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Keeping Cool in Neopia’s Hottest Late-Summer Spots

by mimitchi880


     It’s the end of summer, and Neopets of all species are heading outside to soak the final rays of sun into their fur and enjoy the warmth while it lasts. However, those of us Neopians who live in more mild climates, like Neopia Central or Meridell, tend to forget that many places in Neopia can get almost unbearably hot this time of year. We like to think, “Oh, the islands and deserts—the Neopets who live there are the most suited for summer,” and sure, that’s true, but even though Neopets from the Lost Desert or Mystery Island are adapted to the higher temperatures, foreigners vacationing to these lands in July or August may run into some problems staying cool. In fact, even if you’re native to one of these warmer climates, you still might get overwhelmed by the hottest days of the year and resort to staying inside your NeoHome and wasting away the day.

     To battle this problem, I’ve compiled a list of some of Neopia’s most popular and most literal “hot spots,” and how Neopets and their owners can avoid heat exhaustion and sunburn while still getting the most out of their scorching last-minute summer fun. So—whether you’re an islander or a tourist, this collection of tips will help the rest of your summer stay as cool as a pair of Jazzmosis Glasses.

     1. Mystery Island

     While this charming, laid-back island might not be Neopia’s most blazing location, it is arguably the most popular vacation spot for lazy summer months. The influx of eager tourists and beachgoers is why I will address Mystery Island first, for the sake of everyone planning on taking a Tiki Tour at the hottest time of year. Everyone rightfully anticipates a fantastic time roaming the island, but they don’t always prepare for the singeing reality of a tropical place.

     My first Mystery Island tip is the most obvious: head to the beach! The water is always going to be cooler than the air, and nothing is more refreshing on a hot day than a dip into the breezy ocean. It’s a no-brainer that swimming is one of the easiest ways to avoid summer’s harshest rays. However, even beach-going Neopets need to be careful, because the sun can still cause you harm even if you’re below the waves! If you’re going to the beach, remember three things: sunscreen, ice cream, and your bathing suit!

     Another fun-filled, cooler option on the island is to head inside to shop at the Island Market, or the Tiki Tack, or any of the other shops Mystery Island has to offer. Most of these shops are either indoors or under a straw hut that will get you out of the sun for a little while before you head back out. Plus, while you’re shopping, you’ll be able to pick up a variety of foods, drinks, and accessories to cool you down. I personally recommend a Star Fish Sandwich as a light lunch (as well as some fruit from the Tropical Foods stand!), a refreshing Jug of Fresh Phearade, and a Tombola Visor to shield your eyes.

     Finally, everyone who comes to Mystery Island wants to take a Tiki Tour, but riding around with the sun in your face is a quick way for your Neopet to dehydrate and turn extra-crispy, even under the helpful bit of shade provided on the cart. This is especially true if you’re planning on pausing the tour to get out and look around. For you Tiki Tourists, I once again recommend sunscreen, but in addition, there are a few further items you might need for your daytrip. Remember those Jazzmosis glasses I mentioned? They’ll not only protect you and your pets’ eyes; they’ll make it easier to see all the beautiful places your helpful coconut guide points out. I also advise bringing not one, but Two Bottles of Water to ensure you stay hydrated, and to consider shelling out a small tip to your tour guide for being willing to cart you around in this weather.

     Oh, and before I forget—try not to get too close to the volcano! Even if you’re a native, that’s not a smart way to stay cool!!

     2. Other Islands

     Mystery Island may be the most popular of the Neopian island destinations, but that doesn’t mean you won’t run into struggles with overheating on some of Neopia’s other ocean-bound spots. Krawk Island, Roo Island, and even the mystical and inaccessible Lutari Island all have summer temperatures that tend to spike higher than a Mynci Beach Volleyball. When visiting these islands, you can actually use most of the tactics I described in the Mystery Island section, but slightly modified depending on the island you’ve chosen.

     For instance: if you’re on an island, that means you’re surrounded on all sides by water, which therefore means there is always a beach to swim at! Krawk Island has a gorgeous sandy stretch just south of the Buried Treasure game, giving you a picturesque place to grieve for your bad luck at treasure-hunting, and Roo Island has a quiet beach south of its boardwalk, where you can also find information on how to draw some of your favorite Neopets! Just like on Mystery Island, remember to seek shade, use sunscreen, and stay hydrated.

     And while Mystery Island has its Island Market and Tiki Tack, you and your pets can browse Krawk Island’s trade hub Warf Wharf for some island-appropriate fashions, or Roo Island’s Souvenirs or Merry Go Round. All of these places will keep you in the shade and give you a chance to purchase some refreshing fruit and cold drinks while you enjoy your summer day outside!

