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The History of Battledome Challengers, Part 3

by krawkedattitude


     In the last edition of "The History of Battledome Challengers", we brought in five new challengers to discuss. Making a total of ten challengers that we've broken down the history of so far. Every week, for five weeks total, I'll be here breaking down a selection of Battledome challengers for you to learn about. Maybe you will end up more inspired to take down some of the worst foes imaginable, as an extra slap in the face to them for trying to destroy Neopia. Or you will just want to practice with them to get stronger for the next mini-plot!

     Let's recap who we talked about last week:

     We started off with Boochi, a bad baby who had a habit of turning Neopets into babies when they came into contact with his ray gun. Many Neopians lost beautifully (and expensively) painted pets to this little Bruce and they all wanted to get revenge, so they took him to the Battledome. These days he isn't as terrible, his aim with the lab ray has gotten so bad he hasn't struck in years, but those who remember what he was capable of still want to battle him to the death.

     We discussed how defeating the Evil Sloth Clone would help you prepare for the next invention Dr. Sloth comes up with. Protecting Neopia is a full time job and studying the attacks of this clone robot show the kinds of things Sloth might use in his next attack.

     Slug Monster was another opponent we discussed, he is not necessarily as evil as he is just trying to protect his lair in Maraqua. He has lots of books to offer if you are able to defeat him.

     We also learned about the nefarious Tekkitu the Witch Doctor who has plans to enslave Neopets with mind control spells. What may be more dangerous is that he has a book with all his magic in it, who knows what could happen if that falls into the wrong hands?

     Finally, last week we discussed the fun, battle-loving Tiki Tack Man. He gets bored just running his shop and Tombola, so he steps into the Battledome for some friendly fighting.

     Up this week we will be doing a special Blumaroo edition, focusing on the different Blumaroo challengers you can go up against.

     Advisor Broo

     Difficulty HP: 130, 156, 195

     Unlocks: He has been known to appear during innocent games of Dice-A-Roo.

     Roo Island is controlled by a noble and respectable king, but this king is backed up by his advisor, Advisor Broo. Roo Islanders have never really trusted Advisor Broo, he has a shady personality and an even shadier outfit. He seems to have magic powers and has let King Roo get distracted by playing Dice-A-Roo all day. He has a lot of control over the king and the kingdom, one day when he has enough control he may turn and try to take over Roo Island for his own benefit. Because of this a lot of Neopians like to take him down to the Battledome and kick his butt, making sure he doesn't get too big for his britches. It's important that he knows we can take him down if we need to, otherwise he may try some funny business.

     Count Von Roo

     Difficulty HP: 90, 135, 180

     Unlocks: He'll decide to attack you randomly.

     Continuing on the Blumaroo path, we have the terrible vampire known as Count Von Roo. He lives in a coffin on Roo Island, only awakening in the middle of the night for a game of Deadly Dice. While Dice-A-Roo is a friendly game with relatively low stakes, Deadly Dice could cost you some serious things. He can grant your Neopet levels or take them away, depending on how the dice roll. No one is sure how he has gained these abilities, and he has always been fair in granting levels that are rightfully earned, but will he turn one day? There are rumors about the terrible things he has done to Neopets who have woken him up at odd hours and the punishments they've received. If you are truly mad that he took away a few levels, you might want to seek revenge in the Battledome...but will you be strong enough after being weakened?

     Commander Garoo

     Difficulty HP: 120, 156, 192

     Unlocks: Randomly while hanging around Kreludor.

     He is the biggest Dr. Sloth loyalist there is, never turning his back on his leader. He was a huge source of destruction to Kreludor, almost destroying the planet as part of Sloth's plot. He doesn't exist for power or money, he is almost like a robot that exists solely to serve Dr. Sloth. He has a bad temper, is strict and cold hearted, and has a contempt towards his fellow Neopians. He was even the face on the icon for the Battledome boards for the longest time, before Punchbag Bob took over. Beating Commander Garoo is a right of passage in the Battledome, it shows that you are taking a stand against Dr. Sloth and all the evil doom he has brought to the world. It shows Sloth that even if most loyal follower doesn't stand a chance against justice and good.

     Charming Subversive

     Difficulty HP: 35, 42, 53

     Unlocks: Going up against The Sway in the War for the Obelisk.

     The Charming Subversive is a member of The Sway, a secret society with an unknown amount of members. They have a great deal of power, and their knowledge of events before they happen is unprecedented. No one is sure if they have informants or if they are, in fact, behind a lot of the things that happen around the world. They have even convinced a few very powerful Neopian leaders are in service to them. The Charming Subversive is one of their loyal members, using his cunning to convince his opponents into giving up. He undermines authority and strikes once he has your defenses down, and is very good at it.


     Difficulty HP: 80

     Unlocks: Retired opponent from Hannah and the Ice Caves plot.

     So far, this is the only retired Battledome challenger in our guide. I've been wanting to keep it to those you can currently take on, but I thought for this special Blumaroo edition it would be important to look into the past a little bit. The Hannah and the Ice Caves plot involved Hannah burrowing deep into the ice of Terror Mountains to help save the world, a thing she does often. There were many opponents that Neopians had to go up against, including a very dangerous group known as the Thieves Guild. This guild would release waves of enemies for the public to defeat, otherwise Hannah would not be able to progress and the fate of Neopia would be left to the guild. One of the opponents we had to go up against was the Pillager. The Thieves Guild still exists to this day, and can be challenged in the War for the Obelisk, but the Pillagers have long since been defeated.

     Come back next week, I'll have a list of five more challengers that you can learn more about!

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