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Hello Fellow Traveler:Part Two

by trishabeakens


     As the Moonstone Islanders settled onto their new homeland, Jerdana offered to show Nera what all they had built. The Xweetok gleefully accepted, following her new friend around the construction site. Neopians of every species, size, and color were stacking white stone blocks on top of one another. Others chopped up wood and carried it onto the site. The Moonstone islanders also started to help as they introduced themselves. Everything appeared to be going well.

     “Oh, I need to let you meet some of my friends.” Jerdana took the Xweetok’s hand in hers, leading her over to a Cybunny and Techo.

     The islander didn't object, or make a comment for that matter. She merely followed the Aisha once again, wondering what she had gotten herself into. It seemed as if she would be getting dragged all across the land during her stay here.

     Jerdana and Nera slowed their pace down as they approached the entrance of the Hall of Heroes. A male Techo and female Cybunny were standing in front of the gigantic steps, chatting away. Workers had just started to adjust minor flaws on the building, making sure the hall was structurally sound.

     To Nera, the Techo and Cybunny were most likely discussing building plans or their personal lives. The two seemed deeply immersed in their conversation, almost not noticing the Xweetok and Aisha approach them.

     One of them, the blue Cybunny, noticed them first and smiled.

      “Why hello, Jerdana.”

     The Techo turned towards them as well, letting Jerdana join their conversation. She stood in front of them, keeping Nera by her side. The Xweetok felt herself getting nervous again, having to stand so close to the strange Aisha.

     “Sasha, I want you to meet my new friend, Nera.” Jerdana introduced the Xweetok.

     “It's a pleasure to meet you, Sasha.” Nera said, as she held her hand out.

     Sasha spoke as she shook the brown Xweetok’s hand. “Likewise Miss Nera! We are so thrilled to have newcomers upon this wonderful land.”

     The Techo chimed in. “Ah yes, I've heard from others that you have went through quite an ordeal. I give you my deepest regards.”

     Jerdana shushed him. “Kelland! She's gonna think everyone is already gossiping about her!”

     Kelland held his hands up in defense. “Well... I'm just repeating what the others have said!”

     Nera chuckled, relaxing a bit. “No, no it's alright. I'm sure news just spreads fast here.”

     Kelland and Sasha exchanged a glance and smiled. Hopefully she had made a decent first impression on them.

     “Well…” Jerdana grabbed onto Nera’s arm once again “I better take her into the hall and introduce her to Siyana and Psellia. See you two later.”

     They bid their goodbyes to the two, and walked up the staircase into the great hall. Jerdana stopped in the doorway, waving her other hand at two faeries. One had bright yellow hair and seemed to radiant with light. Nera guessed she was a light faerie, as her golden wings and radiance kind of gave it away.

     The other also had blond hair, but light blue wings. Her purple dress matched her eyes, and makeup. The faerie looked a bit tired, yawning often as she talked to the light faerie.

     Both faeries turned to Jerdana, waving back at her. They went back to talking and looking over a large sheet of paper, most likely a layout of the empty hall.

      “The light faerie is Siyana, one of my closest friends.” Jerdana leaned over to Nera, whispering. “The other is an air faerie Psellia. I'll just introduce you to them later since they're busy with the hall layout.”

     Jerdana then went on to talk about how the faeries came to be part of the council. She also went on to tell Sasha and Kelland’s stories. All were fascinating, each bringing the council together, to create something bigger than themselves.

     As Jerdana talked, Nera noticed a tall white Lupe out of the corner of her eye. The man had on a pair of long, dark, brown pants. A light brown shirt was almost covered by his tan poncho and cape. His feet rested in dark red sandals. On his chest was a strap that connected to a leather quiver on his back. Dozens of arrows and a bow rested in it.

      Nera turned her head and watched as he carried two wooden boards and set them down in the pile. The archer, or she assumed he was one, then chatted with a grey Usul. They were laughing and chatting. The Lupe's wooden bow suddenly fell out of the quiver, landing in the thick grass.