     3. Lost Desert

     This ancient land is perhaps the most obvious red flag when it comes to dangerously-hot Neopian places. It’s a literal desert, after all: the sands radiate the unforgiving sunlight, there’s no shade to be found, and the temperatures regularly soar up to 40 degrees Celsius, or over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Yikes! It’s a tough task to think up methods to enjoy the famous desert sun without turning into a Scorched Chomato, especially without any beaches to take shelter in or tropical trees to lounge under. Still, I’ve done my best at finding few extra strategies that might do the trick if you’re really insisting on vacationing here at the hottest time of year.

     Of course, you have to remember your basics again: sunscreen, cold drinks, the works. Most of these items you should remember to bring before you enter the desert, as Sakhmet and Qasala mostly sell sandy foods and ancient scrolls that won’t help beat the heat. However, the desert does have a few unique places where you can stock up on helpful items for your mental and physical health during a heat wave: Lost Desert Medicine in Sakhmet, and Mystical Surroundings in Qasala.

     Heading somewhere labeled “Emergency Supplies” might seem a little drastic for simply a hot summer day, but the desert is known for its odd happenings, and if you find yourself in danger of a heat-borne illness, your Neopet will need you to pick up some Sore Hand Wraps or Soothing Eye Drops from Lost Desert Medicine. The last thing you need when it’s this hot out is to be further worried about your health! In fact, every Neopet coming to the Lost Desert should also be advised to bring along some Cooling Ointment from Brightvale Potions just in case they run into any trouble. After all, what could keep you cooler than Cooling Ointment?

     Meanwhile, on the other side of the Lost Desert, Mystical Surroundings in Qasala is the perfect place to take your pets when they’re sick of the sand and wish they were cooling down somewhere else. This store sells a variety of reasonably-priced backgrounds you can purchase for your pets so they can pretend they’re somewhere much icier. Anyone convince themselves they aren’t burning up with a little imagination! Mind over matter! This is especially effective if you’re a Lost Desert native who just needs a break from the day-in, day-out swarm of scarabs and sandy feet. Snowy Cottage Background and Winter Landscape Background are two of the chilliest places you can play dress-up in, though the shop has plenty more to browse through. And hey, if playing pretend isn’t your style, Mystical Surroundings also has a fountain right outside where you can splash around and cool off to your heart’s content.

     4. Tyrannia

     Tyrannia might not be one of Neopia’s tourist-crawling beach destinations, but it still has one of Neopia’s hottest summer climates. Even if you’re Tyrannian, born and raised, and speak a fluent variety of Uggs and Uggas, chances are, the heat is going to push you to your limits at one point or another. The steamy jungle, the sun slanting over the plateau—some days, it might be enough to make you want to give your best Grarrl Keno roar.

     The best piece of advice I can give for enjoying the unique culture of Tyrannia without melting like the cheese on the Giant Omelette is to stay down in the jungle on especially-hot days. The plateau, being flat slabs of dry rock directly in the line of the sun, is not going to be your friend when the temperatures are breaking thermometers. Meanwhile, the jungle has plenty of lush, shady trees to read a book or take a nap under, a shimmering blue oasis of water to drink from and swim in, and the adorable and rich village of Tyrammet to explore. As badly as you might want that free Omelette piece, your Neopets will thank you more if you stay in town and grab some Bronto Bites from Tyrannian Foods instead (though I wouldn’t recommend Rock Stew or Gravel Cereal—Yeesh! Maybe consider bringing your own food if you’re vacationing here. Some of it is particularly questionable).

     If you do find yourself trapped on the Plateau on a scorching day for whatever reason, do not approach the Lair of the Beast! Yes, a cool, dark cave on a hot summer’s day is tempting, especially for a foreigner unaware of the danger lurking inside it, but trust me: it’s not worth it to take a peek in there. You don’t want to know. Instead, grab some tickets to The 2 Gallon Hatz and head into the Concert Hall to find some refreshments while you see a rockin’ show. That should cool you down for a bit!

     5. Moltara

     I was requested to add Moltara to this list, but honestly, I’m not sure what to say. If you wanted to stay cool on your summer vacation, you should not have come here. If you wanted to live in a place where it’s plausible to enjoy any season at all without roasting your Jubjub’s feet off, you should not have moved here.

     This is a volcano. You are inside of a volcano. I’m sorry, but I cannot help you there. Remember in the beginning when I said to stay away from the Mystery Island volcano? Yeah.

     All the same, if you are planning to visit any of these hot and humid lands, or if you’re a native just looking for some cool-down ideas, I hope this guide was helpful. I also hope no matter where your Neopets are this summer, that you’re taking care to make sure they are enjoying their time with their friends, petpets, and surroundings as much as they can. They deserve the best vacations ever!


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