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Interviews with the Dark Faerie Sisters: Spite

by xiaolin10413


     It has been a long while since my last interview with one of Neopia’s “villains.” I’ll be honest, I sent out many requests to many of the infamous characters around, and I did not get a single reply. Perhaps they wanted to keep a low profile (which I suppose makes sense, seeing as they are villains and all).

     Nonetheless, have I got a special treat for you, my dear readers. After the excitement surrounding Kaia and the Darkest Faerie, I was contacted by none other than the Dark Faerie Sisters, sisters to the Darkest Faerie herself: Spite, Malice, and Vanity. They asked for exclusive interviews with me, perhaps because they also wanted to stay relevant. Regardless, I graciously and immediately accepted their offer; it’s not every day we get to look into the minds of dangerous, petty, and beautiful villains such as these three.

     I will start off this three-part interview with Spite. Over the next couple weeks, part two and part three will be released, the interviews with Malice and Vanity, respectively. Without further delay, Spite.

     “Hello!” I greeted nervously as Spite and I settled down into our seats. We had agreed to meet at an undisclosed, private location. “Thank you for meeting with me, Spite. There is so much mystery surrounding you and your sisters, Neopia will be very excited to learn more about you.”

     “Of course,” Spite answered flippantly, waving her hand. “Why wouldn’t they?”

     I wasn’t sure how to respond to that. I cleared my throat, and decided to just get right into it. “Spite, let’s start off with your brief ruling over Meridell, with your sisters. What was that like?”

     “Well, it was short, but fun while it lasted.” Spite grinned gleefully, her eyes starting to look far away. “We lived in the castle, very well decorated, you know, spent lots of money, and the inhabitants treated us like queens!”

     I nodded thoughtfully. They were not considered very good rulers, but that didn’t sound too far off from current Neopian rulers. “I see, and what were you in charge of during your time as ruler? I’m assuming you split up responsibilities between you and your sisters?”

     “Ah, yes. Of course,” Spite acknowledged. “One of my duties was to communicate with the public. That was boring. But my other job,” she leaned forward as her eyes lit up, “was to punish the traitors. And let me tell you, there were lots of traitors, lots of treason.”

     “Right.” I murmured uncomfortably. “These traitors were the citizens of Meridell, right?”

     “Indeed.” Spite agreed, “Originally, they did not want the change. But after I punished a couple dozen or so rebels, they all started to fall in line.”

     “I see. And what were the punishments?” I asked, a little nervous. At this point, I was thinking I might need to censor some information out of this interview.

     “I first started with notes on their doors, usually saying something like, ‘To the people stirring up trouble, knock it off, rebellion isn’t cool.’” Spite smiled smugly.

     My brow furrowed, processing her statement. Passive-aggressive, for sure. But it seemed kind of weak. “Okay, go on.”

     “Then, I would steal some of their things. For instance, I would steal one sock in pair, or sometimes I would steal all of their bowls.” Spite continued.

     I nodded again, a little more impressed this time. Delightfully petty.

     “And if a particular person continued to cause trouble, even after my other punishments, I would kidnap them and lock them up. After a couple of nights in the castle dungeon, I would display them in a public place, and made them repeat a thousand times over ‘’I was a nuisance to my beloved queen Spite, but now I will be a good Neopet and obey.’” Spite giggled between her words. Clearly, she found this hilarious.

     I raised my eyebrows, now thoroughly impressed. She truly did live up to her name. “Very nice.” I praised, and Spite smiled, obviously pleased with herself. “So,” I continued, “how did your reign come to an end?”

     “We tried stopping them.” Spite immediately grew angry, and she gritted her teeth. "Those… pesky Neopets. We thought we got rid of that annoying little Lupe in the sewers, but turns out he got away. Probably because Malice is always too angry to be precise, and Vanity is always too concerned with how she looks while pulling off an evil plan! And then-! They interrupted our dinner! They tried to get rid of us with Fyora's wand!" Her voice grew louder and louder with each word. "They thought they succeeded!" She was shrieking by the end.

     “But clearly, they didn’t.” I responded, wincing at her shrill voice.

     “No,” Spite grew calmer. “we let them believe that we were dead, but we were able to escape. We’ve been laying low, ever since. Waiting.” Her eyes glinted with danger and passion at the last part.

     I gulped. “O-okay.” I stammered out. “So, you have new plans then?”

     “Maybe.” Spite responded, now dismissive again, waving her wand in my general direction. “But it would be pretty silly to disclose that information to you, wouldn’t it?”

     “It would.” I agreed, my words slow. There was silence for a moment as I stared at her as she examined her nails. I had to remind myself that these three sisters were very dangerous, and I needed to be careful. “Changing topics,” I announced, “did you know that there are a couple of Neopian products’ with your image?”

     “I did.” Spite answered, still examining her fingernails. “Vanity told us about them. A card, and a doll, correct?”

     “Yes, correct.” I confirmed. “Do you have any thoughts about this?”

     Spite shrugged, looking up at me. She seemed bored. “I think they are nice, at least. They could be worse. But the Darkest Faerie,” her voice turned to mocking, “gets way more merchandise.” She mumbled a little bit angrily.

     I nodded sympathetically. “That’s true, and the Darkest Faerie is now the talk of the town, after her most recent reappearance. That said, you and your sisters are now starting to get back in the limelight, with these interviews. Are you hoping for some more coverage, or items in your image now?”

     “Perhaps.” Spite almost purred. Her mood changes so fast… “But like I said before, it would be quite silly to talk about our future plans.” She stood up suddenly, her words turning cold. “I think we should end this interview now.”

     I scrambled up as well, almost dropping my notes. She stood, about two heads taller than me. I shivered. “Well, th-thank you for the t-time, Spite.” I finally managed to speak. “I hope you end up enjoying the piece I write about you.”

     “We will see.” Spite smirked, snapped, and was replaced by a dark, thick fog.

     I coughed and waved it away, but of course, she was gone.

     That was all I was able to get out of Spite during her interview. Next week is my interview with Malice, and I promise that we will get a little more information about old Meridell, as well as more details about what the three Dark Faerie Sisters are up to next. Stay tuned!


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