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The History of Battledome Challengers, Part 1

by krawkedattitude


     For many of us a trip to the Battledome has become one of our dailies. It is a great way to win items ranging from books to nerkmids, getting more codestones for training, or countless other item types. There are a ton of different challengers for us to fight, with difficulty ranging from easy peasy to near impossible to fight without the strongest pets. A big question I have always had is "Why are we fighting?", for some it is more obvious than others. Some are friends of ours, maybe helping us train, but there are some that seem downright evil. If you have not been on Neopets for a while, you may not know about these nefarious villains and what they did to deserve an eternity getting their butts beaten in the Battledome. There are far too many to be able to squeeze in just one issue of the Neopian Times so this will come in a few parts. Keep an eye out for the history of your favorite challengers!

     Jetsam Ace

     Difficulty HP: 53, 80, 106

     Unlock: Automatically unlocks for Premium users

     Starting off with the most popular challenger seems like the best idea. He is a medium difficulty opponent that has some of the highest value rewards, specifically a lot of codestones and nerkmids. He requires a moderately strong pet, but not a powerhouse, you can beat him reliably without having to use the most expensive weapons available.

     He is a mysterious Jetsam who has come from space, presumably he is friends with the Space Faerie due to his association with Premium. One can only assume that he is around to help Neopians practice and gain battling abilities. There is not a ton of history around this guy, though there is a book called "The Jetsam Ace" that mentions "He's dashing, he's daring and he flies a super cool space ship!"

     There is a long history with the Space Faerie fighting off Dr. Sloth, she wants to make sure he never returns to Neopia. I believe she recruited the Jetsam Ace to inspire young Neopians to train and get strong for the Battledome, giving large rewards in exchange, so they can be ready if Sloth launches an attack again.

     Space Faerie

     Difficulty HP: 550, 11,000, 22,000

     Unlock: You need to redeem a rare item code from Neopets real world merchandise.

     I couldn't mention the Space Faerie with the Jetsam Ace without following up with an article about the faerie herself. She is an extremely difficult competitor, making sure the strongest Neopets are well trained for a fight against Dr. Sloth. While the Jetsam Ace offers a lot of financial rewards, she gives out something that is even more sought after: an avatar! She works really hard to tempt Neopians to battle hard and battle often.

          Many years ago Dr. Sloth tricked her, pretending he was deep in the universe, and she went off to destroy him. In her absence, he revealed he was actually at Virtupets and attempted to take over Neopia. Thankfully she was able to get back in time and, with the help of The Resistance, save Neopia and vanquish Dr. Sloth into a token. She has always been battle-centric, offering your Neopet five levels if you complete one of her quests. Her determination in saving Neopia not only with her own magic, but with the power of the population, is admirable.


     Difficulty HP: 60, 72, 84

     Unlock: Your Neopet needs to contract a certain kind of snotty sickness. It seems that Meuka shows up when they need to blow their nose...gross.

     One of the most disgusting challengers you can come across is this snotty Meerca. He first showed up during Defenders of Neopia. He was living in the Haunted Woods and his food supply began to ran low causing him to branch out to other areas of Neopia. He began terrorizing the world, eating as much as he could, and leaving snot trails everywhere. The more he ate, the more mucus he produced, until he was seemingly unstoppable. Thanks to a group of dedicated Neopians he was defeated and locked away. Now he resides full time in the Battledome, ready to have the snot beaten out of him.

     He can be found in other areas of the site, and even has a game designed around him called "Snot Splatter". It is a puzzle game where you have to blast his boogers away and navigate through snotted webs around the Haunted Woods.

     Greedy Kadoatie

     Difficulty HP: 125, 150, 200

     Unlock: When he tries to rob you, you'll be able to exact your revenge.

     If you have ever experienced a run in with the Greedy Kadoatie then you surely want to fight him in the Battledome. He shows up randomly while you browse the site and his incessant meowing is so shrill, so high pitched, so annoying that you will do just about anything to get him away. He seems to like some financial bribing for whatever reason and will accept 5,000 NP to leave you alone. Ugh! That is a lot of games of Fashion Fever that I'll have to play to make that up.

     His attacks are as annoying as he is, using abilities like "Halitosis" to breathe his horrible stink right in your face, or "Meh" where he can make some annoying grunting sounds. Everything about him is just so terrible it makes me want to go fight him right now just to make sure he doesn't bother me any time soon. Most of the rewards he gives out for defeating him are just disgusting, rotten, half eaten spooky foods.


     Difficulty HP: 84, 126, 168

     Unlock: Win big on one of Sidney's scratchcards in the Haunted Woods.

     If you have ever made a trip to the Deserted Fairgrounds then you know it is full of liars and cheats, and Sidney is one of the most profitable. He sells his crooked scratchcards and rarely gives out any type of reward for it. If you somehow manage to win you will make him angry enough where he wants to fight you. What kind of business model is that!?

     He'll use anything to hurt you in his battle, even some unlucky scratchcards, or dumping a jar of spiders on you. He plays dirty in battle just like in business. He hunts down weakness and will use any nasty trick he can to exploit it for his own benefit. You may want to check your pockets after a battle with him to make sure he didn't steal your wallet.

          Come back next week, I'll have a list of five more challengers that you can learn more about!

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