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When Neopia Became A Home

by harvestmoon66


     When you first saw Neopia's Neopet Central you were excited and very nervous. All the pets and people and things to do. It had started off as just a thought. What would it be like to enter a whole new realm, you wondered. Is it worth it? Would it be any good? So you go to the sign up desk to make an account and give the nice Yellow Chia your name and information. It wasn't your first time here, but hopefully it would be a new start.

     As you made your way to creating two twin Xweetoks, Illusivana and Svnila, you gazed around nervously at all the hustle and bustle,the two Xweetoks clutching each hand for dear life. You looked down at them and promised everything would be okay. If only you had kept that promise.

     Life happens. You had been on and off Neopets for awhile. You had had various accounts and pets since you were 12. Even after adopting a few more Xweetoks, you didn't feed them or take care of them. And your sadness was getting to you. Why bother to stay?

     Then you started to think of them more. As more everts and incidents went on, sometimes you would sneak to the window of your Neohomes, looking over the various pets you had created or adopted. Some thought they saw a glance, some just were too hungry to care. But you still love them.

     Is forgiveness something you can take lightly? With not responding to Neomail or your pets you wonder, why bother to stay? But something keeps drawing you back. Is it the starving faces of your herd? Is it the people who offer their kindness so generously that you are touched beyond words? Is it the way the world and adventure neopets offers?

     In great moments of stress you begin to come back. Just for a peek. Nothing more. A peek turns into a few more visits. And a revolution that happens, somewhere deep in your heart. Neopets was always a home. When you were a surly teen, it provided shelter and comfort the likes of which you'll never forget. Neopia was always a fun place to begin with and as you grew up and apart, it didn't kick you to the curb. It gently brought you back in. Now you're in your twenties. Things can get you down, but you still try your hardest. And Neopia is there to welcome you.

     You met one of your best friends here. Her name goes by Dewdropzz. If you ever need a chat, she's there. You have need through thick and thin together. You're more than friends really. You're sisters. Her kindness, brightness, happiness, and joy are and always will be inspiring. Who thought a fan mail could spark the light to sister hood.

     The visiting is becoming more frequent. You're starting to get the old, happy feeling back. Many days are spent daydreaming what you can do for your pets and what you can do for others. You are dipping your toes into the water of possibilities. So when it gets cold, when you're struggling to find meaning, you still look to Neopets for comfort. It is provided generously.

     You have many emotions as you draw in your breath and start to reflect. Hope, sadness, fear, excitement, regret, purpose. Would it be that bad it start again? So you grab your quill and begin writing. Projects aren't quiet finished yet, some need more work and development. But you don't want to give up. There is a voice, a meaning to your craft.

     You know TNT is trying hard to add new events and progress. They are tirelessly putting out fresh ideas and mainly listening the public. You couldn't be more happy. It's fun to check the news updates and see what's in store. But that's always what's been pleasant about this place. There is a little something for everyone. You will watch as it all comes together.

     You wonder how you'll come together for your pets. You're not sure if you'll be the best owner, but you're going to try to become what they need. It will work out eventually. You will chronical their adventures someday too. Maybe you will think of some way to make it up to them all. To keep a promise this time.

     With all that said, all that done, what does that leave Neopia's meaning too you? Well it's simple enough. It means new opportunities on the horizion. It means a new fresh start, a chance to make things right. It could be the next big thing.

     It could be...


     You awaken from your slumber at your writing desk. As the sun is starting to peak out at you in your cozy room in the lodges you paid for, you glance at what is on the paper. You think parts of it are okay. But the rest is just not fit for anyone else to see. As you start to stretch, you wonder what this trivial nonsense will add up too. Will anyone really care? Is it even good enjoy for you to try? You reach to crumble it up but hesitate. Maybe.. Well it's not he greatest but it will be something from the heart. You sit back down in your chair, running fingers through your hair. You smile as you recall the happy, care free days of your youth spent around this place. You chortle as you rub at your tired eyes,the memories and hope for a better shot at getting back into the the groove of things.

     Then the idea hits you like a lightning bolt from a light faierie. You quickly grab at the quill, dipping it into the ink.

     You begin the poem.

     When Neopia was just an idea

     At coming back

     When the the hope for a fresh start seemed like it would never happen

     You realized how much you missed it

     How much you still care

     When Neopia was a home

     That you could be content with

          Many dreams realized and fantasy renewed

     Now you hope this will still ring true

     As you venture to the great unknown

     And in your search for your dreams, you find peace

     As you set down the quill, you look over the paper It's messy, it's got ink blots all over it. You could use a revision or two of it. But you can't help but feel a little proud you managed to write this. You look around as the sun ray dance across the dusty room and smile. For the first time, you are content. As your stained hand reaches for a yellow envelope, you think of how all the people who have lent their friendship, of your Neopets, of the whole great picture in general. Grabbing the envelope, you start to prepare it for the Neopia Times. Heading out after you get ready for the day you grin.

     This is going to be great.

     You head down to the paths you traveled, with what you wish could be fulfilled. You aren't paying any attention as you collide with something. Getting your bearings together, you come up to see it is none other than Dew. She's smiling as she sees your submission letter. You both laugh and dust the other off. You travel down to the Neopian times headquarters and bobtail taking a creep breath, head on in to new and brilliant possibilities.

      The End.

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