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Behind Kacheek and Sons

by imbitter


     For those of you who are frequent users of the stock market, you may have noticed a name that has been at the top for such a long time. Those four letters, KSON. Kacheek and Sons Landscaping, what a great investment! We had the great pleasure of meeting up with Basil, one of the "Sons" and great minds behind the wildly successful landscaping company. We were able to ask him some questions!

          First off, tell us about yourself and how you got started.

     Well starting out mother obviously began with doing things around our own home. It was always big family projects that were so much fun! Our friends and family took notice of how great our yard looked and asked us to work on theirs. Then we moved onto the whole neighborhood and it just all expanded from there. Before we knew it - after a lot of hard work, mind you - we grew to be one of the biggest landscaping companies in Neopia!

     How do you find new and inventive ideas of landscapes that have never been done before?

     Oh, with the minds involved, there is never a lack of ideas. My family has always had incredibly active imaginations. Back in the start, our mother could look at any space of land and think of 20 different ways to make it breathtaking. She just loved being out there working. We learned from her to pull our inspiration from everywhere! Occasionally it's a beautiful work of art, or a flower, or even games around Neopets! Whatever we think will match well with our client's needs as we really try to capture our client's essence. Whatever they want and what fits them. Since Kacheek and Sons are the best around, we're really able to create anything that we can imagine. Just look at the Double Rainbow! An incredibly simple looking landscape with the beauty and of awe of nature. We've even made someone's impressive expanse of land into a pure chocolate paradise!

     Where do you see the company going next?

     I’m not sure about long term. I’m a big believer in what is meant to happen will happen. However I hope to start with continuing to help restore the old Faerieland. We can help renovate the places that were destroyed by the Wraiths during the Wraith Resurgence. Such a tragic story and we’re willing to do our part to help get back to what it once was.

     If you could change one thing in your company, what would it be?

     Ah, nothing! Our company is doing great, we have plenty of clients and work. We’re doing things we’re all proud of. Plus we’re getting the recognition we deserve from the community. I think our stock prices reflect how well our company is doing. The only thing I’d change is I’d clone myself so I could get work done and have some free time.

     Do you get starstruck when such prominent members of society come to you?

     You know, maybe a little at first. When our mother was doing landscapes just because she loved sculpting peoples yards to be a paradise, we always felt so blessed to be hired by people we looked up to, to have them put their trust in us and be so expectant. But now it happens often. We're the best there is and we're sure that we're going to please all our customers. We're a hot commodity so even the famous struggle to book us. I think we're definitely on their level, so we're no longer star struck. We are all prominent members of society too!

     Who was the hardest celebrity to please?

     I'd say Sophix II. She has a reputation for being a diva and believe me, it is well founded! Had completely unrealistic ideas that she was so vague on describing and then got upset when we didn't know what she meant. Plus the changing of her mind. We'd get almost finished with a ridiculously complicated landscape and she'd come in and be "Hmm... Actually this isn't what I want." She would say that the design didn't look like the finished product and would demand we change everything! It was just frustrating for everyone and one of the most exhausting jobs we've done. I don’t think I’d ever work for her again.

     Who do you consider the most fun?

     Kayla! She was so open. A free loving person who was just so encouraging with everything we pitched. It was the most fun experience and one of my favorite outcomes ever! I think everyone involved was very pleased with the entire process and the result is completely stunning.

     Do you have any dream clients that you would like to work with?

     I think an obvious answer would be Fyora. She’s such a vision, I really think we could make her very happy with our business. We’ve spent more than a couple hours already dreaming up a landscape of a century for her personal residence. It would bring her back to living in the clouds.

     What about your next dream project?

     I believe I mentioned this, but something we’re all passionate about is helping rebuild Faerieland. Of course we heard about the Wraiths and how the Darkest Faerie was taking hold of innocent people last year. We can’t help but want to do our part in rebuilding what was destroyed and make the Faerie Festival the best it’s ever been!

     And lastly - do you have any tips or advice to new or struggling landscaping companies out there?

     Just follow your gut. Take in the flow of the land and let it tell you what would look best. Picture what you want to do in your head. The rest will work out on it’s own. At least it always does for us!

     Well thank you very much, Basil, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk with us today. It was a great pleasure!

     Thank you guys for getting our name out there even more!

          There you have it, straight from the mouth of Kacheek and Sons. We hope that you gained some insight into the workings of one of the top companies in Neopia!

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