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Faerie Customizations

by aleu1986


     Faeries! Neopia is full of them, and most Neopians have their favourite kind. One way to show appreciation for a certain faerie, is to dress your Neopet up to resemble one of them. In this article, I will be covering most of the unique faeries, such as Fyora and Jhuidah, while also shining the spotlight on the lesser known faeries, like the Library Faerie, Baelia and the Tooth Faerie. I will provide an example of a customization intended to look like a certain faerie, with alternative items listed so you can create your own look if you wish.

     Fyora the Faerie Queen

     All hail the Queen! Fyora, the queen of the faeries, has ruled over Faerieland for several thousand years. She is one of the most powerful faeries. She founded the Faerie Festival, and when she`s not offering quests to random Neopians, she is the shopkeeper of the Hidden Tower where she sells powerful, magical artefacts.


     Fyoras Balcony

     Fyoras Collectors Dress

     Fyoras Arm Wraps

     Fyoras Eyeshadow

     Faerie Queen Wings

     Fyora Wig

     Fyora Collectors Staff

     Floating Fyora Faerie Doll

     Golden Key Necklace

     Faerie Castle Collectors Balcony Foreground


     Background: Entrance to Fyoras Castle Background, New Years on the Hidden Tower

     Foreground: Castle Parapets Foreground

     Aethia the Battle Faerie

     This strong and brave faerie is the general of Faerieland`s army, and she also runs the Faerie Weapons Shop. In addition, she has written several books, and is a master in the art of swords. She is also known to ride a yellow Eyrie into battle.


     End of Battle Background

     Purple Half Up Wig

     Illusens Laced Slippers

     Jeran Collectors Sword

     Aethias Collectors Shield

     Translucent Faerie Wings

     Floating Battle Faerie Doll

     Battle Faerie Top


     Wig: Dyeworks Purple: Isca Wig

     Background: Castle Battle Ruins Background, Approaching Battle Background

          Jhuidah the Island Faerie

     Jhuidah is in charge of the Mystery Island Trading Post, but she is most famous for running the great Cooking Pot. She is also one of the five guardians of the island.


     The sandals and damask markings are added for extra detail, but not needed to make your Neopet resemble Jhuidah. There are many different Mystery Island themed backgrounds, I chose this one as it fits the theme of cooking and preparing food.


     Wings: Translucent Faerie Wings, Dyeworks Pink: Sparkling Faerie Wings and Dyeworks Pink: Delicate White Lace Wings.

     Handhelds: Spatula of Wondrous Cooking, Coconut Drink Handheld.

     Kari the Negg Faerie

     Known to most as the Negg Faerie, she lives in the Ice Caves on Terror Mountain where she collects Neggs of all kinds for an unknown purpose. Neopians from far and wide visit Kari to trade in their ordinary neggs for ones with magical abilities. The Negg Faerie, along with her assistant Zaira, host the annual Festival of Neggs.


     The wings are a green Dyeworks item, but DTIs image shows the original version.

     Floating Negg Faerie Doll

     Negg Faerie Dress

     Negg Faerie Wig

     Illusens Collectors Contacts

     Sparkling Negg Wand

     Vault of Neggs Background

     Dyeworks Green: Sparkling Faerie Wings


     Use Earth Faerie Eye Shadow instead of the contacts. They cannot be combined, unfortunately.

     There certainly is no shortage of Negg items to choose from, the Negg Vault was the closest thing to a Neggery I could find.

     Taelia the Snow Faerie

     Just like Kari, Taelia also lives on Terror Mountain, though at the very top. There she resides in a large igloo, giving quests to Neopians who visit her. She is always working on new magic spells, and needs help in finding certain ingredients.


          Igloo Background

     Snow Yooyu-Inspired Contacts

     Snowflake Garland

     Taelias Collectors Coat

     Snowmuncher Snowglobe Trinket

     Wonderland Gloves

     Floating Taelia Doll

     Sparkling Snowflake Wings

     Terror Mountain Team Glitter Face Paint

     The snowglobe doesn`t have anything to do with Taelia, I just added it for fun as it fits the theme of snow and Terror Mountain.

     There is a Taelia wig, but you can`t combine it with the coat, so I used the coat as it is the most iconic item.

          Mira the Space Faerie

     This special faerie spends her time traveling through the galaxy, and as such she is rarely seen around Neopia. She is known as a hero and great protector since she stopped Dr. Sloth the first time he tried to take over Neopia. Although Mira is far away, Neopians know she will come to their aid when she`s needed. The Space Faerie is also the mascot for Premium!


