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Eight MORE Dangerous Neopians (Who Are On The Loose)

by sick_swimmer


     A long time ago (Issue 520) I took the time to document some of the dangerous characters who prowl the darker places of Neopia. Now, at a time where the Darkest Faerie herself (someone I warned about in my previous article) roams Neopia completely unhinged, I decided it was time to revisit this topic and reveal more evil Neopians who need to be avoided. Hide your children, and those with faint hearts, for these creatures could be lurking outside your window right at this moment….

     1) The Spider Grundo

     A creation of Doctor Sloth’s twisted experimentations, the Spider Grundo is a terrible mutant who is half spider and half Grundo. Perhaps a part of the good doctor’s machinations, the Spider Grundo also has a horrific appetite. He has been known to feast on Neopets, Petpets, and anything else unfortunate enough to wander into his web. He also frequents the Battledome, making him extremely well versed in various methods of combat. It should be noted however, that with the Spider Grundo, it is unlikely you will ever even see him before his potent venom makes you lose your consciousness. Nothing can stop him from getting his next meal…

     2) Commander Garoo

     Blumaroos are known to be playful and loving Neopets, who always love a good game. Just take a look at the King of Roo Island! This fact perhaps makes Commander Garoo seem even more terrible. As one of the top commanders of Doctor Sloth’s armies, Garoo has no hesitation in harming or enslaving other Neopets. Furthermore, even the soldiers of Sloth fear his quick temper and his ruthless disposition. During the Return of Doctor Sloth plot, he made an appearance leading Sloth’s second invasion force. After Sloth was trapped and the army disbanded, he once again slipped into shadow, no doubt plotting the revenge of his beloved master. Only one thing is for sure: we have not seen the last of this cold-hearted villain!

     3) Jelly Chia

     Jelly pets are now commonplace in Neopia, but there was a time where such a thing was unheard of. During this period, a confectioner named Wizzle decided to create the perfect friend: a Neopet who you could eat. He somehow successfully formed Jelly Chia. At first the creature was perfectly docile. Wizzle even treated the creature like a child, reading to it and otherwise teaching it. The insane Wizzle however was a cruel character and eventually decided to eat the poor thing. Enraged and scared, Jelly Chia turned the tides on Wizzle, consuming him with its jelly body. Now Jelly Chia hates regular Neopets and even takes time to beat them down in the Battledome. His trust forever broken by his creator, he can never be the same. He sees Neopets as greedy and terrible creatures who are more than likely to attempt to harm or eat him. While his backstory is sad, one cannot deny the danger he poses to a pet who might wander into his territory…

     4) The Deserted Tomb Monster

     Deep within the darkest temples of Geraptiku, there lies many treasures to be found. That is not all that lies in the darkness however. Many foolish Neopets, greedy for treasures and avatars have ventured into the deserted tomb, only to come face to face with a ghastly Hissi bent on devouring anyone it sees. While slow and easy to escape, it also holds untold strength, empowered by the many curses of the tomb. While known to the Defenders of Neopia, they do not consider its vanquishing a priority, given that the tombs are off limits to regular citizens. We must then hope that the ancient powers that created it also limit its presence to just the tomb, for it is terrifying to think what might happen if it ever escapes!

     5) Jhudora

     “Hold on!” you might be thinking. “Jhudora is nice! She gives me items when I do quests for her!”. If you have this opinion you are but another one of this dark faerie’s pawns. While never directly blamed for anything directly, Jhudora is a nasty figure. She sits in her bluff and plots the demise of her enemies all the while using regular Neopians to do her dirty work. While she accumulates seemingly random items for an unknown use, it seems like only one faerie knows the truth. Illusen the earth faerie is said to have witnessed an event long ago that has confirmed in her mind that Jhudora is totally heartless. Illusen has only even been known for her kindness towards others, so if she says someone is beyond redemption…I believe it!

     6) The Swamp Ghoul

     “You’re never safe…not from the Swamp Ghoul!” These are the words often cackled at passing Neopets by this horrific creature. Unknown to be a Neopet or something much darker, this character glides through the land consuming Neopets and supposedly…their souls as well. While he tends to reside in swamps, hence his name, he has been known to follow Neopets almost anywhere in order to spread terror. The worst part is that his deep, glowing, red eyes pierce through one’s mind and haunt their dreams. For when you cannot shake his image, you truly are never safe.

     7) The Tax Beast

     Nobody likes taxes... except for the Tax Beast! This rude monster treks throughout Neopia grabbing Neopoints from random passersby and keeping them all to himself. Worst of all, he has quite the temper and often literally turns red with rage. In this enraged state, it is said that he steals even more. Why do Neopets let him take off with their hard earned Neopoints? The answer is simple. He is absolutely terrifying and savage. Most Neopets become frozen with fright, so the best way to stay safe is to give him everything he asks for. The only saving grace is that the truly powerful Neopians can have revenge on him in the Battledome. He still won’t give your Neopoints back however.

      8) The Lair Beast

     While Tyrannia is a place of many wonders, some are best kept unseen. Off to the side of the Tyrannian Plateau there lays a series of caves that tunnel deep into the ground. If you are adventurous (or foolish) enough to travel them, be wary for you are not alone. In the darkest corner of deepest cave, lies a creature too horrible to name. Thought to be an ancient remnant of Neopia’s past, this creature cannot be reasoned with. It will immediately attack anything that enters its territory. Many a Neopet has been forced to flee, injured and in utmost terror. Some scholars suggest it may be a mother merely protecting its eggs. That however results in a scarier question: are there more of them?

      And that sums up this edition of Neopia’s most dangerous (and free) villains. Let it be known however, that this is far from all of the dangerous denizens who live in this world. Always be safe and travel during the day, because there is never telling what might be lurking in the darkness…


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