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Searching a place

by nacil30


     Chapter 1. The game, The Enchanted Forest and The Lost Desert.

          Sometimes people feel that they are not where they should be, or they are just in the wrong places, and that was the case of Saemonell, a ghost Cybunny who lived in the Enchanted Forest, with no more than 18 years old he lived nearby of Esophagor, every morning I heard him scream for his food, after a long time someone passed by and managed to put it on good, Saemonell was a Cybunny who, being different from the others, always looked for good things, lately he had been thinking about moving out of the forest to find a better place, a place where he felt more comfortable, he had always been a bit sinister but friendly, able to have the friendship of anyone, but he was certainly convinced to look for something more, and a simple moonlit night full in which Balthazar walked howling around with his dirty and old clothes, Saemonell decided to go to find that special place.

     One night before his departure he had set out to gather things for his long journey, with a suitcase on his back, and much effort he managed to gather food, entertainment, relief items and some other important things, without taking into account many costumes. the ones he used to use, he also took a log in which he would write down everything he had lived in order to have details about his new and great adventure, maybe the last and the best of his life, and he would not want everything to be lost, being Almost ready, he only needed one last thing before leaving.

     Saemonell needed answers that would help him to make the final decision, so he went to the Brain Tree in search of these, after walking through many dark and dark trails finally came with him, he was asleep leaning on one of his big and long branches , and the only thing that the little Cybunny had to do was help him in one of his searches, but ... How to wake him up without getting angry? After thinking for a long time finally had an idea, was running with Esophagor who as always had an appetite for the time he was alone and told him to help, but it was all part of the plan, the Cybunny left and hid behind of a rock, a bit big enough to hide a group of Lupes, and I wait there until a long time has passed and that insatiable beast will get angry. After approximately 28 minutes according to his old and gleaming clock, which he had received from an old watchmaker who lived in the vicinity of Edna's house, Esophagor began to shout angrily at the delay of that creature that had left him waiting without any food, so loud were their cries that they came to the Tree as fast as a rock that drags a river with a strong flow towards the shore, with the Brain Tree awake everything was ready, Saemonell only had to go with him, be kind and calm him with a search to finally receive your prize.

     With sweat on his head, and a strong exhaustion, the brave Cybunny finally reached the feet, or rather said to the branches of the Tree, he was very upset by the screams of Esophagor's scandalous, Saemonell without hesitation he prepared to speak with him, and arriving at a quick fix The Tree asked him for one thing and a bit easy to get: One of his own branches.

     The baffled Cybunny set out to fulfill his quest and tried to climb the Tree again and again, but could not succeed, whenever he was tall enough to pull a branch, the Tree moved and managed to throw it again, I try a thousand ways to have the branch but I could not, so he decided to sit on the dusty ground to take a break, suddenly the strong voice of the Tree spoke to him and asked why he stopped at what the Cybunny replied that he was tired and I needed a bit of encouragement, the Tree with a negative gesture shook his head, and gave one last clue to the Cybunny, told him that sometimes to get out of a problem you just needed to think a bit and act with your head, Saemonell stayed thinking and understood the concept of his help, he stood in front of him and with a pleasant gesture asked him if he could give one of its branches, the tree dropped one of its branches, not too big nor too small, just ideal for the tr down in need, Saemonell approached, took it in his hands and gave it back to the Tree, this happy to have what he had asked gave him the answer that the Cybunny wanted so much.

     Now he was ready to leave, the next morning Saemonell took all his things and saying goodbye to his friends, took the road that looked south, going down a dirty road, old and full of leaves first came out of place from birth, I walk for long hours that left him very tired with each step he took, the road gradually became more sunny and the ground was changing from being old and dirty to simply being sandy and wide, with old structures and finished By the time and some abandoned, after his long walk he had finally reached his first destination, The Lost Desert, the land that Brucey B had unintentionally discovered while searching for his precious coin of luck.

     The Lost Desert, an ancient land that had long been in Neopia, full of rich and exotic food, strange petpets and some other mystery, that was the place where Saemonell would look to see if he belonged there, when he arrived and settled down well in the city, the first thing he saw was a huge sanctuary, which looked like it had belonged to an ancient pharaoh named Coltzan, he heard among the inhabitants that he had found on the road that there was a legend there, anyone who approached could be blessed by the ancient spirit of Coltzan, so Saemonell decided to go with him, on arrival he felt a breeze all over his body that filled him with great tranquility, a breeze that in a certain part told him that this was a good place to live, a quiet place and without problems, I was thinking when he appeared before the figure of a huge Lupe Ghost, no doubt it was Coltzan, he spoke to him and gave him an old rope that had been created with knots special for an old game, that was the way to know if it belonged to that place or not, in a warm breeze the spirit disappeared, leaving no trace of it or letting it show its way, Saemonell with the rope in his hand was happy but How would a rope help him have answers?

     After the pleasant but mysterious encounter with Coltzan, Saemonell decided to go to an ancient city that could be seen in the distance, walk for a while and after going under the strong desert sun finally arrived in that city, the city of Sakhmet. In it the citizens were everywhere, different from the sanctuary where there were few people, almost nobody in fact, since he arrived he felt glances on his back, he knew that they were seeing him but he did not know why, he walked and bought some rare fruits to eat and take strength, sitting on a bench made of stone was eating one of the delicious fruits he had bought in the region, was there when he appeared in front of the stranger a vagabond, he told him that he invited him to play for a while , Saemonell saw that the intentions of that person were not bad so he decided to accompany him to play, they left the city and went to the lower part of the desert river, the vagabond told him that they would play rope fight and asked him if by chance had one, Saemonell remembered the rope that Coltzan had given him and took it out of his backpack, having enough to play the tramp, he explained what the game consisted of, all they had to do was put each one on each end of the river with one of the ends of the rope and pull the opponent until throwing it into the river, the mechanics was easy and Saemonell understood fast, so they started the game, both in position began to pull, Saemonell pulled with All his strength but could not move the tramp and realized that this strange person just a little effort, after a while the vagabond decided to win and with a simple movement achieved Saemonell street to the river, Saemonell to see that he could not winning was somewhat sad.

     The vagabond helped him to get up and asked him if he was fine at what Saemonell said yes, but he was somewhat sad to lose, the smiling tramp told him not to worry, that he had never lost in that game and that was why he had won, but he said something else that made him think, to win strength was not always needed, just think and analyze things in order to have a good performance in the scheduled task, Saemonell reflected on this and understood the concept.

     He said goodbye to the vagabond as he left, and among the ruins disappeared, while Saemonell felt the same breeze felt in the sanctuary of Coltzan, realizing that he did not belong to that place back to buy more fruit and so he left again to another place, where he would surely find new adventures that would make his search the best of his life.

To be continued…

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