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What Altadorian Constellations Mean for You - 2/3

by kayahtik


     I’m sure you’ve been waiting with bated breath for the next installment of Altadorian constellation folklore. I hope that my readers found the first chapter both entertaining and informative. For those of you who may have missed out, here is a short summary of what you need to know:

     The twelve constellations of ancient Altadorian tradition are, as some believe, inherently linked to the character of those born beneath them. That is to say, each constellation is most visible in the sky during a particular month of the year, and Neopians born in a particular month are likely to have certain traits that correspond to that month’s constellation.

     Simple, right? Now that you’re all caught up, read on for more information on four additional Altadorian constellation archetypes, and decide for yourself how much you believe.

     - - - - -

     The Hunter // Month of Hunting

     The most important trait for any hunter is patience when tracking their prey. Pets born under this constellation have patience in abundance, which generally makes them particularly good caretakers. They also have an eye for detail, allowing them to notice and adapt to impending changes. These pets are steadfast and loyal, friends through thick and thin. But they expect the same in return and won’t waste their time on a fickle or one-way relationship.

     The downside of having such impeccable attention to detail is that Hunters often miss the forest for the trees. In other words, they can become so focused on particulars that they are blind to the big picture. This can prevent their long-term plans from coming to fruition, and can also mean that they won’t excel in creative endeavors.

     Predictably, Hunters find themselves getting along quite well with those who were born under The Collector and The Thief. However, any who identify with The Dreamer or The Wave had best steer clear for their own good.

     An enjoyable activity for a Hunter’s birthday during the Month of Hunting could be a daytrip to a local museum to commemorate the anniversary of Tyrannian Victory Day, or some other special occasion.

      The Dreamer // Month of Relaxing

     Dreamers do often have a faraway, ethereal quality to their personality, but they are also much more than that. Don’t be fooled when their eyes seem to drift off into nothing—they are actually much closer than you think, in tune with their own emotions and those of everyone around them. Neopets born under the Dreamer Constellation are very expressive, but in different ways—some may be artists or musicians, others may be writers or just excellent conversationalists. They always take the time to listen as much as they speak, and have a gift for making others feel at ease in their presence.

     These pets are never in a rush, although sometimes they spend a little too long stopping to smell the flowers. They tend to follow a drifting, winding path, and although they do eventually reach their destination, it’s certainly not by the most efficient route. This can cause them to be a source of frustration for other pets who are more rigid in their expectations.

     Wistful pets born under the Dreamer constellation often find themselves drifting toward Dancers and Gatherers, and wafting away from Thieves, Hunters, and Waves.

     These pets always know how to make others smile, and a worthwhile birthday of theirs could be spent doing something special for all of the petpets in their life on the annual Petpet Appreciation Day.

      The Wave // Month of Swimming

     As would be expected, Neopets who identify with the Wave constellation are fluid creatures who easily adapt to fit their surroundings. They are invariably a well of innovation and ingenuity, and often inspire those around them, even if they don’t necessarily feel motivated to make any creations of their own. These pets are very active and make excellent problem solvers, so they are in high demand for any kind of team activity.

     Because of their high energy, Wave pets can become restless and impatient when they feel like the world around them isn’t keeping up with their fast pace. They are easily bored without a challenge to work on, and don’t react well to not getting their way.

     Any pet who is as flexible and adaptive as those born in the Month of Swimming are bound to link up with Collectors and Gatherers. Unfortunately, however, some won’t have the patience for them, especially Dreamers, Hunters, and Protectors.

     Wave pets ought to treat themselves to a nice cup of tea or borovan on their birthdays and take a stab at the Faerie crossword puzzle to give their minds the exercise they need.

      The Thief // Month of Hiding

     Don’t mistake Thief pets for criminals—they’re no more likely to commit illicit activities than anyone else. What they are prone to, however, is technical expertise with hands-on activities. Some of them may put their skills to use by picking locks, but they are equally drawn to woodworking, gardening, and cross-stitching. These pets may be introverted, or they may be brash, but they never pretend to be anything they’re not. They’re always honest, sometimes to a fault.

     Sometimes these pets’ judgement is skewed. They don’t have the emotional intelligence of some other signs, and Thief pets often think the end justifies the means. They don’t balk at making a hard decision or choosing a necessary evil. Some of them may be morally ambiguous, but they are sure to get the job done—just avoid asking them any questions you don’t want to know the answers to.

     Pets associated with The Hunter and The Protector constellations are best fit for someone like a Thief, who requires their friends not only to be hardworking, but also to have a fairly tough skin. Pets born under The Dreamer or The Sleeper almost definitely won’t fit these requirements.

     Hands-on types like those born under the Thief constellation might like to try their craftiness by making their own Usuki doll during the Month of Hiding’s annual Usukicon event.

     - - - - -

     And there you have it, the second edition of What Altadorian Constellations Mean for You. Was it enlightening? Validating? Inspiring? Perhaps all of the above? Whatever my research has made you feel, I thank you for reading and invite you to tune in again next week for the third and final installment. There is still much to learn about the four remaining constellations: the Gatherer, the Collector, the Protector, and the Gladiator.

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