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The Mega-Super-Hyper-Fantastic All-Neopian Quiz!!

by phoned


     Think you’re a real whizz when it comes to Neopian general knowledge? Been a player for a long time and think you know it all? To celebrate the 850th issue of the Neopian times take this MEGA 85-question Neopian quiz and test your true Neopian knowledge!!

     This quiz is going to test every aspect of your Neopian knowledge. The questions range from fairly simple (marked with a single * and worth 1 point), mild headscratchers (marked with a two ** and worth 2 points), and fiendishly difficult (marked with three *** and worth 3 points). There are also additional bonus points available if you really know your stuff!

     Ready to begin?

     Round 1: Famous Neopian Figures

     1. What are the 6 main Faerie types? *

     2. Who is the ruler of Faerieland? *

     3. Who feeds hungry Neopets who cannot afford to feed themselves? *

     4. Who created the Virtupets Space Station and has tried to take over Neopia multiple times? **

     5. What species is Bruno of Neovia? *

     6. What is the name of the KeyQuest Faerie? *

     7. Who is in charge of the Cooking Pot on Mystery Island? **

     8. Which Earth faerie saved a young Sophie the Swamp Witch and gave her the means to make magic? ***

     9. What is the Space Faerie’s name? **

     10. What is the Fountain Faerie’s name? **

     11. What is the Grey Faerie’s name? **

     12. What is the Snow Faerie’s name? **

     13. Who are The Drenched? **

     14. What is the Negg Faerie’s name? ** (Kari)

     15. How many founders of Altador were there? **

     (Mega bonus: every founding member you can name is worth an extra point each!!)

     16. What was the name of the Krawk responsible for much of the havoc caused in the Tale of Woe plot? **

     17. Which land is Princess Lunara the heir to? *

     18. Captain Tuan is the captain of which ship? **

     19. Which Techo is in charge of the Neopian Pound? *

     20. What are the names of King Coltzan III’s two daughters? **

     (Bonus point: which is the elder sister?)

     Round 2: Food and Drink

     21. Where do you get Asparagus from? **

     22. How many times can your pet eat from an omelette? *

     23. How many times can your pet eat from a jelly? *

     24. How many times can your pet eat from a pizza? *

     25. What kind of foods do the Alien Aishas love to eat (and give out from their Vending Machine!)? *

     26. What kind of items does the Soup Faerie like to ask for in her quests? *

     27. What fruit is much-loved by Hasees (particularly Jimmi and Woogi)? *

     28. What exactly is the infamous Borovan? **

     29. What soda brand is the biggest rival to NeoCola? **

     Round 3: A Blast from the Past – Plots, Site Events, and the ever-changing Neopian Landscape

     30. What items were originally required to enter Mystery Island, Faerieland, or the Ice Caves? ***

     31. Many years ago there was a game set in a gym which gave out NeoPoints and membership cards. What was this game called? ***

     32. Where were Kitchen Quests originally located? ***

     33. Before Tyrannia was officially rediscovered in Year 3 there was an earthquake across Neopia. Where in Neopia was a tunnel opened by this earthquake which then led to Tyrannia? ***

     34. In which Neopian year was the first Altador Cup held? **

     35. The Atlas of the Ancients plot led to the discovery of which Neopian land? **

     36. In which plot did Lord Kass make an appearance? **

     37. What was the name of the courageous Bori who rescued Hannah in the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot? *

     38. When New Maraqua was discovered in the Curse of Maraqua plot, a new type of material was discovered. Weapons made of this material were said to be able to cut through water as if it was air, with no resistance. What is this material called? **

     39. The Lost Desert plot saw Prince Jazan marry Princess Nabile. Which land are this royal couple the ruler of? *

     40. What species is Ylana Skyfire, the calculating bounty hunter featured in The Return of Doctor Sloth plot? **

     41. Which three Petpetpets were available in Professor Milton Clodbottle’s Habitarium? **

     42. What was the name of the now-discontinued official Neopets game on Facebook? **

     Round 4: Games

     43. Adee the Chia is the hero of which game? *

     44. Where do retired games go? *

     45. How many chapters are there in NeoQuest II? Can you name them all in the order that they’re played for a bonus point? **

     46. Our favourite Usul adventurer Hannah first made her debut in Hannah and the Pirate Caves. She has now been in 3 more games. Can you name them all? **

     47. 200m Peanut Dash features which Pet and Petpet duo? *

     48. Robot Chias are the enemy target in which game? *

     49. Which Petpet features in both red and blue colours in the game Crisis Courier? *

     50. How many different colours of dice are there in Dice-a-Roo? * (Bonus point: can you name them all in the right order?)

