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Caring For Your Alien Aisha

by gurat123


     Nobody knows exactly where Alien Aishas originate from, but everybody knows that they are amongst the cutest and most adventurous pets in Neopia! However, as they are not originally from Neopia, you may be at a loss as to how to properly look after your pet! I recently became the owner of my very own Alien Aisha, I’ve decided to write this article to share some of the knowledge I have learned by taking care of a pet from beyond the stars!

     1. Finding your Alien Aisha

     There is no paint brush or potion that will grow your regular Neopian Aisha an extra set of ears. Alien Aishas are only available through two specific methods. One of these is to zap your pet with the Lab Ray. If you are very lucky, you will zap yourself your own little alien! The other method is to complete a Fountain Faerie Quest. If you find the Fountain Faerie the item she needs, she will call upon her magic powers to create you an Alien Aisha. Many Alien Aisha owners (myself included) feel that the owner does not choose the Aisha, but the Aisha chooses the owner. The process to find an Alien Aisha can be extremely long and arduous. It is believed that this is because the Alien Aishas are watching down on Neopia to determine the best owners to take care of their kind. Once they have found the perfect owner for the perfect Aisha, you will find your Alien Aisha!

     2. Feeding your Alien Aisha

     Alien Aishas are fussy eaters, but in an interesting way. They only like gross foods! Some theorise that gross foods are the most similar to food available on their home planet. If you are a brand new Alien Aisha carer, some deliciously gross foods that won’t break the budget are listed below:

     • Rotten Omelette Sandwich

     • Sardine Vinegar Gum

     • Linty Bologna

     • Liver Smoothie

     • Rotten Tomato Salad

     These foods can be found in Neopian-run shops for less than 10 Neopoints each, and they cover all the major food groups. For special occasions, some fancier foods are listed as follows:

     • Worm and Leech Pizza

     • Wa Wa Grub

     • Swill Pudding

     • Ham and Hair Sandwich

     • Ground Beef Smores

     Don’t all those sound delicious? In my experience, there is nothing better than sharing a Worm and Leech Pizza with your Alien Aisha after a long day of play!

     3. Dressing your Alien Aisha

     It is a common myth that Alien Aishas must keep their space helmets on at all times. This is simply not true! For some Aishas, it is a relief to free their ears from the confines of their space suit, and feel the fresh air on their faces. For other Aishas, being without their beloved helmets is a nightmare! They need their helmet to feel safe, otherwise suffering from crippling agoraphobia. It is important to remember that every Aisha is different! Communicate with yours, find out their specific needs, and cater to that! Just make sure to leave plenty of room for their ears!

     If your Alien Aisha has developed a taste for fashion beyond their usual white spacesuit, why not try on a couple of the following items?

     Aisha Space Suit (NP): Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why trade one spacesuit for another spacesuit? Well, because the Aisha Space Suit is a delightful shade of green and gold! These colours will match your Alien Aishas skin tone beautifully.

     Cute Space Dress (NC): This delightful little purple number comes with a fun collar shape, AND a utility belt with many different functions! Fashionable, and practical!

     Cosmic Space Faerie Leggings (NP): You may find these leggings a little hard to get a hold of, as they are super popular. Despite this trouble, your Alien Aisha will absolutely love them, as they trail star dust everywhere they go.

     Feathered Space Wings (NC): There is an old Alien Aisha proverb that says “Who needs Faerie wings when you’ve got transporter beams!” To which I say, why not both? These gorgeous wings have starry sparkles, and will give your Aisha a boost for those high jumps to the top of the cabinet!

     Starry Space Beanie and Blonde Wig (NC): You may be living in a colder climate than your Alien Aisha is used to, what with their fancy climate controlled spaceships. If this is the case, it is super important to keep your Aisha’s ears warm! With this sparkly beanie, your Aisha stay warm, and will be the fashion star of Terror Mountain!

     4. Playing with your Alien Aisha

     Being from another planet, everything on Neopia is new and exciting for Alien Aishas. As such, they will enjoy almost all activities, from playing with toys to trips to the Roo Island Merry-Go-Round. However, it is important to avoid loud noises. Having 6 ears, Alien Aishas are very sensitive to noise, and being around loud things can give them serious headaches. If this occurs, make sure to take you Aisha somewhere dark and quiet where they can recover.

     If your Alien Aisha is suffering from some homesickness, why not go on a trip to Kreludor or Virtupets Space Station? Being surrounded by stars will remind them of home. If a trip to outer space is a budget breaker for you, try a trip to the Alien Aisha Vending Machine, located in at the Plaza in Neopia Central. The Vending Machine is run by Alien Aishas, so your little alien will be able to mingle with their own kind. Finally, if your pet is too homesick to even go for a daytrip, try playing Assignment 53 with them! This game will simulate travelling to dangerous alien worlds, all from the comfort of your home!

     These are the four main tips I’ve learnt from looking after an Alien Aisha of my own. I hope this article will help you look after your own Alien Aisha. And if you can’t seem to find an Alien Aisha to take care of, you can always get your Neopian-born Aisha an Alien Aisha Cap to wear!


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