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Cheap Ways To Make An Impressive Neopet

by luuuvmebabe


     In a lot of ways, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and true beauty can only be found within, but when you hit the Neoboards and everyone starts laughing at your basic Green Uni those ideas go right out the window with your self esteem. But what are you to do if you do not have a lot of Neopoints, you spend your afternoons at the Soup Kitchen and a splurge treat for your pets is a single night at the roach hotel? Don't get discouraged, there are still plenty of ways you can spruce your pet up on a budget and leave even the most elite members of the Customisation Neoboard speechless, they won't know what hit them.

     1. Visit the Money Tree and Neopian Second Hand Shoppe.

     Both the Money Tree and Second Hand Shoppe are places where virtuous Neopians can donate their extra items for the greater good. You will find a whole lot of junk in these places, that is a fact that cannot be disputed, but you can also find some hidden treasures. The phrase "one person's trash is another person's treasure" is a cliché for a reason!

     You can spend some time refreshing and picking up things that seem to call out to you, you'll just be sifting through a lot of piles of dung and potato sacks to get them. Sometimes you will get extraordinarily lucky and a paint brush or morphing potion may show up, or a super rare and sought after background. There are diamonds in the rough, so keep your eyes peeled as you refresh. I like to always keep a tab open of each and check in every few minutes between my other dailies and games.

     2. Browse some user shops!

     There are hundreds of users out there running incredible shops filled with wearables, paint brushes, morphing potions, and so many other things that can spruce up your pets appearance. A beautiful wig and fancy dress will make even a basic Red Mynci look like a total star. As you browse these massive shops for inspiration, don't forget to also check in with the handy dandy Shop Wizard or, even better, the fantastic Super Shop Wizard if you are a Premium Member.

     3. Use some affordable paint brushes or morphing potions!

     You don't need to leave your pet as one of the basic colours, and maybe you do not want to risk your pets species and everything with the lab ray (which can be pretty expensive anyway), but don't think that all your options have run out there. You can find some fairly affordable paint brushes that will only take a few days worth of saving to achieve and still give your Neopet an elevated look. Checkered Paint Brush, Cloud Paint Brush, Split Paint Brush, these are just a few of the options available to you. One of my personal favorites is the Strawberry Fields Forever Paint Brush!

     What you will also notice as you browse around is that some morphing potions end up being cheaper than it's equivalent paint brush. A morphing potion doesn't necessarily have to change the species, you can use a Disco Acara Morphing Potion on an Acara and it will still change their colour! So if you are thinking about changing your pets colour, don't just shop for paint brushes, look into that colours morphing potion options too!

     4. Check out the NC Mall.

     Maybe you aren't very well off when it comes to Neopoints (try practicing Turmac Roll a bit more) but you have a bit of spare real world cash. The NC Mall is the perfect place for you. It is packed to the brim with some of the most gorgeous clothing you will ever find in Neopia. Flashy, glittery, animated, and so many more adjectives. Wigs and shirts and trousers all there to razzle dazzle you. A really cool feature of the mall is all the different mystery capsules that hold once-discontinued treasures from the past. They have all the best seasonal fashions available as well. If this is an option for you, I can not recommend it enough, as the options here will make your pet into the star of the show.

     5. Train for the Battledome!

     Looks aren't everything when it comes to having an impressive pet, great battledome stats are just as impressive. Gather together some codestones or dubloons and visit one of the many training academies around Neopia and enlist your prized pet in some classes. It'll pay off for the next battle plot, and impress your friends on the Neoboards!

     6. Read some books.

     Intelligence is as much an important trait as brute strength, and there are literally thousands of books available for your pet to read (and many at low prices). Pick up a couple dozen books and spend an afternoon reading to your pet, they will have a lot of fun doing so and also gain some precious brain power. And if it turns out to be something you really enjoy, you can keep reading and eventually earn a trophy for it!

     7. Take some style chances.

     It isn't always about having a perfect coordinated, matching outfit, and sometimes you just can't afford the whole ensemble. Don't be afraid to mix and match cheaper (or free) options to come up with a unique look. You may be skeptical at first, but once you put it all in your closet you may see a great look start to come together and make sense. Experimentation is fun and it is how all the greatest outfits were made in the first place!

     8. Put a smile on your pet's face!

     A smile is golden, and nothing will impress people more than a happy, well fed pet. So many people neglect their pets basic needs while they chase Neopoints in the games room or restock for hours on end at the post office. It does not matter how expensive those cool glasses or beautiful shoes were if your pet is not happy! Play some games together, grab a few plushies to play with, and give them their favorite milkshake or cheeseburgers. A well fed, played with pet is a happy pet. A smile goes with every kind of outfit and will show that you actually care about your Neopet, not just how their outfit looks.


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