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Guide: How to Attach Your Petpetpet Easily

by 636636


     So you finally saved up millions of Neopoints to buy the PERFECT petpetpet for your pet’s petpet, but it just won’t hop on your petpet? We all know this feeling. Sometimes a petpetpet do stuck in your backpack for days, and your eyes grow sore of checking. But don’t give up and sell it yet! All you need is some little tricks and you will get it attached in no time!

      Firstly, ask yourself: why won’t your petpetpet attach? Generally, either your inventory is too cozy for it, or your petpet not attractive enough for it to hop on. Therefore all we need is to make some easy, simple change.

      Freshen up your bag: If you can’t make the petpetpet willing to get on the petpet, making it unwilling to stay in your inventory might also work! Does the petpetpet prefer a messy environment or the opposite? It’s very easy to find out! Just fill your inventory with all sorts of soaps to see would it flee onto your petpet! If this doesn’t work, then unfortunately you have to fill it with smelly items instead. But don’t worry about the smell, you got enough soap from the last step to wash it off! I suggest you start with garlic items before heading to Tyrannia for their dung furniture, which is a bit extreme.

     The Magical Meepits: Fill your inventory up with meepits so they might scare the petpetpet to hug onto your petpet! But please play a terror movie to it before doing so, in case it is actually a meepit superfan and hop onto the meepits instead. What if your petpet IS a meepit? See the next tip of making it become a meepit super-fan!

      Petpet Super-fan: Do you got a faerie or spooky petpet? Fill up your inventory with the best fantasy fictions about faeries or cool vampires. It would also be a good idea to bring it to the movie center for some fantastic movies about such creatures! If you are lucky, the petpetpet would become a super-fan of faerie or spooky creatures and it will enthusiastically hop onto your petpet! However, please keep in mind that you have to choice the fictions wisely. If you made the petpetpet think faeries or vampires are silly, you might need to buy a new petpetpet.

     Stock it Up: Put the petpetpet into your shop or trading post and ask for twice the price you brought it. Generally nobody will buy it and it might get bored after spending days in a shop. Thus, it might be more willing to play with your petpet. Also, you got time to play with your other pets in the meantime! What if somebody actually buy it? Well at least you have money to buy two of them now and your chance is doubled!

      Petpet Hotel: If your petpet is fluffy and soft, bring it to Terror Mountain so the petpetpet will hop onto it to warm up! If the petpet has smooth, cool skin, bring them to a Tiki Tour under the scorching sun, or Techo Mountain. This method works extremely well for petpets painted water: a perfect moving swimming pool! WARNING: Be careful to not lose your petpetpet in the jungles of Mystery Island.Food Attraction: Remove all food from inventory and rub a little bit of ice-cream, jelly or melted chocolate onto your petpet. Thus, when the petpetpet got hungry, it will eventually find its dinner (and new home!) on your petpet. Remember to give your petpet a careful bath afterwards, though.

      Plushie Lovie: Do you get a plushie petpet? Fill your inventory with plushies and eventually the petpetpet would began to love plushies! Because everyone would think plushies are cute, even a little Mootix! After a few days, secretory remove some plushies and put your plushie petpet into the pile of plushies!

      Boing! : Bring them onto Kruedor for the low gravity! We do not have any space petpetpets so far, so they are probably not used to the gravity. Then, they will likely to move aimlessly and have a high chance of randomly attach to your petpetpet.

     Shocky: Bring them to Tyrannian Concert Hall for a Concert! Put your petpet somewhere near your inventory. The music is usually extremely loud so the light-weighted petpetpet would be shocked. It might fall of the items it’s staying on and fall onto your petpet! But this method got a obvious disadvantage. Since most citizens of Tyrannia are very furry, if your petpetpet fall onto one of them, it might take hours of combing to find it! We suggest you to sit somewhere with little crowd for this reason. The stone chairs are quite smooth so you don’t need to worry about them.

     So you tried many methods, spent days travelling around Neopia, filling up your inventory with all sorts of item, but it still won’t attach? And it’s a super rare one that you can’t easily buy another one to try? Well, some petpetpet just happened to need a bit more times to attach. But attempting to attach a petpetpet for days could be much less painful than you used to feel.

     Artificial Intelligence: Ask Dr. Sloth to turn yourself into a robot. Since most robots are unable to feel impatience, attempting to attach the petpetpet for days would never be a suffering. You might need some programming to ONLY remove the feeling of impatience. However many may believe the cost is too extreme.

     Eternity: Researchers from Brightvale had shown that creature with an eternal life would be more patient with troubles. Paint your pet and petpet Relic, Faerie, Robot, Ghost or whatever grant them an eternal life. Since they can now stay young forever, a petpetpet that might take forever to attach would no longer be a problem.

      Forget About It: Did the thought of becoming a robot or relic scared you? Did you feel not being able to attach your petpetpet in a few days is not a problem serious enough to use such methods? Yes, it is surely nothing to be mad about. Attaching a petpetpet is not the only thing to do in Neopia. Forget about that petpetpet and do something more fun with your pet instead of staring into your inventory. Go play Dice-a-Roo, swim in Kiko Lake, or have a nice cup of coffee at Grundo’s café. Eventually you will find it crawl onto your petpet, and you won’t miss out the joyful things going on in Neopia while the petpetpet was making up its tiny mind. This would be much less stressful then merely waiting for it to attach.

      I hope you found my guide helpful! Wish you best of luck in getting and attaching your dream petpetpet!


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