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The Altador Cup Guide for First Time Players

by indebtedness


     The Altador Cup Survival Guide for First Time Players


     The Altador Cup is coming up on its 13th year and it is going strong. There have been many different victories for the many different worlds throughout Neopia. During the event, Neopians play and spectate for their desired team. Points are earned throughout the month long event and they are able to be used on many different items once the cup is over. Plushies, clothing, stamps, toys, books and collectables are typically available each year and some items are exclusive to the worlds of Neopia! The prize shop is known to offer those elusive paint brushes as well! Those typically cost the most amount of points, so you really need to work hard if you are wanting to walk away with a new, shiny paint brush! Shopping in the prize shop allows you to collect exclusive gear for next year's Altador cup!

     Each Summer in Neopia brings the Altador Cup and we as Neopians need to prepare for it every year! However, if you have never experienced one you may not know how to prepare like veteran players! Well, look no further! I have prepared a guide for first time players and spectators!

     • Added bonus! Almost all of these items are under 99,999 Neopoints each!


     Books make Neopia go around! First, you will need to brush up on your Altador Cup history! Books are extremely powerful and can help you gain knowledge as we all know. There are a few books in particular that can help you become an Altador Cup pro!


     History of the Altador Cup Book (Limited Edition)

     Not only is this book a limited edition, but it has the history of all past Altador Cups! From winners, runner ups, top goal scorers and fan favorites, this book has it all. I would suggest reading it before you dive into your first Altador Cup!


     Altador Cup Almanac

     Almanacs are good for history and research. It contains important dates and events that happened during previous Altador Cups! Wouldn’t you want to be a history buff? You could answer anyone’s question before, during or after the event.


     Altador Cup Rule Book

     First time players need to know the rules of the Altador Cup along with the history. How else do you expect to go know the rules and regulations without reading up on them? You don’t want to be a rule breaker….do you?


     A Fans Guide to the Altador Cup

     As a fan yourself, what better way to read a guide by other fans! Not all Altador Cup reading is tedious and dealing with rules or history! This fun book will give you insight on how to celebrate and act like a fan!


     Food is always important during any special event! How can you expect to have a successful Altador Cup without FOOD? Not just any food will work. Themed food is where it’s at! Grab your forks and let’s dive in!


     Altador Cup Hot Dog

     Hot dogs are the absolute one essential item for any kind of sporting event. This one in particular is themed for the cup! It comes topped with mustard in a little Altador Cup themed boat! How quaint!


     Altador Cup Watch Party Snacks

     Themed food is the best food and that’s a fact. This party table offers balloons and an array of snacks! How else do you expect to watch the Altador Cup? One type of snack or no food at all? Step your party up with this snack table! The table also comes with balloons. Who doesn’t love balloons?!


     Altador Cup Chili Chips

     What is a party without chili cheese chips? This snack is pretty much essential to any party. Chili and cheese is a perfect combination and it is perfect for sporting events. What else could you ask for?!

     Miscellaneous Items:

     Not saying these items are for everyone… but maybe these will be good if you want to be a hardcore fan! These items are all different and have different uses and maybe you can find yourself using them...? Maybe you can also find a use for them after the cup is over.


     Camping at the Altador Cup

     If you plan on going to any of the events in person a tent isn’t a bad idea. What better way to protect yourself from the harsh summertime sunshine or rain storms? This tent is portable and provides plenty of room for you and your friends! This tent can also hold all of your snacks! What more could you ask for?!


     Altador Cup - The Board Game

     Still want to relish in the fun of the Altador Cup after the day is over? Say no more – here you have a board game dedicated to the game! This game is perfect to play while you wait for the day’s events, during a rain delay, or even during the off season! The possibilities are endless with this fun-filled game for everyone!


     Altador Cup

     An Altador cup… at THE Altador Cup! What better way could you show your spirit for the event than with this cup? This cup is perfect to hold all of your Neocola, tea, or coffee! It has two perfect handles on the side for you to hold it easier. You can use one handle to hold the cup and the other hand to accentuate your cheering!

     I hope you get out there and earn those points while playing and/or cheering on your team! New items are released every year, so don’t hurt yourself and not get enough points to get what you really want!

     The Altador Cup is a fun and exciting event for all around Neopia. No matter which team your on or rooting for, it is all for fun! Whether your team wins or loses, it is all fun at the end of the day. I hope my guide helped you prepare for your first Altador Cup and here is to many more!

     On with the main events!


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