     51. What are the three basic flavours/colours of Juppie Juice in Meepit Juice Break? *

     52. What is the maximum number of Lottery tickets you can purchase per day? *

     53. Without the use of any buffs or boons, what is the lowest price you can pay per stock at the Neopian Stock Market? Bonus point: what is the lowest price you can pay pet stock with the use of buffs or boons? *

          Round 5: Pets, PetPets, and PetPetPets

     54. Which Pet species can be made instantly Bloated and cured of any illness by feeding it any food item with the word ‘worm’ in it? ***

     55. What does it mean if a pet is Limited Edition? *

     56. How do you attach a Petpetpet? **

     57. Which Petpetpets have their own avatars? ***

     58. What Neopet was most recently discovered? *

     59. Which Neopet cannot be abandoned at the Pound or transferred? **

     60. What happens if you try to abandon or transfer an Ice Bori at the Pound? ***

     61. Which two Neopets can eat non-food items that other pets cannot? **

     62. Where would you take a Krawk Petpet if you wanted it to transform into a full Krawk Pet? **

     63. The very first Lutari first appeared where in Neopia and was doing what? ***

     64. Although Grundos are not limited edition they are not available to be created in Create-A-Pet. If you want a brand new Grundo, where can you get one? ** (Bonus point: red, blue, green, and yellow are the 4 standard colour choices for a new pet. What 3 additional colours exist for creating a new Grundo? )

     Round 6: Collectibles – Stamps, Avatars, and NeoDeck Cards

     65. How many spaces are there for stamps/coins/charms on each page in your Stamp Album? *

     66. How many different colours of NeoDeck cards are there? **

     (Bonus point: Can you name them all? Super bonus: Can you name them all in order of rarity for an extra point?)

     67. Which staff member features on the TNT Staff Smasher ‘Revenge is Sweet’ avatar? *

     68. How many Kadoaties must be fed to unlock the Kadoatery – Mew! Avatar? *

     69. Which Petpet features on the Stamp Collector – Snowy Valley avatar? *

     70. What item must be equipped to a Grarrl to get the Grarrl Warrior avatar? *

     71. How many Kadoaties do you need to feed to get a Gold trophy? **

     72. There are three books for sale in the Hidden Tower which give avatars when read. How much is does each of them cost? ** (Bonus point: can you name each of them in order of cheapest to most expensive?)

     73. What does your pet need to do at the Kelp restaurant in order to be award the Bon Appetit avatar? **

     74. What is the trophy for NeoQuest II shaped like? *

     75. If you win the Neopian Lottery you are awarded with either a bronze, silver, or gold trophy, depending on how much you won. What are the thresholds for each of these trophies? ***

     Round 7: Misc

     76. How many kinds of original brown codestones are there? *

     (Bonus point: can you name them all?)

     77. How many kinds of red codestone are there? **

     (Bonus point: can you name them all?)

     78. What is the Quiggle version of an Usuki called? *

     79. Who runs the Fortune Cookie stall in the NC Mall? *

     80. There are three Scratchcard Kiosks in Neopia, where are they all? * Bonus point: can you list them in order of least to most expensive price per card?

     81. How many extra item spaces does each shop or gallery upgrade give you? *

     82. What does the Premium Space Faerie Charm do? *

     83. How is the Valentines Site Theme unlocked? **

     84. When tackling a Brain Tree quest, where do you find the information he asks for? *

     85. Why might you visit Donny on top of Terror Mountain? **


     Round 1: 34 points available (plus 13 bonus points)

     1. Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Dark, Light – 1 point

     2. Queen Fyora – 1 point

     3. Soup Faerie – 1 point

     4. Dr. Frank Sloth – 2 points

     5. Gelert – 1 point

     6. Bree – 1 point

     7. Jhuidah – 2 points

     8. Ilere – 3 points

     9. Mira – 2 points

     10. Naia – 2 points

     11. Baelia – 2 points

     12. Taelia – 2 points

     13. A trio of evil water faeries – 2 points

     14. Kari – 2 points

     15. 12 (Bonus: King Altador, Psellia, Jerdana, Marak, Florin, Fauna, Gordos, Kelland, Sasha, Siyana, Torakar, The Darkest Faerie) – 2 points (plus 12 bonus points)

     16. Mr. Krawley – 2 points

     17. Shenkuu – 1 point

     18. Cyodrake’s Gaze – 2 points

     19. Dr. Death – 1 point

     20. Amira and Vyssa (Bonus: Amira is eldest) – 2 points (plus 1 bonus point)

     Round 2: 12 points available

     21. The Cooking Pot – 2 points

     22. 3 times – 1 point

     23. Twice – 1 point

     24. Six times – 1 point

     25. Gross foods – 1 point

     26. Smoothies – 1 point

     27. Doughnutfruit – 1 point

     28. A hot drink made from Asparagus and Hot Chocolate. Borovan as a flavour is a combination of asparagus and hot chocolate. – 2 points

