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Twenty Winter Avatars

by berzerkturtlez


     Winter is coming! Do you know what avatar you’ll rock on the Neoboards when it comes? Here are some of the best avatars for celebrating the holidays and the cold.

     Pet/Petpet Avatars: These avatars have to do with looking up pets or petpets that fit the wintery theme. If you want bonus points, match the avatar with a similar looking pet, or dress your pet up to match the avatar!

     1. Snuffly: Visit the lookup of any Neopet with a Snuffly.

     2. Not for Wreathale: Visit the lookup of any Neopet with a Wreathy.

     3. Wocky – Snow Day: Visit the lookup of YOUR Neopet that is Snow colored.

     4. Snicklebeast: Visit the lookup of YOUR Neopet that has had a Snicklebeast attached for more than 60 days.

     5. Snowbunny: Visit the lookup of YOUR Neopet that has had a Snowbunny attached for a year.

     Items: These avatars are achieved with items that have to do with winter, Terror Mountain, and the sort. They range from cheap to expensive, in this order:

     1. Kiosk Wocky: Win anything while scratching a scratchcard at the Terror Mountain Kiosk. Pretty easy to get, all you need to do is buy some Race to Riches Scratchcards off the Shop Wiz and scratch them until you win anything! Doesn’t even have to be the jackpot – how nice is that?

     2. Let it Snow!: Visit the Terror Mountain Weather page while it is “snowing” or “blizzarding” while you have an Icy Snowflake. Unsurprisingly, snow and blizzards are extremely common on Terror Mountain; it isn’t called ‘Terror’ for nothing.

     3. Stamp Collector – Snowy Valley: Fill up your Snowy Valley album. The most expensive stamps are Snowbunny, Sticky Snowflake, and Candychan Stamps. The first two still restock in the Neopian Post Office, while the Candychan stamp is retired and is the most expensive. The only way to get this is to spend upwards of 200 million neopoints, or time travel back in time to when they were much cheaper.

     Games: You can get these avatars by sending a certain score in games. Some of these are very easy, while others can make you rip your hair out.

     1. Cliffhanger – Game Over: Lose at Cliffhanger. Will literally take a few seconds: start the game and type in and guess anything you want. Odds are, you’ll lose! Not too bad, eh?

     2. Taelia the Snow Faerie: Finish one of Taelia’s quests. Another easy one, shouldn’t cost more than a few thousand neopoints. Pity her prizes aren’t that great.

     3. Snowmuncher: Send a score of 5000+ in Snowmuncher. Not too difficult of a game. Try to collect as many gems and Bloat-Be-Gones as you can. Use the code “buuuurrrrrrrrp” to reduce your bloatedness by 50% (4 Us, 8 Rs). An easy method is to redo the same level over and over to maximize points!

     4. Snowroller: Send a score of 6500+ in Snow Roller. This is a pretty tough game, and it can take some time and practice. Helps to have lightning fast reflexes. I have written a more in-depth guide to this avatar in a previous Neopian Times article.

     5. Ice Cream Machine: Send a score of 14500+ in Ice Cream Machine. Another game where you’ll need lightning fast reflexes. Can be very difficult and frustrating!

     6. Grundo – Snowthrow!: Send a score of 10000+ in Snow Wars II. A very difficult game, will need a lot of practice and attempts. You want to encase your snowmen ASAP, then partition them off into their own blocks. Clear the catapults ASAP, and make a note of every gap in your wall as time winds down in the level so you can fix them ASAP. By the number of times I’ve used ASAP in this paragraph, you probably got the idea that you need to be fast and quick with this one. Good luck!

     Other: Some of these are retired, some of these are random, some of these just don’t fit nicely into the other categories.

     1. Snowager – Rawr!: Random when you get blasted by the Snowager. The Snowager sleeps three times a day: 6am NST, 2pm NST, and 10pm NST. Theoretically, you can try three times a day and hope you get blasted, and if you do get blasted, hope you get the avatar. One of the harder to get random avs. Nothing is more infuriating than playing for literally years and never getting it, and then you see a 1 month account walking around with the avatar. Good luck, you’ll need it.

     2. Chocolate!: Buy any item of rarity 90+ from the Chocolate Factory. Ok, while this isn’t a “winter” avatar necessarily, it still fits the theme of the holidays. What better way to celebrate the holidays than by stuffing your face full of sweets?

     3. Charity Corner and Winter Charity Corner: Achieved by participating in the Charity Corner of that particular year. Both of these avatars are great ways to show off your altruism this holiday season. Or, you can just use these to show off how active you’ve been with site events.

     4. Altador 2018 – Terror Mountain avatar: Join Team Terror Mountain during the Altador Cup and reach Rank 1. Yes, you do actually have to reach Rank 1 to show you put in some work! If you weren’t able to participate this past summer, don’t worry: TNT has said you’ll get your team’s avatar each Altador Cup.

     5. Plastic Fir: Collect from the Advent Calendar on the first day of the Month of Celebrating. (And by that I mean December 1st). This avatar is available once a year, so make sure not to miss out on the free items and your avatar!

     6. Seasonal Attack Pea: Collect from the Advent Calendar on whichever day TNT decides to give it out that year. Thankfully, you don’t need to own the weapon itself to get this awesome festive avatar. Just make sure you visit the Advent Calendar every day and you’ll get it.

     And there you have it, 20 winter avatars for you to use this coming season. Good luck and have fun collecting!


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