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On Foot: A Guide to the Hiking Trails of Neopia

by kingfisherblue33


     Neopia is a diverse world, with a range of different environments to explore and experience. In this article, I will reveal two of my favourite hikes in Neopia! These walks are perfect for those looking to experience some less busy trails, and showcase some of the best sights that this world has to offer.

     Safety tip: always pack a map, compass, food, and plenty of water when preparing for any hike!

     Neopia Central to Kiko Lake

     This beautiful 15 mile hike begins at the Neopian marketplace on the outskirts of Neopia Central. It is recommended to start this hike early, particularly if you are hiking in the summer – you will escape the midday heat and will appreciate swimming in the cool lake waters so much more! If you are strapped for cash, the kind Soup Faerie will be happy to provide you with a hearty meal to fuel your trip ahead of you! If you do have a few Neopoints in your pocket to spend, this would be the perfect time to sample some of Neopia Central’s diverse street food, showcasing delicious cultural dishes from all over the land! Stock up on snacks now, because you will not encounter any more shops until you reach your destination: Kiko Lake!

     Follow the Eastern path out of the marketplace and when you reach the fork in the path towards the Roo Island ferry, take the southern path instead, towards the mountain in the distance. This path will take you through lush meadows – if you are travelling in the spring you may be lucky enough to catch a rainbow of wildflowers in full bloom! When you reach the mountain and begin your ascent up the long-extinct volcano that shelters Kiko Lake, you will notice the lush greenery begin to transform into drier land with less tree cover. Pause at the cairn at the summit to admire the view back towards Neopia Central, framed by the rainbow of the Rainbow Pool. On a clear day, you may even see Roo Island glistening on the horizon!

     Follow the winding trail down the mountain into the caldera. Before you reach the waterfront houses of the town that mark the end of your walk, the final part of this hike takes you through a peaceful shaded pine forest, sheltering you from the heat of the day.

     To celebrate the end of your hike, I recommend picking up something sweet from Kiko Lake Treats and putting your feet up while relaxing on a glass bottom boat tour.

     If you enjoyed hiking in this region, you can extend this trip into a multi-day hike by exploring the perimeter of the lake. The full distance of this additional trail is 20 miles, and this can be achieved in one day (if you set a brisk pace), or 2 days if you prefer a more gentle speed.

     Tyrannian Volcano Circular Overnight Hike

     This challenging hike, starting at Tyramet Village will show you a diverse range of landscapes as you travel through Tyrannia across the plateau to reach the volcano.

     Your hike begins by following the footpath up the steps carved into the sandstone to reach the plateau. It is unknown exactly how long ago these steps were carved, but as you ascend be sure to appreciate the skill of the ancient civilisation and its infrastructure that still endures today. If you have not visited Tyrannia before, when you reach the top of the plateau, take some time to visit the War Memorial commemorating the Tyrannian Invasion in Year 3, as well as the Giant Omelette for the some delicious, freshly made omelette. If you are a music fan, you may also want to buy tickets for a gig at the concert hall for when you return – tickets for the best shows sell out quickly!

     When you have finished exploring the inhabited part of the plateau, follow the footpath heading North towards the volcano. Be sure to take the correct route – if you accidentally take the path towards the North-East instead, you risk getting caught in the middle of a skirmish between several factions fighting for dominance over the giant mysterious obelisk.

     Your walk over the plateau will begin to take you towards more mountainous areas, and so your elevation will vary considerably throughout the day as you climb and make a subsequent descent. After making your final, very steep descent of the hike, aided by ropes helpfully installed into the rock face by early travelers, continue along the path towards the volcano. You will notice the unique Tyrannian plants surrounding you begin to become more thick and dense. Here the path may be very unclear and you may need to rely on your compass to be sure that you are still heading North. The path will not remain overgrown for very long, and after approximately an hour’s hiking (at an average pace), the foliage will begin to fall away rapidly. It is advisable to make camp here, as the land closer to the volcano is too hot to be able to set up a camp and you will have no source of drinking water nearby. The reduced tree cover in this area also means that you will have an unrestricted view of the stars, in the peaceful stillness away from the city. The next morning, wake up early to admire the sunrise over the side of the volcano and its surrounding mountain ranges in the distance, before continuing your journey.

     Approximately 2 miles after the recommended campsite, you will reach a steep slope. By this point, you will notice that nearly all of the plant life that you had previously been surrounded by is not growing here, and when you reach the top of the slope and look out you will see why: you have reached the lava plains. Due to underground lava the ground here is very hot, and so this is not the place to stroll – if you take a break to admire your surroundings, your shoes will melt! Continue at a brisk pace straight ahead and you will see a large cave in the side of the fiery volcano. Enter here to admire towering waterfalls of lava descending from above, gathering in deep pools that bubble out across the rocks and stream through cracks throughout the volcano. If you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of Glubgar, a Scorchio who became lost in the many tunnels of the volcano years ago and now spends his time navigating this labyrinth, collecting rare, naturally forming gemstones.

     It is not recommended to stay long within the volcano, as not only is the air temperature inhospitable, there is a high risk of toxic natural gases being emitted that will be dangerous if breathed for long periods of time. Leave by the same way you came in and begin your return journey back to the Tyrannian plateau, following the same route you took on your outward journey.

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