     Basic Red Gloves

     Golden Key Necklace

     MiniMME21-S1: Galactic Prince Space Jacket

     Sheer Blue Wings

     Bright Bumbluz Wig

     Floating in Space Background

     Cosmic Space Faerie Leggings

     Staff of the Space Faerie

     Red Contacts

     Floating Space Faerie Doll

     The necklace is only used here to restrict the Ogrins mane.


     Clothes: Pretty Blue Faerie Shirt

     Wig: Brightly Coloured Blue Wig, Dyeworks Blue: Games Master Challenge NC Challenge 2010 Lulu Wig

     Background: Galaxies Beyond Background, MiniMME18-B: Space Exploration Background. (I was using the Galaxies BG originally, but the DTI image looked too messed up to include).

     Wings: Feathered Space Wings.

     The Soup Faerie

          The kind-hearted Soup Faerie is the good friend of all poor and hungry Neopets. Right outside the Marketplace, the Soup Faerie has a huge cooking pot from which she hands out soup every day to the hungry Neopets waiting in line.


     Soup Faerie Kitchen Background

     Geraptiku Cooking Pot

     Elegant Wooden Spoon Staff

     Barbecue Apron

     Cosy Cooking Clogs

     Fancy Blue Trousers

     Basic Pink Cardigan

     Brilliant Yellow Faerie Wings

     Pretty Dark Wig

     Floating Soup Faerie Doll


     Wig: Brown Hair with Bandana

     Handheld: Spatula of Wondrous Cooking, Frying Pan.

     Apron: Janitors Apron. From the oddly large selection of aprons available, there is currently not a plain, blue one.

     Wings: Sparkling Carmariller Wings

     There are several other cauldrons available, but none that can be combined with this background.

     The Library Faerie

     She is an intelligent and busy faerie who runs the daily crossword puzzle and the book shop in Faerieland.


     Oddly enough, I was unable to locate a full-figure picture of this faerie, so it`s honestly up to you if you want to give her a skirt or trousers.

     Dyeworks Brown: Side Swept Blond Wig

     Grey and Purple Color Block Skirt

     Basic Brown Lace-Up Shoes

     Smart School Girl Eye Glasses

     Pretty Purple Faerie Shirt

     Golden Key Necklace

     Faerieland Library Collectors Background

     Well Read Book

     Overflowing Bookshelf Garland

     Open Book of Tales


     Background: Faerieland Library Background

     Wings: Dark Translucent Wings

          Baelia the Grey Faerie

     This poor faerie was cursed and imprisoned by a dark faerie, and has lost her powers. She has no magic nor the ability to fly. While Fyora was in the infirmary during The Wraith Resurgence, it was Baelia who acted as a shopkeeper in the Hidden Tower.


     NOTE: For the cloud background and the jail foreground I used the Grey Dyeworks versions, they are shown in the original colours in the DTI image.

     Floating Grey Faerie Doll

     Dyeworks Grey: Jail of Hearts Foreground

     Shiny Silver Wig

     Dyeworks Grey: Amongst the Clouds Background

     Grey Faerie Wings

     Armin Collectors Contacts

     Grey Faerie Dress


     Wig: Long Silver Wig

     Marina the Healing Springs Faerie

     Though few Neopians know her name, most have visited her with an ill or injured Neopet at some point. Available every thirty minutes to heal your Neopet, seeing Marina is a cheap alternative to buying medical cures.


     Healing Springs Foreground

     Rolling Clouds Effect

     Cloud Garland

     Soft Blue Dress of Spring

     Lighted Spring Dress

     Water Faerie Eye Shadow

     Maraqua Team Cuffs

     Fantasy Cloud Background

     Healing Springs Collectors Wig


     Foreground: Hot Springs

     Background: Cloudy Sky Background and Faerieland Cloud Background

     Also consider: Ombre Cloud Garland and Sky Blue Lipstick

     The Tooth Faerie


     The youngest of the unique faeries, this cheerful character with the bright smile flies around Neopia rewarding Neopians who have lost a tooth with Neopoints. She also educates Neopets on how to take care of their teeth.

     Due to the selected wearables appearing glitched in the DTI image, I decided to just list them here, so you can put together the customization on your own if you wish.

     Faerieland Cloud Background

     Brightly Coloured Blue Wig

     Dyeworks Purple: Black Ruffled Dress

     Dyeworks Blue: Wonderland Gloves

     Purple Faerie Tale Wings

     Basic Blue Lace-Up Shoes

     Optional for extra detail:

     Floating Tooth Faerie Doll

     Got To Smile Thought Bubble

     That concludes my list of faerie customizations! You`re probably wondering why certain faeries were not included, but fear not! They will show up in an article of their own. Stay tuned!

     Feel free to Neomail me with any comments, or if you have any suggestions to future customization articles. I would love to hear your input. Thank you for reading.

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