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Bad Joke Hissi (Part Two)

by dukula

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Come Cook With Us: Altador Edition
For this week’s edition of Come Cook With Us, we’ve decided to take you to the heart of Altador and its culinary roots. With the Altador Cup is coming up very soon, we want to make sure that you know everything you need to know about how to prepare the best of Altador’s favourite dishes. Serve any one of these meals and no one will care if their team wins or loses the cup, they’ll be too distracted by your delicious cooking instead!

in collaboration with lauren92_k

by mel_liew_ming_li


Soup Faerie Woes
What must I do?

by thebiscuitbunch


The True Ghost Lupe
sweet or sour?

by frenchtoasts


Please Be Quiet
my bad...

by piratesy

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