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Just mutant things vol. 6

by jacquelineramrez

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Randome Oddness: Magic & Curses

by mistyqee


The Magic Exams Of The Magic Schools
In Neopia magic feels as commonplace as water. But don’t be fooled, though the presence of all those Faeries, wizards, and witches would make you think otherwise, the ability to use magic is a rare ability not easily learned let alone to master. It’s for this very reason that schools of magic were formed all around Neopia. However each magic school is not the same (some aren’t even exclusively magic schools), and there’s no better way to explain this than revealing their exam methods. And I’m not talking about written exams as I go over:

The Magic Exams Of The Magic Schools!

by pikachu315111


Darkest Corner: Levitate!~

by dark_elfa


Petpets can't actually curse their owners... Right...?

by bobtehcat1

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