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The Attainable UC

by petiteluciole


     Alright folks. I’ve traveled into the field to do some undercover research and bring you some breaking news.

     On average, 85% of pound chat boards are seeking or trading UCs. (Note: This is not the BREAKING NEWS.)

     When asked what draws people to UCs, users cited the nostalgia, detail, and diversity of poses in old artwork. As one articulate user put it, “The faeries are actually airborne, and the greys look so forlorn!” Other answers to my open ended poll on “Why do we like UC pets?” included:

     “The poses, certainly. They are full of character.”

     “Nostalgia is the main reason why I love them! Next would be the poses! They look more animated and special whereas converteds look similar!”

     “(I like) chasing a goal.”

     “The old paint poses are way better than new… the old greys actually look sad compared to just painted the colour grey.”

     “Nostalgia. UCs are little pieces of Neopian history. That said, I have 0 interest in trying to get any, haha.”

     “…the history prior to conversion, the personality, etc.”

     “The beautiful art; it's expressive and unique. I also love them for the nostalgia!”

     “The old art style was more detailed and unique for each pet. I also love the poses/expressions.”

     As you see, people also brought up pet trading as a means of goal setting and achievement, similar to those who chase game trophies, avatars, or complete stamp collections—these users see working towards an UC goal as a chosen enjoyable Neopian pastime… of which we can all agree there are many!

     UC pets don't even have to be defined; the knowledge of what they are and what they represent permeates the site. In general, they are rare, fun pixels, which are near impossible to trade up to from scratch.

     Bombshell—if people are looking to own UC pets, no matter the reasons cited in my poll, there are 38 paintable/morphable UCs sitting under your nose at the Rainbow Pool! Let me say that again: UC PETS CAN BE CREATED!

     YES! I said it! Hear me out. People like UC Neopets for the old artwork, correct? The diversity of old poses, yes? Take a close look at some of the Baby, Maraquan, and Mutant pets, specifically the following of which I have fine tooth combed out for you:

     Baby Acara, Baby Blumaroo, Baby Chia, Baby Flotsam, Baby Gnorbu, Baby Hissi, Baby Ixi, Baby Koi, Baby Kyrii, Baby Meerca, Baby Moehog, Baby Ogrin, Baby Poogle, Baby Pteri, Baby Quiggle, Baby Techo, Baby Uni, Baby Wocky, Baby Xweetok, Baby Yurble, Maraquan Bruce, Maraquan Draik, Maraquan Korbat, Maraquan Meerca, Maraquan Pteri, Maraquan Shoyru, Maraquan Uni, Mutant Bori, Mutant Chia, Mutant Cybunny, Mutant Draik, Mutant Flotsam, Mutant Gnorbu, Mutant Grundo, Mutant Ixi, Mutant Korbat, Mutant Lenny, Mutant Tuskaninny

     They ARE old artwork! I have them set up for your own visual comparison on /~JaJuan or just go click through Rainbow Pool—don’t take my word for it. Use those computer loving eyes! 24 out of the 38 pets listed are the EXACT art of our beloved old circle or happy pet poses. The others? Beautiful mash ups of the pet’s circle/happy pictures: a tail embellished with an extra dense tuft of hair (Baby Moehog) or some added tail swing for motion (Mutant Korbat), a pointy flipper hand rounded (Mutant Chia), eyes open versus eyes closed (Baby Uni)… bare minimal details that in all cases enhance the pet’s look. Yeah, I’m talking to you, Maraquan Draik, that uncomfortable head twist had to be rectified! And Baby Quiggle appendages?? No comment besides bravo, much better now!

     Diversity in the poses you want you say? Check! While we all know the default pose now-a-days is left side face, left hand raised, both hands fisted (for sporting lovely wearables of course!), these Baby pets are sitting, standing, jumping, holding their toes, spread eagle, crawling, you name it. The Maraquans? All swimming in space, awaiting you to beautify their world with a spectacular background from the NC Mall. No flat footed, fisting here! (that would be tough on the bottom of the ocean or with fins anyways…) And the Mutants… good ol’ artwork all day long! 7 out of 11 are exact copies of their former selves’ circle or happy images. Bring out the magnifying glasses! Zoom to 200%! I speak the truth.

     I’m telling you, UC pets are within your reach. The Pound Chat defines an UC based on the poll as “old artwork”. Look at these pets and tell me they are not. These 38 Neopet species/color combos are the BEST of both worlds because not only are they “old art” but they are 1. Creatable and 2. Fully customizable! *Make sure the clothes are wearable by a Baby, Maraquan, or Mutant pet before you purchase. And bonus… they are AFFORDABLE. From the 140k for a Chia Transmogrification Potion to the 9.1 million Draik Transmogrification Potion (with a 600k Baby Paint Brush and 5 million Maraquan Paint Brush in between), there is a price point for everyone. If goal setting is your thing, trade up for the most perfect name to paint! Save those Neopoints from engaging around the site and create (yes, create) the “UC” pet of your dreams!

     Ah, nostalgia. A feeling I might venture to say really keeps this site together. The rush of a new item or look, collecting freebies, making friends… all fantastic aspects of Neopets which keep me talking about it proudly in the real world as a player well into adulthood. If you have been dreaming of an UC pet, yearning for the rich detail and diverse poses of previous Neopet paint jobs, chin up! Look at these pets who still sport the old art work and rejoice! You can easily have your very own UC. What are you waiting for?

     Disclaimer: This story was written purely to admire the benefit and beauty of customizable pets while concurrently identifying a solution for those out their with a hole in their Neoheart who would like to own an UC pet.


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