     29. Achyfi – 2 points

     Round 3: 28 points available

     30. Totems – wood, faerie, and ice – 3 points

     31. Grundo’s Gym – 3 points

     32. Old Maraqua – 3 points

     33. Ice Caves – 3 points

     34. Year 8 – 2 points

     35. Moltara – 2 points

     36. Battle for Meridell – 2 points

     37. Armin – 1 point

     38. Maractite – 2 points

     39. Qasala – 1 point

     40. Acara – 2 points

     41. Mootix, Larnikin, Pinchit – 2 points

     42. Treasure Keepers – 2 points

     Round 4: 13 points available (plus 3 bonus points)

     43. Ice Cream Machine – 1 point

     44. Game Graveyard – 1 point

     45. 5 (Bonus: Meridell, Terror Mountain, Lost Desert, Haunted Woods, Faerieland ) – 2 points (plus 1 bonus point)

     46. Hannah and the Ice Caves, Hannah and the Kreludor Caves, Hannah and the Wardrobe of Adventure – 2 points

     47. Elephante and Puppyblew – 1 point

     48. Carnival of Terror – 1 point

     49. Minetheus – 1 point

     50. Red, blue, green, yellow, silver – 1 point (plus 1 bonus point)

     51. Red, Blue, Yellow – 1 point

     52. 20 tickets – 1 point

     53. 15np (Bonus: 10np) – 1 point (plus 1 bonus point)

     Round 5: 24 points available (plus 1 bonus point)

     54. Pteri – 3 points

     55. Not always available to be created in create-a-pet; only released in small batches at certain times – 1 point

     56. Refresh your inventory with the Petpetpet in it until it jumps onto your pet’s Petpet – 2 points

     57. Mootix and Moach – 3 points

     58. Vandagyre – 1 point

     59. Lutari – 2 points

     60. It turns into a Blue Bori – 3 points

     61. Grarrl and Skeith – 2 points

     62. Fungus Cave – 2 points

     63. Terror Mountain Happy Valley selling Ice Cream – 3 points

     64. Adopt-a-Grundo in the Space Station (Bonus: Brown, White, Purple) – 2 points (plus 1 bonus point)

     Round 6: 17 points available (plus 3 bonus points)

     65. 25 – 1 point

     66. 8 (Bonus: Blue, Red, Pink, Green, Purple, Black, Gold, Holographic) – 2 points (plus 1 bonus point and 1 super bonus point)

     67. Donna – 1 point

     68. 75 – 1 point

     69. Candychan – 1 point

     70. Bony Grarrl Club – 1 point

     71. 25 – 2 points

     72. 100000np, 1000000np, and 1000000np (Bonus: Grimoire of the First Order, Grimoire of Prosperity, and Grimoire of Affluence) – 2 points (plus 1 bonus point)

     73. Take home leftovers – 2 points

     74. The star of the game Rohane – 1 point

     75. Bronze for wins under 500000np, silver for wins of 500001-999999np, and gold for wins of 1000000np or more – 3 points

     Round 7: 13 points available (plus 3 bonus points)

     76. 10 (Bonus: Mau, Main, Lu, Vo, Tai-Kai, Orn, Har, Eo, Bri, Zei) – 1 point (plus 1 bonus point)

     77. 6 (Bonus: Mag, Cui, Kew, Sho, Zed, Vux) – 2 points (plus 1 bonus point)

     78. Quiguki – 1 point

     79. Noda – 1 point

     80. Lost Desert, Ice Caves, Haunted Fairground – 1 point (plus 1 bonus point)

     81. 5 – 1 point

     82. It randomly doubles the Neopoints you earn from Flash game score sends – 1 point

     83. Send A Mysterious Valentines Card to a NeoFriend on February 14th – 2 points

     84. Complete 2 Esophagor quests – 1 point

     85. To get a broken toy repaired – 2 points

     Total points available: 141 basic and 23 bonus for a total of 164 points


     If you scored..

     -no tags here- 40 – Well, you tried! There is obviously so much about Neopets you have yet to discover, get out there and explore!

     40-108 – You know your stuff! You know the basics, you know some quirks of the site, but there are still some facets of Neopia which have eluded you. Take the time to look back over old plots and events to really get a sense for how Neopia came to be how it is.

     109-141 – Wow, you’re a Neopets expert! You have obviously been here a LONG time and been active throughout that time. There’s not much you don’t know, you’re a real dedicated Neopian!

     142-164 – Are you Dr. Frank Sloth? You must have spies all over Neopia and a huge database of information to get a score this high! You are among the most dedicated of Neopets players.

          No matter what your score was I hope you enjoyed this quiz and perhaps it has taught you some things you didn’t know about this crazy site we call home. If you want to know more you can always check out the Neopedia, or great fansites like Jellyneo with their Item Database and Book of Ages. Here’s to another 850 issues of the Neopian Times!


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