Boxii talking, no doubt there had been a nice and spec I was friendly, entered the room and prepared to take off, the three sat and put on their seat belts, Roxton turned on the engines and took off from Moltara, going up through the skies and thus heading to his new destination.


To be continued…

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