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Famous Boris Through History

by parshew


     All Boris deserve to be celebrated for Bori day! There are a few heroes...or villains...that deserve special attention on this day though and it is always important to know your Neopian past and what the greats have done for the world of Neopia. Below are some of the most unforgettable Boris that have crossed the lands and made their mark on history.


     Armin, a young Yellow Bori, is the biggest reason why we are even able to celebrate Bori Day. He was a very small Bori who hails from Terror Mountain and linked up with one of the greatest legends in Neopian history, Hannah, to help take down the Bringer Of Night.

     Many years ago there was a great disturbance in Neopia as a massive Moehog set out to destroy all the Boris, and he was nearly successful. All the Boris hid under Terror Mountain to try to escape his wrath, but if it weren't for Armin destroying the Bringer after the Moehog was frozen in ice, all would have been lost for this friendly and timid species.

     The hero was celebrated immensely, even being given his own place in the game "Hannah and the Ice Caves". You navigate Hannah and Armin through the ice caves, choosing between the two characters to make the best moves to get through. Collecting treasure, thwarting traps, and making it through the deepest cave systems of Terror Mountain. If you feel brave enough to take on the task, you can just click here to play. It may take a few tries, but you'll eventually master the mechanics of the game!

     Rasala the Bright

     Rasala the Bright is the leader of The Order Of The Red Erisim, a group of highly trained wizards and witches whose magical prowess goes completely unmatched. The knowledge they possess is what makes them such formidable foes in the Battle Of The Obelisk, helping them to achieve victory very often. Rasala is known as the most skilled of them all, and her leadership ability is what has brought the group so much success.

     Rasala is part of a new wave of leadership for the Red Erisim. Most of the council is comprised of elder males, and to breathe new life into the organization they elected this erratic young female Bori. She has proven her worth and earned glory among her colleagues.


     Donny originally rose to fame as the best repairman in Neopia. He runs a Toy Repair Shop in Terror Mountain. Neopians from far and wide go to him with their broken toys and he fixes them as good as new. He takes extra special care because he knows most of these toys are broken from being so well loved, being played with often, and he wants Neopians to be able to keep their favorite toys for life.

     Some toys are beyond his expertise and he will not be able to properly fix them, but sometimes he will offer you a suitable replacement. You might even be able to get an avatar from him!

     Lately, he has achieved a new level of fame where he has his own special corner in the Neopian Times where he announces in the Editorial all the things he's fixed all over the site. He's been extra busy lately and doing a fantastic job keeping Neopia up and running, as well as fixing all the toys that are brought his way. He is a testament to the skill and craftsmanship of the Bori species, and their ingenuity.

     Garven Hale

     Every summer the crowds go absolutely when Garven Hale takes the field for Krawk Island during the annual Altador Cup. He is the goal keeper and has won many awards over the years and even competed as the Goalkeeper on the All-Star team! He's been playing for 12 years now and shows no signs of slowing down.

     After five years of excellent play, he was promoted to team captain, which was a shock to many as he represents Krawk Island and is not a Krawk himself. What is undeniable about the decision is that this Bori earned his place and has fought hard to propel his team to greatness again. Thousands are excited to see if he'll return next year!

     Rinok Fitel

     Sticking to the Altador Cup player pool, Rinok Fitel is not quite as famous and adored as Garven Hale, but has earned his own stardom. He plays for the Terror Mountain Yooyuball team and works extremely hard. Last year he struggled a bit and a lot of eyes are watching to see if he will be able to get his game back together for next year's events.

     Alhana the Patient

     A fierce Battledome competitor, Alhana the Patient is a member of the Brute Squad. She fought hard during the war over the Obelisk, and solidified her name as one of the greatest recruiters for the Brute Squad. As a Bori, her temperament stayed kind and open, but it was hard for people to look past her massive muscles and sheer strength, but she always spoke about how being strong doesn't correlate to being mean. Her perseverance is very admirable and a big reason she's earned her Bori stardom.

     Abominable Bori

     To round out our list of famous Boris, I could not skip the Abominable Bori. A lot of people seem to think he is a total myth, people are skeptical of his existence, or think it's an extra large Snow Beast. I believe he is out there though. He is a large white Bori, with a massive coat built for enduring the coldest corners of Terror Mountain where the Snow Beasts lurk. He's an intimidating presence due to his size and the constant look of displeasure on his face, but no one has come forward about him attacking anyone yet. That does not mean you should tease him if you come into contact with him, he seems to enjoy his solitude. I guess that explains why he lives in such otherwise uninhabitable locations. The biggest question I have to ponder is: is he alone out there, or is there a whole subspecies of Abominable Boris that are growing a population in Terror Mountain, getting ready for a takeover? Only time will tell...

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