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Goparokko Avatar Guide

by berzerkturtlez


     Guide to the Goparokko Avatar

     Hello, welcome to my guide! Hopefully, this guide can help you get closer to that elusive Goparokko avatar. To achieve the avatar, you need a score of 8,500 or higher. The game is pretty simple, and there are some tips and tricks you can use to get that score.


     The game is basically centered around trying to clear a 2x2 block, or even 2x3 blocks of the same color. As you earn more points, the timer gets progressively shorter. However, you get time added back every time you clear blocks, so the faster you are, the further you’ll go. The game ends once you run out of time.

     There are a few special blocks to be aware of:

     -Blocks that are constantly changing color are wild cards and can be any color

     -Blocks with dynamite will remove all blocks of the same color

     -Blocks with a x2 give you double the points (great to combo with the above dynamite block)

     -Blocks with a smaller block inside will turn into that color block once the current one is cleared

     -Blocks with the blue frame and lock cannot be turned

     -Blocks with a timer add time (big surprise there)


     Play the game on medium or easy if you are just going for the avatar. Hard is too fast in my opinion and much too difficult. When you first start out practicing the game, just get the hang of what you need to click to clear certain patterns. The game takes a bit of practice before you start remembering the shortcuts to clearing blocks in a certain pattern (I will go over this in detail a bit later). Here are some general tips for the first few levels:

     -Setting up 3x2 gets you more points but is ultimately pretty useless. I’ve found that levels progress based on your points, so it doesn’t matter if you spend a few more seconds to clear some 2x2s instead of spending 30 seconds setting up a massive 3x2 or combo or anything.

     -Because of that, I try to save time blocks, dynamite blocks and x2 multiplier blocks for later in the game. Take a look at the example below. Notice how you can instantly click and complete that 2x2 block. You can do this with any block, but it is best to save your timer blocks for later in the game when you are crunched for time. It is also worthwhile to move these blocks and clump up the power ups in corners, so these blocks are safely out of the way of other things you need to clear in the middle of the board.


     -Even if it takes a while to set up all the power ups for a single color from all around the board and coalesce them into a single corner, it’s worth it because you’ll have a lot of time in the early stages of the game. You are basically banking your power ups for later.

     -One of the best ways to get points in the early or middle of the game is to do a dynamite and x2 multiplier. If you find a dynamite and a x2 multiplier, I recommend saving it in the corner for when you need those points. And to add on to this, you should clear all colors except that color, letting you accumulate more of that color. For example, I f you have a green dynamite and green x2 multiplier, try to accumulate as much green as you can so you can eliminate it all in one click and earn massive points!

      -Later on in the game (around the time you are in the 4000+ point range), it will be extremely difficult to save dynamites and x2 multipliers like in the earlier stages of the game. However, if you can, try to save the timers, as your most important resource later in the game is time.

     -Once you are in the later stages of the game, the main way you’ll score points is by recognizing patterns and realizing what the fastest way to clear them is.


     The most important skill for this game is to recognize the patterns and know how to clear them. I’ll show some basic patterns and the quickest way to clear here:

     1. The “T”: 4 blocks of the same color in a T shape takes 2 clicks to clear. Click once on the 3 blocks on the right, then once on the 2 blocks in the middle, like so:


     2. The “L”: 4 blocks of the same color in a L shape takes 3 clicks to clear. Click 3 times in the same position on the “stem” of the L like so:


     3. The backwards “L”: 4 blocks of the same color in the mirror image of a L takes 1 click to clear. Click once on the stem of the L:


     4. 3 blocks with a missing corner: These are pretty easy, just click with your box not touching any of the 3 blocks until the missing corner slides in, like so:


     5. The “Z”: 4 blocks in a Z pattern takes 2 clicks. Click on the left 3 once, then once on the right block like so: GOPAROKKO6.



     Ultimately, the game is pretty simple and takes some practice. The most important thing is to recognize the patterns of blocks and knowing how to clear them quickly. Remember:

     -Save your best power ups for the middle of the game when things speed up. You have time in the beginning to set these up so I would definitely do so!

     -Remember the patterns. Honestly, when I did it, the only patterns I remembered was the “T” pattern and the 3 blocks with a missing corner. I would fumble around with other patterns until it worked. You definitely don’t have to memorize all of them, although it definitely helps.

     -Take breaks! The game can be tough and take a good amount of time and practice, but if you dedicate enough time you’ll definitely get it.

     Good luck!


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