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Neia The White Knight

by xatrocious


     Some knew her as daring, some knew her as cunning, and some knew her as The White Knight. Alfineia the White Lupe, Neia as most knew her by, is a hero unlike any other. Before getting too far into the story though, it is important to know how Neia came to be. As a young pup, Neia had been on her own. She travelled land to land searching for the one true place she might belong. Each stop she made in a new world, she met many new creatures of all kinds, from faeries, to other neopets, to a wide range of unique monsters. While she was amazed at each land, she never could quite find where she felt at home, so she continued to travel on to the next world.

     Until one day, while wondering the Haunted Woods, she came upon a faerie battling Xandra the sorceress. Neia had heard of this faerie for many years while exploring the worlds of Neopia. This faerie was courageous and quick on her feet. Ready to put all she had into protecting the lands of Neopia. Neia watched in amazement as Xandra fled the battle defeated. Neia took a step closer to the faerie, a twig snapping beneath the weight of her foot. The faerie, unaware of Neia’s presence whipped around ready to continue the fight.

     Neia froze in place, uncertain of whether or not to speak to the faerie or run in fear. All was tense, until Neia noticed the smallest smile appear upon the faerie’s face. “Hello there little one,” the faerie said towards Neia, “who might you be?” “” Neia stuttered in shock looking around her as if someone else would be there. “My name is Neia.” The faerie thought for a moment, “It is a pleasure to meet you Neia, I am Aethia of Faerieland, the Battle Faerie. What brings you all the way out here on your own?”

      So Neia and Aethia continued through the woods as Neia went into detail about her life as a young pup traveling from land to land searching for a place to call home. The sun began to set as the two finally reached the edge of the forest. As usual, Neia expected to part ways wither her new found friend as they continued on home. To her surprise, Aethia turned to her, “How would you like to come with me as my apprentice. I can teach you all that I know and train you to be one of the best fighters out there.” So that is exactly what Neia did, she went with Aethia to Faerieland to train and learn all that she could about fighting.

      Neia spent her days leveling up, training, and joining Aethia on her missions that The Queen of Faerieland assigned. After several years, Neia was summoned to Fyora’s tower. “Hello Miss Alfineia. I’ve been watching you carefully over the past few years. You have shown much promise in your abilities to protect not only Faerieland, but the many worlds of Neopia. I’d like to offer you a agent position.” Neia had only but dreamed of this day ever since she first ever heard of Aethia the great Battle Faerie. “I would be honored!” Neia enthused as she bowed to the Queen in gratitude. Fyora looked at Neia carefully, “I’m glad to hear that you accept my offer. There is actually a very important mission that I thought you would be best for. Meet with me tomorrow in my study so we can go over the assignment details.”

          Later that evening. . . .

      Neia was beyond thrilled that the Queen had seen her skills and initiative, but she was a little surprised to have been given an assignment so quickly. Typically, after being honored a knight under the Faerieland Army, there would be a fancy ceremony for the knight’s friends and families to join. This didn’t really bother Neia though, the only family she had ever known is Aethia, and she herself was away on her own secret mission. Neia began to pack her bags wondering what kind of information she would gain about her mission in the morning. There were so many different worlds to travel to and endless possibilities. Neia had heard about many of Aethia’s different missions over the years. Some were simple, such as running an errand for the queen gathering different materials, others were more focused on fighting enemies that were a threat to Faerieland and other parts of Neopia. As the endless thoughts filled Neia’s mind, she slowly started to drift asleep.

     The next morning. . . . .

     Neia stretched after a long night of tossing and turning. She felt as if the excitement and fear were about to bubble over. She grabbed her cloak, bag, and put on her gear in order to prepare for her meeting and mission. Neia headed out of her cottage to head towards Fyora’s castle, ready for what might come of the meeting.

      As Neia arrived to Fyora’s study, she took a deep breath right before knocking on the study doors. “Come in!” Neia heard Fyora call out. “Your highness,” Neia bowed to the Queen as she opened the door. “Ah, good morning Neia! I’m glad you are here. Have a seat so we can go over the details of your mission.” Neia nervously sat down trying her best to only show strength and courage to the Queen. “Neia, I have some troubling news, which is the main reason I chose you for this mission. Aethia has been captured on her latest mission in the Haunted Woods. Some time ago, I worked my magic in hopes that I had finally found a way to rehabilitate Xandra. My judgement was poor, and she had escaped. I’ve sent Aethia on many missions trying to capture her once more.”

      Neia’s head was spinning. She remembered the day that she had met Aethia deep in the Haunted Woods. She also remembered Xandra fleeing from the scene. It was many years ago, and some of the details of the night were a bit fuzzy. Neia closed her eyes trying to make the image of that night become clearer in her mind. Was that a secret path the Xandra feld to, is there a hint of a building behind the trees and fog in the woods? Neia stood up quickly, “I think I may know where she may be holding Aethia captive!” Fyora stood as well, “You may go to the armory to pick up some equipment and be sure to stop by the kitchen for some meals to take along with you. I wish you luck Neia the White Knight. Bring Aethia back to us.”

      Neia quickly left Fyora’s castle, grabbing all the of weapons, food, and needed supplies on her way out of Faerieland. Aethia was in trouble, and she would not stop until her mentor, her friend, her family, was home safe again. On her way out of Faerieland, Psellia the Air Faerie stopped her. “Wait, I have a companion to send along with you.” Neia watched as a small Stealthy Wherfy crawled out from behind Psellia. “His name is Elex, and he will be of great assistance to you on your journey.” Neia smiled as Elex walked closer to her, “Well come on little guy, let’s get going and save Aethia!”

     Later in the Haunted Woods. . . . . .

      “Eeek!” Neia squealed as she walked right through a spider web. She may have gone through some intensive training over the years, but no amount of training can prepare someone for walking through a large spider web. “We have got to be getting somewhat closer!” Neia enthused to Elex keeping her hopes high. Elex started chirping uncontrollably, pointing at a dark secluded path. “Elex, you genius! I think you’ve found that way!” Neia said excitedly. Neia quickly headed down the path. She knew she was getting closer and closer to Aethia and Xandra, she felt it deep down in her bones.

      Finally, after what felt like forever, Neia and Elex reached the end of the pathway. She gasped as she about ran straight into a metal fence. She looked up taking in the large dark castle towering above her. She slowly made her way to the front door, uncertain of what exactly she might find when she made her way inside of the castle. One step at a time, one breath at a time, she began to slowly push the door open. All that she saw was darkness and a very large staircase. She may have made it to Xandra’s hidden castle in the woods, but this was only the first step on her journey.

     To be continued. . .


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