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8 Meridell Themed Wearables for the Altador Cup

by rafa_potter


     Once a year, since the rediscover of Altador, we are pleased with Neopia’s greatest event: the Altador Cup! That said, it has become a tradition for a lot of Neopians to support their teams by customising their beloved Neopets with official clothing, trinkets and backgrounds made specifically for the event, such as team jerseys, flags, banners, make ups and many others. These items do a very good job when it comes to proudly baring your team’s logo and color schemes. However, I’ve personally always missed a unique touch in those items, something that really captured the essence of the land you are there to support and cheer for. For example, if you’re from Tyrannia, then you should totally wear a Hair Bone; if you are a Brightvale supporter, then the Brightvale Robe is the perfect and unique item for you! That being said, and being a Meridell supporter myself, in this article, I’d like to give you all Meridellians 8 non-Altador Cup-specific wearable ideas for your Neopet to take the real spirit of Meridell to Altador while visiting it for this awesome event!

     #1: King Skarl Royal Flag

     This huge flag captures the essence of Meridell by baring the colors of the team, red and blue, and the beautiful crown that resembles the kingdom. Also, given the fact that it is so big, your Neopet can wave it from the bleachers in a way that Meridell’s players can see it from down there and remember that their king, King Skarl, wants nothing but to be the winner of this year’s cup. That should be incentive enough! You can be eligible to winning one of these flags from King Skarl himself. All you have to do is getting him to laugh by telling him a funny joke. It can’t be that hard, right?

     #2: King Skarls Robe

     King Skarl’s Robe is a very elegant item. The thing about this clothing is that every Neopian, regardless of their homeland, looks at the robe and immediately recalls its original owner. That being said, the bright red emanated from the fabric is a perfect match for the team’s colors and really captures the patriotism of their homeland. I’m pretty sure King Skarl would be proud of being represented in Altador.

     #3: Kings Crown and Wig

     It is a known fact that every Meridellian was born with the capacity of ruling a kingdom. After all, it’s in their blood. So, why not showing up at Altador wearing a shiny crown on your head? All the other visitors will respect your Neopet for what they really are: part of Neopia’s royalty. And when you think of royalty, you think of Meridell. (It doesn’t matter what they tell you, royalty does not come from Brightvale!)

     #4: Battle Thought Bubble

     Books that tell Meridell’s history can be found in any library across Neopia. If you’re either reading about the glorious Champions of Meridell, or about the famous Battle for Meridell, battles are always involved. So, obviously, the Battle Thought Bubble is a perfect wearable for the Meridellian who’s proud of their land’s achievements in the battlefield. Even if your Neopet isn’t the battle type, this wearable carries a symbol that resembles team Meridell’s logo, so why not? Everyone can enjoy!

     #5: Jeran Collectors Sword & Jerans Ceremonial Armour Top

     Speaking of history, Jeran is one of Neopia’s most famous heroes. Every young Neopet has once played Jeran or even wanted to be him! That said, your Neopet can carry Jeran’s style to Altador by baring his sword and/or armour during the Cup. That way, they can show the other teams that Meridellians don’t mess around, just like Jeran didn’t in the battlefield. (We should advise you, though, that weapons are probably not allowed in the Colosseum, so keep this outfit for its surroundings, while waiting for the matches to begin.)

     #6: the Regulation Meridellian Knight Superpack

     This Superpack is composed of 5 items (a Chainmail, a Helmet, a Lance, Lowers and a Shield) and, in my humble opinion, out of every item in this list, is the one that mostly carries the spirit of a real Meridellian. By wearing the whole pack (or even only one of these items), your Neopet bares the essence of what Meridell’s citizens truly are: real knights! It is also worth mentioning that the Regulation Shield resembles a lot the Meridell team logo. What are the players but a team of real knights? And what are matches but battles you have to win, day after day?

     #7: Shiny Meridell Shield

     A cheap, easily obtainable alternative for those who can’t afford the Regulation Superpack. In fact, every Meridell supporter should bare at least this item! I mean, not only does it carry the whole knight essence that I mentioned in the item above, but it also bares the team colors. Can you imagine how awesome it would be if every Meridellian carried one of these to the Colosseum during a Yooyuball match? At least half the stadium would be red and blue!

     #8: King Skarl Balloon

     Carrying a King Skarl Balloon may not seem like a brilliant idea at first, but consider this: every Neopian should be aware of King Skarl’s greatness or, at least, know who he is. What is a better place to spread his image than in an event that gathers Neopians from literally every land? I’m sure King Skarl would appreciate your act if you did that.

     The list ends here, but I’ve got a few tips for you to look after other wearable options:

     - Stick to the red and blue color scheme;

     - Remember to look for the knight style;

     - You can also choose the farmer style, after all Meri Acres Farm is still Meridell, right?

     - You can get a Royal Paintbrush to really capture the royalty essence;

     - Don’t forget about your majesty, King Skarl.

     I hope I’ve helped my fellow Meridellians out there to take our land’s essence to Altador when the games begin. Even if you’re not a Meridell supporter, I recommend you to rethink your customisation for the cup by not only baring your team’s logo around, but by also taking the homeland feeling with you. Thank you all for reading, and go Meridell!


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