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35 spooky avatars and how to find them:

by roquelfhis


     Oh boy is almost that time of the year again, you see people dressing up their Neopets and decorating their Neohomes for this very special occasion and surely you don’t want to miss out on it, well today you’ll find out how to get a variety of spooky avatars so you can be the center of attention when posting on the Neoboards, so lets get spooky now:

     • Easy avatars: these are the ones you can get with little to no effort but will definitely get you in the spooky mood while using them:

     1- Uni – Nightsteed: Visit the pet lookup of a Halloween Uni between 8:00PM NST and 6:00AM NST.

     2- The Darkest Faerie: View the Darkest Faerie TCG card between 10:00PM and 5:00AM NST.

     3- Meerca – Halloween: Visit the lookup of a Halloween Meerca with a petpet attached.

     4- Ixi - Sophie the Swamp Witch: Visit the Halloween Costumes page.

     5- Zomutt: Visit the pet lookup of a Neopet with a Zomutt attached

     6- Mutant Draik: Visit the pet lookup of a Mutant Draik.

     7- Mutant Graveyard of Doom: Visit the Game Graveyard, and refresh a lot, it might take a while to get it.

     8- Ruki – Mummified: Own a Halloween Ruki with a 30+ day old Mummy Baby and view its lookup.

     9- Lenny – Wicked: Feed your Lenny any Spooky Food.

     10- Werelupe: Own a Halloween Lupe and visit its lookup.

     11- Meowclops: Have a Meowclops attached to your Neopet and visit the quick ref page

     12- Moehog – Halloween: Have an item with the word "Sloth" in your inventory and view the lookup of a Halloween Moehog.

     13- Scorchio – Scordrax: With any colored Scorchio Plushie in your inventory, visit a TCG album with a Scordrax card in it.

     14- Dark Nova: Equip an item with the words "dark nova" in its name (from your Inventory, not through the Battledome page).

     15- Scorchio – Haunted: Equip any Haunted Weapon to your pet.

     16- Garlic! Run! Feed your pet something with the word "garlic" in its name.

     17- Gallery of Evil – Vira: Have a mirror in your inventory and visit vira’s gallery of evil page

     • Harder to get avatars: these include the avatars that are not easy to get, yet do not need an incredible high amount of effort either:

     1- Ghost Lupe: Defeat the Ghost Lupe in the Battledome.

     2- Meuka – Snotty: Defeat Meuka in the battledome.

     3- Black Pteri: Defeat the Black Pteri in the Battledome.

     4- Dark Lurker: Purchase an item from any Haunted Woods, Deserted Fairground or Neovian shop. Awarded randomly.

     5- Mutant JubJub: Use any transmogrification potion on one of your pets.

     6- Mutant Graveyard of Doom II: Send a score of 2,250+ points in Mutant Graveyard of Doom II.

     7- Evil Eliv Thade: Send a score of 1,200+ points in The Castle of Eliv Thade.

     8- Magax: Destroyer: Send a score of 3,500+ points in MAGAX: Destroyer II.

     9- Count von Roo: Play Deadly Dice, tie with Von Roo, and then win. Note: If you play again, tie, and then lose, you will also lose the avatar.

          • Scarily Hard to get avatars: these avatars will not only show up good to use in spooky season, but will still impress people any time of the year for the amount of time, dedication, luck or skill needed to get them:

     1- Edna - Cackle!: awarded randomly when finishing an Edna quest, note these can take hundreds of tries and decent amount of Neopoints investment.

     2- Brain Tree Quest: awarded for being top 50 of the brain three quest top scores at trophy awarding time, this is the newest released avatar on this list, and as a science is not particularly complicated to get, but the brain three score is completely random, so it will test your luck and pocket to get it.

     3- Carnival of Terror: Send a score of 725+ points in Carnival of Terror, simple game but it could take several hours of practice to get it.

     4- Evil Coconut: Knock down a coconut in Coconut Shy. Similar to Edna, it can take a long time to get, luckily it isn’t really expensive to get it, and you’ll also get a 1m Neopoints coconut when you do, so it’s really worth giving it a try.

     5- Chia – Florg: Send a score of 250+ points in Feed Florg, unlike carnival of terror this is a much more stressful game and will also require a lot of practice and luck

     6- Typing Terror: Send a score of 3,600+ points in Typing Terror, forget what I said about Florg this is the game that will really make you want to scream desperation, you don’t only need to type fast but also a lot of luck, because besides finishing the game (which isn’t as easy as it sound) you’ll also need to destroy a minimum amount of red and broken Grundobots to stand a chance of reaching the score needed, so best of luck with that.

     7- MSPP: Have the Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TCG) item in your inventory and refresh, wait this is easy right?, it might if you either have 25m Neopoints to buy the card, or you are lucky enough to find someone to lend it to you

     8- Stamp Collector - Haunted Woods: Complete the Haunted woods stamp album page currently worth around 500 million Neopoints, sadly stamps cannot be reused so you’ll actually need those 500m to get it, the good part is that you’ll become one of the few people on the game to do so and get everyone jealous on the Neoboards

     9- Stamp Collector - Evil Coconuts: Complete the evil coconuts stamp album page currently worth around 300 million Neopoints, just like the previous one but slightly cheaper.

     So that makes up the list of the 35 spookiest avatars on the game, do you have what it takes to get them all?, Or at least most of them? With still a couple weeks before Halloween you can take the challenge and see how many can you get by then, you can try challenge your friends and see who gets more, and who gets the better one, with all that being said good luck if you decide to try, and have fun in these holidays.



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