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It’s Always Time for Tea!

by kingfisherblue33


     The Coffee Cave on Roo Island is the perfect place to catch up with an old friend over a hot drink. Contrary to what the shop’s name may suggest, as well as serving coffee, they have a wide selection of top-quality teas for you to sample, from calming drinks with healing properties that will soothe your soul, to the uplifting drinks that will fire you up and make you ready to face everything that life throws at you! Here I will list ten of the very best teas, sourced from all over Neopia, that you must try.

     Black Cherry Tea


     This rich black tea, infused with the taste of fresh sour-sweet cherries harvested in Shenkuu, has a smooth finish and is delicious served either hot or iced. Visit the Lunar Temple and the wise Gnorbu will be happy to share a cup or two with you if you assist him in tracking Kreludor’s movements! The black cherry tea also has a chance of curing Achy Head, so it is the perfect choice if you need to destress.

     Elegant Cup of Tea (served with Elegant Tea Service)



     Get away from the rush of the bustling Neopia Central streets and indulge in a traditional Afternoon Tea at the Neolodge’s AstroVilla restaurant. Here you can enjoy an Elegant Cup of Tea, made with the finest tea leaves served with a matching Elegant Tea Service. Enjoy relaxing in the shade of the summer sun as you catch up with an old friend or celebrate a special occasion, accompanied with freshly baked scones with sweet jam and clotted cream, delicate tea sandwiches, and a wide variety of pastries. This experience also makes for a great excuse to get dressed up so you can look your best among Neopia’s elite!

     Steaming Green Tea


     Green tea is packed full of nutrients and antioxidants, making it a healthy, yet delicious choice that is lower in caffeine than most black teas, while still providing you with a slight kick to get you moving. This versatile tea, proven to help sufferers of the Neoblues, is available from the tea shop in Remarkable Restoratives in Shenkuu. However, its reputation goes far beyond its curative properties: it offers a beautifully sweet nutty aroma with a light natural taste. This is not a tea to be missed and is likely to become a regular choice for your afternoon tea break!

     Relaxation Tea


     Stressed? Irritable? Tired of playing the same flash game over and over again in the hopes of getting an avatar score that is just out of reach? This tea will do wonders to help you unwind. Containing a delicate blend of chamomile, lavender flowers and peppermint leaves, this caffeine free infusion has a floral, slightly sweet taste, and will help your muscles relax and let the stress ease away. Take a deep breath and take a moment for yourself as you enjoy your tea; whether that is listening to music, reading a book, talking to a friend, or whatever works for you – everything will be okay.

     Illusen Tea and Iced Illusen Tea



     As Illusen’s own secret blend, with the tantalizing aroma of her forest home, no one in Neopia knows the exact ingredients she includes in her recipe. Although the Coffee Cave has tried their hardest to replicate it, they have never managed to perfect the flavour – the best way to try this tea is when it’s handmade by Illusen herself! After working hard to complete one of her quests, she may invite you to share a pot or a pitcher of this refreshing infusion, and you would be foolish to pass up the opportunity to try it!

     Orange Cream Tea


     This tea is fabulously warm and comforting, with a lightly spiced citrusy taste perfectly balanced by the calming sweetness of vanilla. This is perfect for drinking curled up by the fireplace when the nights are long and cold during the holiday season. If you just can’t wait until winter or for the cold weather to return, when served chilled this tea takes on the ever-popular childhood flavour of an orange creamsicle ice cream, perfect for hot summer days by the Roo Island Pier!

     Autumn Herbal Tea


     When the leaves start to turn gold and the days begin to turn colder, this herbal tea is perfect to take with you to your local park and drink on a park bench while watching the morning dew dry. This tea is made with sticks of cinnamon, cloves, fresh nutmeg and ginger, a small amount of dried apple and orange zest, topped with a drizzle of honey for sweetness. It tastes like a Neopian autumn in a cup!

     Strawberry Kiwi Tea


     This tea perfectly balances the sweet, delicate flavour of strawberries with the unique sweet-sour taste of kiwi fruits to create a rich and refreshing infusion. It is also delicious served over ice with a sprinkle of sugar, perfect when the weather is sunny and a warming tea just isn’t the ideal choice. Alternatively, make a strong infusion, chill, and blend with fresh kiwis or strawberries until frothy for an exciting Strawberry Kiwi Smoothie!

     Holiday Flowering Tea Pot


     Flowering teas add flair to your tea drinking experience: when the hot water is added to the hand-woven tea ball, the leaves gently unfurl to reveal a beautiful blooming flower, which then infuses its delicate flavour into the tea. This holiday flowering tea is served mainly during the winter season, and combines the light flavours of green tea and jasmine with the spice of fresh ginger to create a festive drink. As the Coffee Cave serves it in a glass teapot, you will be able to watch the full process as the tea reveals its colours!

     Dark Tea


     There have been rumours that Neopia’s most notorious villain, Dr. Sloth, insists on starting his morning with a cup of tea. While most people laugh this off and dismiss these rumours as nonsense, if he regularly drank this tea it might not be as out of character as it first sounds. The Dark Tea has a deep, rich, smoky flavour, with a slightly bitter aftertaste; avoid adding milk to taste the darkness fully. Drink with caution, if after drinking it you suddenly get the urge to perfect your evil laugh and enslave all of Neopia… maybe switch to coffee instead.


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