     The white Lupe then patted the Usul on the back, before he turned to pick up his bow. As he picked it up, his brown eyes locked with Nera’s and he smiled. He then tucked the bow back into its case, and walked off with the Usul.

     Nera felt her face grow hot. Was she blushing? She hoped her face wasn't a bright shade of red. That'd be embarrassing, even for her.

     “Jerdana, who's that?” Nera motioned her hand over to the snow white Lupe, who was walking towards the forest.

     Jerdana looked over her shoulder to where Nera was motioning. “Oh, that's Altador! I told you about him, he’s a great guy if you wanna go talk to him later.”

     The blue Aisha went back to chatting about Kelland and Sasha, not noticing her friend’s reddened complexion. Nera couldn't help but to keep thinking about Altador. She admired the fact he brought so many Neopets together to make a better kingdom. He wanted to better the lives of his people that had suffered so much.

     Just like she did.

      Jerdana suddenly pulled Nera’s arm, snapping the Xweetok out of her daydreaming.

     “Come on! I'll let you meet one of our most colorful characters.” The Aisha pulled her away, once again.

     This time, Nera didn't want to go. Her interest in Altador had peaked at this point. She wanted to meet him. She wanted to hear all about his journey to this land. They seemed to have so much in common and maybe the lupe could give her advice on how to further help her own people. But... that would have to wait for another time.

     As she had done before, Nera followed Jerdana. The Aisha led Nera up another staircase which led to to large room. Twelve chairs decorated the back, and the back wall was open,letting in a cool breeze. The floor appeared to be marble tiles. The walls around them were engraved with drawings of the land and sea. Sitting at one of the chairs, was a dark faerie. Her black hair hung below her waist, and her dark blue dress went below her knees. Nera had never met a dark faerie before, she only met earth and light faeries, such as the ones on her island.

     “This is our council chamber.” Jerdana released Nera’s arm. “And that dark faerie over there is-”

     The dark faerie immediately raised up her hand. “Jerdana please, we both know I despise my actual name.”

     “Oh..right...well uh..Nera this is, Zairia , as she likes to be called.”

     The dark faerie stood up from her chair and walked over to the Neopians. The faerie was slightly taller than them, looking much more threatening than either of them. Well, she was a dark faerie after all.

     “A pleasure, I'm sure.” Zairia spoke to the Xweetok, sounding slightly aggravated. She looked as if something had been bothering her.

     Jerdana frowned, looking highly disappointed. “Zairia, I thought I asked you to at least try working on your behavior.”

     The faerie rubbed the sides of her head in response. “I'm just, you know...irritated that you and Altador decided we should build the city by hand. Using my magic would be so much easier!”

     Jerdana tried to calm the faerie down. “I know...I know and I'm sorry but we just wanted to go another direction with the city.”

     “Whatever.” Zairia crossed her arms and sighed.

     The blue aisha tried deminissing the awkwardness in the room. “Nera, did you know Zairia here saved Altador from a ferocious beast?”

     The dark faerie shrugged, still moody and not wanting to talk. “Yeah, yeah, in the dark forest, Altador had already taken down one beast with his arrows. Another snuck up behind him and I zapped it with my magic, being the heroic being I am. End of story.”

     Before Nera could compliment the faerie, or even get a word out, Zairia walked off. She stepped out of the council chamber and down into the main lobby of the hall.

     Jerdana gave an apologetic look to the xweetok. “I'm so sorry about that...she's just, been in a poor mood lately.”

     Nera assured the aisha it was fine. Jerdana then asked if Nera wanted to have lunch with her, and Nera accepted. As the two walked back down to the lobby, the thought of what Zairia had said, kept running through Nera’s mind.

     So...according to Jerdana and Zairia, Altador denied having the city built faster. Why would he do that? Nera couldn't help but question the lupe and aisha’s actions. Making a kingdom with magic would be faster, thus creating homes for their people in a snap.

     For what reason would they deny that? Was it backseat Zairia was a dark faerie? Did Altador have something against magic? Or did the lupe have other reasons for his decision?

     Nera could only ask Jerdana or the man behind it all himself…



To be continued…

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