A Yurble stole my cinnamon roll! Circulation: 195,313,618 Issue: 839 | 14th day of Gathering, Y20
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Did I hear 'event'?

by aquarelar

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Trouble In Meridell
Who knew Dragoyles were so sensitive...

by muramoomo


New Chapters
This is an imagining of my recent return to Neopets :) I had first played sixteen years ago.

by marchabun


How To Create a Pet Directory
Faerie, Xweetok, Mutant, Zafara, Mallow, Draik... the list of Neopet species and colors is astounding! One of the best features of the site is seeing the different styles and tastes users choose to express via their pets.

by thebiscuitbunch


Neolodge's new feature
that makes sense...

by bruyne

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