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Incredible Flash Game Music

by m0nster_rancher


     Upon playing some of the older flash games in an attempt to get the avatar I begun to appreciate how incredible the soundtracks of the games are, so I decided to make an article on the musical themes we are so lucky to have in our flash games! The music has been made with nostalgia in mind and when you come back and play it many good memories always drift around. There is no denying, most of the games on Neopets have catchy, memorable songs that had to be impeccably good in the glory days of Neopets, and they sure lived up to their standards! Now I’ve heard a rumor that it was the Orange Shirt Guy (one of the original TNT game developers) who made the soundtracks but I can’t confirm this. Whoever did them made an incredible job! This article will outline many of the soundtracks of our most beloved flash games and my synopsis on them.

     Now the first song that comes to mind, and what probably sparked me to write this article was the music of Super Hasee Bounce. It sounds like it came straight out of the 70’s which is probably how it was inspired due to it being composed in the early dawn to the second millennium. The composer was most likely in his or her 30’s or 40’s which could explain the era of the music. But the strange thing is that as much as I search for a composer online.. I simply can’t find one which is outrageous because all of the flash game music is in my opinion, genius!

     Next on my favorite play list would have to be Meepit Juice Break. The main instrument that is used is a Steel Lap Guitar which happens to be one of my all time favorites. The same type they use for the Spongebob Squarepants outro, how cool is that? The peaceful twangs of the beautiful steel lap definitely remind you of the end of a hot sunny day when it’s cool in the afternoon, sipping coconut water from a coconut in the tropics, or long happy days during your school vacation. Ah, it is just tender to the ears.

     We can’t forget Volcano Run! Volcano Run sets a deadly and dangerous ambiance while you guide Glubgar through an ashy tunnel of lava. Those deep double bass chords ring through a mysterious and unsettling undertone. Very scary and mysterious, and the harping of the chords as you go up and then down definitely set the distressing scene of the game.

      Hot Dogs are yum! What a savory experience for the ears! Hot Dog Hero transports you right into a really colorful and sugar coated department store where there is free ice-cream (and of course, hot dogs!). The major dominant piano keys being played give it an uplifting jingle and is just the ballad to bring out your creativity when sketching those squiggly mustard lines!

      Who likes traditional Chinese music? Me me! Now the Imperial Exam theme is played on the beautiful Guzheng and it just sounds so traditional and fresh and easy on the ears. Not to mention well, happy! There is just something about these pieces of music that make you completely calm, just cool after a long hard day’s work. I love it and kudos to TNT for adding such an excellent cultural theme!

     And now we come to Goparokko. Definitely one of my favorite themes, it’s just beautiful and relaxing and serene and something that definitely ships the user off to Mystery Island (or it’s real life equivalent, Hawaii!). The fitting wild-life sounds that have been added just add to the beauty and tranquility of the already masterful piece of music. Now I would have to say a real life bongo drum player played the beat for this song. I just don’t think a computerized synthesizer could have captured the soft tap of a jungle drum beat. There are some instruments in this song that are unknown to me, which makes it sound even more mysterious. One of the instruments maybe is a TNT staff member wiping their window? It sounds awfully like that, but somehow it harmoniously fits in. What an enjoyable song.

     Alright lets take a break for a little bit of a rant! The funny thing is, I am writing synopsis for these different melodies while I remember them without even having the game open, that’s how memorable and effective they are! Just brilliant and absolute kudos to the composer for getting their music across like this!

     Now BLASTOIDS! Blastoids had to be written in bold capitals because the soundtrack gets you energetic and hyped! Now it was clear when TNT made this game they had Mr Flaming Coconut in mind, because it has exactly the same vibes with the ‘Blastoid’ (I think that’s what the main character is called?!)

     Petpet Rescue looks like TNT’s attempt at making a game into a musical on Broadway or an 80’s sitcom.. And they didn’t do such a bad job! The double bass (or is it a deep horn?) notes give an unknowing sense of danger and there is a definite up and down beat to the song. It definitely unsettles the user a bit if the sound is on because it isn’t the easiest of games! To me it sounds a little bit mysterious in a way, and I love that in game soundtracks.

     Well, I hope you all enjoyed my little article here and I hope we’re all singing the same song when it comes to these choices! Anyone who played this game as a kid or even in their adult years probably has a lot of good memories of the music, I know I sure did and thank you to whoever the composers were! If by any chance you know who a composer was, or you are a composer and are reading this please pop me a neomail because I’d really like to have a chat! Keep up the good work and know that your fellow Musos appreciate how much effort you put into these songs. Stay musical and hope to catch you next time!


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