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The many benefits of mutant petpets

by smilingpony


     Make a strong statement with a mutant petpet – perhaps your pet may *think* they look scary at first, but they are fiercely loyal and will be a trusty companion for many adventures. Mutant petpets frequently have sensory advantages over their non-mutant counterparts – multiple eyes, or bigger ears mean that nothing can sneak up on them from any direction, but there are hidden advantages too. Often mutant petpets gain extra abilities from their transformation – these are rumoured to include radar location, a cry that will momentarily freeze all those who hear it, or see into the future. Of course, depending on whether you want a petpet for looks alone, or for other purposes will impact your decision. Here we will discuss the best mutant petpets for all kinds of situations to help you find the perfect companion.

     How to get a mutant petpet: As with most non-standard colour petpets the only sure-fire way to get yourself a specific mutant petpet is splashing out a cool 900K neopoints on a Mutant Petpet Paint Brush and taking a trip to the Petpet Puddle. The puddle is located just off from the Rainbow Pool but is much shallower so your little petpet doesn’t get out of its depth. However, the water still contains enough magic for the petpet paint brush to do its thing. Of course, if you have access to the super-secret petpet laboratory then you can always zap away and hope for the best (*results may vary, your darling petpet may be temporarily or permanently harmed and you will be forever in the big, bad books of the petpet protection league – the author advises you to judge the risks appropriately). The only mutant petpet you can’t paint is the Yooyu – so no cheeky off-season yooyuball practicing for you, unless you can find one for sale!

     Top mutant petpets for top secret missions:

     A Mutant Fir is a great choice for those undertaking extensive fieldwork – the ability of this petpet to blend in with other trees is second to none making it the perfect partner for surveillance work outdoors. Of course, you can always bring a large plant pot with you for indoor work, but the carrying of the pot plant may attract suspicion. It is worth noting that a Mutant Rock is also an excellent choice for this type of work, but the absence of limbs may hinder your getaway if required. Another excellent pet for surveillance work is the Mutant Faellie – it’s massive ears are very sensitive meaning that it can overhear conversations from a long way away as well as alert you to the approach of an intruder before the intruder is close allowing you to have a perfect getaway.

     The fastest of petpets are Mutant Babyca and Mutant Beekadoodle which make them great at carrying top secret messages to and fro. It should be noted that the Beekadoodle isn’t always a stealthy option as it sings during flight, but for missions where stealth isn’t required it is easily the fastest messenger.

     Top mutant petpets for battles:

     Although the Mutant Altachuck sports very large horns and claws, it is actually quite cowardly and will not serve you well in fights. However, many other mutant petpets are incredibly strong and cunning: Mutant Gallion and Mutant Werehond both have a powerful bite and are fiercely loyal to their owner. Similarly, Mutant Niptors very much enjoy biting everything they see making them a great ally for battles, although a little stressful to have around the house. Mutant Bartamus are another fantastic option for those seeking a good fighter: with strong, claw-tipped legs and wings they can slash opponents from the ground or from the air, making them very versatile.

     Top mutant petpets for ~nefarious purposes~:

     Two heads are often better than one (as long as there is no arguing) and this is doubly so when plotting to take over Neopia do fun things. With some mutant petpets you can get double the fun, double the thinking power and double the sidekick: the Mutant Intesteen, the Mutant Mortog, the Mutant Slogmok, the Mutant Boween and the Mutant Snowickle. Of course all of these have their benefits and caveats: the Snowickle loves collecting shiny objects which is perfect when planning a heist – but also means you should probably watch your own belongings when not on a job. The Slogmok on the other hand is a perfect companion for when things get tough: it is always relaxed and doesn’t let the pressure get to it, but that does mean that you might have to spend a lot of effort in getting it to do anything at all. Although not the most subtle of petpets, Mutant Triffin are perfect for keeping a lookout as their numerous eyes give them perfect 360° views with no blind spots. The ultimate partner for planning anything is a Mutant Psimouse which, due to its multiple red eyes, large ears and no small amount of transmogrification magic has the ability to see the future.

     Top mutant petpets for underwater operations:

     The petpets I have focussed on for the above categories have been exclusively for land or air-based purposes, of course on many occasions you may need to travel underwater so the following petpets may prove to be useful in this environment. Mutant Uniocto are the fastest swimmers and so should be considered for underwater message passing, whereas Mutant Slugawoo and Bubblebee are excellent multi-eyed companions for surveillance work below the surface. For a two-headed underwater companion a Mutant Quetzal is the only choice, however it is a great option as they are very intelligent and will make an excellent partner in crime. For battles, a Mutant Walein is the best underwater option – their sharp fangs and body appendages can be used very effectively in fights.

     Top mutant petpets for making a statement:

     Of course, this rather depends on what type of statement you want to make, if you are looking for the cuter mutants I’d recommend looking at the Doglefox, Gangee or Powtree. For those wanting to scare their neighbours every time you let your petpet into the garden then the Mutant Angelpuss, Spyder, Mazzew or Minitheus are for you.

     Although a mutant petpet is for life, and not just for holidays, there are several mutant petpets who make wonderful themed companions: the Mutant Clompkin is an excellent companion who will bring the joy of Halloween to you every day. Whereas the Mutant Frowny will forever make you think of that time you dropped your ice-cream in the summer and would it even be the Day of Giving without a Mutant Polarchuck?! Now you can celebrate all year around!

     The author’s top 5 mutant petpets

     Mutant Nedler, Mutant Fir, Mutant Kadoatie, Mutant Tasu and Mutant Clompkin.

     I hope this article has made the wonderful variety and attributes of mutant petpets more accessible: choosing a new petpet can be hard work to find the right fit. Mutant petpets are fantastic companions despite their bad press and would make a perfect addition to any family.


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