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NT #850 Best Pet Sites in Neopia - Chosen by YOU!

by return_of_weatherbee


     PET SITES! Everyone loves them, everyone has used at least one, and everyone (likely) has a favorite. It’s not uncommon to visit one of the Neoboards and find a Neopian or two asking for help and being directed to an amazing user-created site. That Neopian then visits this /~somelinkhere masterpiece, and returns to the boards with a resounding THANK YOU, or something of that nature. Neopets sites are beyond helpful to those in our community. So, in honor of the Neopian Times Issue #850, I thought it was only fair to recognize some of those AMAZING sites created by outstanding Neopians, for us! All sites in this article have been nominated, sifted through, polled for favorites by category, tallied, and declared (by you all) the most POPULAR SITES IN NEOPIA!


      When I first opened this site, I skimmed through and thought, “What in the world is this? WHY is this nominated? It’s obviously based off the old Battledome, which is, ahem, OLD.” So I went back to the top and started reading through, and, oh my SLOTH, it’s amazing! If you’re like me and are absolutely clueless as to what weapons to use in the Battledome, you will feel absolutely l33t after reading this! This guide goes through the best attack, defense, freezers, healers, etc. you can find. . Congratulations garmfry!

      Other nominated Battledome sites include:




      This site is very clean, easy to read, neatly organized, and (most importantly) constantly updated. The first section I came across is of course, dailies. Easy enough. Next, I was pleasantly surprised to see a section for easy games! Section includes game links and the amount you need to score to earn 1,000 neopoints. VERY helpful! Congratulations /~Pyje for receiving the most votes in the Dailies category!

      Other nominated Dailies sites include:



      It took me a moment to begin writing this review because I was enthralled with all the directories listed. I clicked on a few, browsed, ooooh’ed and ahhhh’ed, closed, repeat. This site is pretty up-to-date and lists absolutely any site you can imagine, in a clean, organized form for your convenience. Congratulations to Directory for going above and beyond with information!

      Other nominated Directory sites include:









     Food Club:

      Ahhh, Food Club. The lazy, er, resourceful Neopian’s way of making (mostly) easy money. The Food Club site winner is a site I’m VERY familiar with. I use it every day, love it, have tried others, but ALWAYS came back to Garet’s FC Bets. He wins more often than not, and is the reason I am able to feed my pets rather than take them to the Soup Kitchen. Congratulations x1000 to Boochi_Target for a well-deserved site win!

      Other nominated Food Club sites include:







      What would a Neopets Site recognition be without a FUN site section? Well, it’d be a little less fun, that’s what. Again, it took me a minute to write up the content for this site, because I was enthralled with how many points you all were able to score during the Altador Cup in June! WOW! That’s a lot! This site is super amazing. Not only does it show the top ten scorers for the AC, it also shows the top 5 scorers for each team AND, if you used it during the AC, it has a handy Rank Calculator. The Rank Calculator was useful, as it showed you how many more games you had to play to rank up. I have no idea HOW anyone would be able to make a tool like this, but it’s absolutely genius. Congratulations, Absolutecorruption for having the most fun site out there!

      Other nominated Fun sites include:






      The most-voted Graphics site was a VERY close race. This site won by one single vote, but it’s easy to see WHY. VERY beautiful graphics, nice layout, organized (I love organization if you cannot tell). Want to create a Neopets site? You can find scrolling and anchored layouts here! Also – the creator does not require credit (though it’s always a kind gesture to leave one anyway) as long as you don’t claim you made it yourself. Congratulations, Mariquita on a beautiful site!

      Other nominated Graphics sites include:







     Game Guides:

      The Holy Grail of sites – GAME GUIDES! I don’t know about you all, but games and I do NOT get along. Especially the “easy” ones. GRRR. Anyway. I had heard of this site before it was nominated, though I had never visited it until after. It’s very interesting – it has a list of EVERY game, the lowest score you could send to receive a gold, silver, or bronze trophy on reset day (the 1st of the month), and the lowest score you could send to receive a gold, silver, or bronze trophy on the current day. Very informative, and crazy helpful for Neopians like myself who cannot manage to get a trophy on “everyone is banned from games except me” day. I definitely will not forget this site. Congratulations, TrophyTracker for having the absolute most helpful trophy and game guide out there!

      Other nominated Game Guide sites include:






     Other Guides:

      Due to the fact that there weren’t enough nominated sites to make this as organized as I would have liked, this category is a mix of all guides. Don’t fret – the fact that there weren’t 1000 nominated guides (target number) did NOT affect the outcome. Reason being – the winner won by an absolute landslide. Do you like Neocash items? I thought so. Do you have a few pieces you would like to trade for something else that catches your eye? Unsure of what a fair trade would be? This site will give you an approximation! It’s easy to understand how the ranking system works. Each NC (Neocash) item (yes, EACH item) is given a rank. If them item you want is given a rank of 3, and you have an item that is given a rank of 3, it’s likely you and the other Neopian will make a fair trade. Know which guide I’m talking about? The winner, with 20 votes (the next highest being two votes) is…. Korolie! Congratulations!

      Other nominated Other Guide sites include:

















      Last, but certainly not least – tutorials. This tutorial is one of my favorites. It’s thanks to this site that I can now make buttons worthy of displaying to the public. This site offers a step-by-step process of creating your own button, starting with the image and ending with the animation. It also includes a “how to” for some of the most popular button animations, in detail. Congratulations, dumblydohr on a beautiful tutorial site!

      Other nominated Tutorial sites include:




     So there you have it! The best of the best in Neopian Sites! I hope you all continue to wow us with your abilities in the future, because the sites are only getting better and better! Thanks for reading!

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