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Dressing Up Your Eyrie

by pixeldream


     Eyrie Day has arrived and an amazing way to celebrate this joyous holiday is by giving your Eyrie a complete make-over. These massive, prehistoric Neopets are actually the largest species of Neopets that has ever been discovered. They come in at a whopping 160cm, or roughly 5 feet 2 inches! Absolutely massive these beautiful winged pets are. They are known to come from tropical climates, enjoying the hotter and more humid weather conditions with beautiful landscapes and lush forests to fly over. It's name actually comes from a word meaning "a large nest of a bird of prey", which is how you know these fellows mean business.

     Eyries tend to have a gentle but wise face and a seemingly calm demeanor, and exist in all corners of Neopia these days. Some famous Eyries are Eyrieki, an ancient Eyrie mummy who caused a ton of chaos around Sakhmet until he was eventually defeated, and Cap'n Threelegs who most Neopians are very familiar with, he has helped train thousands of Neopets to become big and strong at the Swashbuckling Academy. The strong stature and large muscle mass of Eyries have made them a force to reckon with. That being said, that does not mean they don't like to dress up and be glamorous on occasion! There is a large array of different sets, fit for all types of occasions. So what kinds of outfits can you purchase for them and dress them up in?

      The Magician Outfit!

     Eyrie Magician Cape, Eyrie Magician Hat, and Eyrie Magician Jacket.

     This elegant set will get your Eyrie stage-ready, where he can perform a whole host of spectacular tricks to wow any audience. Some more experienced Eyrie magicians have even been able to pull a whole Cybunny out of that hat! With this outfit set, the tricks are only limited by your imagination. The crowds will go wild from the first second your Eyrie steps out onto the stage. Their dominating presence will command the attention of any audience, and their confident demeanor will steal the show. If this were a talent competition, your Eyrie would easily rocket to the top and take home the grand prize!

      The Chocolatier Set!

     Eyrie Chocolatier Hat, Eyrie Chocolatier Pants, Eyrie Chocolatier Shirt, and Eyrie Chocolatier Tray.

     Eyries are not only incredibly powerful, they also excel in the art of fine cuisine. A lot of people box them into a category of brute strength, as so many Eyries pursue their passion of fitness, training, and strength. But they apply their talents to many fields, one of them being the art of chocolate. They have an impeccable sense of taste, allowing them to craft some of the finest chocolates this side of Neopian Central, with perfect tempers and a silky, creamy texture. If your Eyrie has a passion for chocolate, this chocolatier set will help them feel the part. It even comes with a fresh tray of homemade chocolates, yum! As a return gift, they might make you the most delicious pot de creme you will ever get to taste. Yum!

      The Mountaineer Set!

     Eyrie Mountaineer Gloves, Eyrie Mountaineer Goggles, Eyrie Mountaineer Hat, Eyrie Mountaineer Jacket, Eyrie Mountaineer Scarf, Eyrie Mountaineer Shoes, and Eyrie Mountaineer Trousers.

     I mentioned it above, but the name "Eyrie" actually comes from a name for the nest of a bird of prey, typically found on mountain tops. The natural environment for Eyries is up high in the sky, on beautiful cliffsides and snow-peaked mountains above tropical paradises. This set is not necessary at all as Eyries are naturally equipped for mountaineering, but this helps them really look the part and feel the fantasy of it all. This is a great way to show Neopia what they really love doing: hiking, climbing, and making it to the top. This set can actually be very helpful if you have an Eyrie from a more low-lying climate like Sakhmet or Roo Island, as they may have never experienced mountains as high as those in Terror Mountain, for example. With this outfit, they will know no limits!

      The Clown Set!

     Eyrie Clown Balloon, Eyrie Clown Dress, Eyrie Clown Shoes, and Eyrie Clown Wig.

     A more comedic take on Eyrie outfits, you can tell that these are one of the most versatile species available. Why take life so seriously when you can take a break and just laugh for a bit? Sometimes we get all caught up in the gloom and doom of the world, fighting off mysterious purple fogs and evil faeries, losing all our Neopoints to some rigged carnival games, or the ever present evil of Dr. Sloth. It is nice to take a step back and laugh a bit, and seeing your Eyrie in this ridiculously silly costume will make you and everyone who stumbles upon your profile laugh for a while.

      The Cwin Set!

     Cwin Eyrie Bat, Cwin Eyrie Jacket, Cwin Eyrie Short, and Cwin Eyrie Wig.

     The Cwin set makes for an amazing Halloween costume. Eyrie day does fall in the middle of October, after all! It's great for expressing the duality of the species, with everything being two-toned, a little bit silly, and a little bit menacing. Imagine seeing those silly pigtails paired with the intimidating baseball bat, perfectly appropriate for Halloween but maybe too much for any other time of year. Fashion is subjective though, and a lot of people like this as a year round look.

      There are countless ways to dress up your Eyrie beyond these species specific outfit sets, and there are even more sets available, but this is a good starter guide on what you can do to get your Eyrie started on Eyrie Day. Pairing these with any of the hundreds of trinkets, backgrounds, and more available in both shops and the NC Mall and you can spend hours figuring out the best customizations for your beautiful Eyrie. Don't let their size and strength intimidate you from going a little bit out of the box with their wearables, they are always happy to express their individuality!

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