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Underrated Neopets (And Why You Should Get One)

by yoshisislandbandit


     Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening, fellow Neopians! Have you ever thought about your favourite Neopets? Perhaps you have your favourite Neopet set as your active right now, or you have your heart set on a new pet in the future. Maybe you’ve even got a paint brush collecting dust in your safety deposit box and aren’t sure what pet to use it on. If that’s the case, then I’ve got good news for you: today we’re going to take a look at underrated pets in the Neopet community, and perhaps shed some new light on these underrated pets. We’ll talk a bit about the pets themselves and when they were first discovered, as well as a few facts about them that make them such interesting pets. Strap in, because it’s going to be one heck of a ride!



     Ah, the Gnorbu, the Ogrin’s fluffier cousin. These pets were first introduced on the 6th day of sleeping in Year Eight, originally teased as an April Fool's day pet, the Lamameeah. The Lamameeah looked very similar to Gnorbus in the respect of their body shape but remove the mane and make the ears a bit sharper. Their tails also looked a bit fluffier than the current Gnorbu, looking similar to the Elephante or the Cybunny in appearance. An image of what the “former” Gnorbu looked like is displayed below!


     “I look quite a bit different, don’t I?”

     Gnorbus possess floppy, round ears and a thick mane that needs to be sheared every year, a day known as Gnorbu Shearing Day, when all Gnorbus lose their body fur. Gnorbus are very fluffy and cuddly, yet they are on the less popular side of Neopia’s pet scale. Why? Perhaps its’ their sheared appearance. Whatever the case, Gnorbus are some of Neopia’s underappreciated, yet very cool pets. I actually own one of these pets and always find myself wanting to hug that big, poofy mane.

     Fun facts about Gnorbus:

     -Captain Tuan, the leading sailor on the Cyodrake’s Gaze, is a Gnorbu.

     -A Gnorbu’s mane has to be sheared once every year due to their fluffy coats. The wool is very soft, and can be made into many types of clothing. Their fur also grows back very fast, almost the very next day it’s poofier than the day prior!

     -Gnorbus are kind and always try to look at the positive side of situations.



     The Lenny is certainly an interesting and definitely underrated pet. These pets were first discovered in the VERY early days of Neopia, on the 12th day in the Month of Awakening. Lennies are tall, slender Neopets with feathery bodies and haven’t changed much since they were first discovered. That isn’t to say that they aren’t cool Neopets! I’ve always been fond of our feathery friends and their personalities. Lennies are incredibly intelligent Neopets and take great delight in solving puzzles and crosswords! If you’ve got trouble solving word riddles, Lennies are your pet. Their high intelligence also makes them naturals in the art of magic spells.


     “It’s true, you know!”

     Lennies, like all Neopets, have a wide array of colours to choose from, but two of my favourites have to be the brown Lenny and the mutant Lenny. The mutant one is especially menacing-looking, but awesome at the same time!

     Fun facts about Lennies:

     -Finneus, the keeper of the Altadorian Archives, is a Lenny, and keeps track of all the events and history of Altador.

     -Despite their appearance, Lennies can indeed fly but most of the time you’ll see them grounded.

     -L-L-L-LIGHTNING LENNY IS HERE TO SAVE THE DAY! Lightning Lenny, as his name suggests, is a Defender of Neopia and also a Lenny. His super-fast speed allows for him to confound opponents!



     The little balls of fluff that like to roll around the slopes of Neopia, yep, we’ve arrived at the Jubjub category. Jubjubs, like Lennies, have been around since Neopia first began, being discovered on the 6th day in the Month of Relaxing. Jubjubs were once known as Jibjibs, but decided when they arrived in Neopia one fateful day that they should be called Jubjubs instead. It’s a good thing too, Jubjub just rolls off the tongue a bit better, eh?

     Jubjubs are a bit of an interesting species, since they only have feet and no arms. This can make life for these little fuzzballs quite difficult, as one could guess, but Jubjubs have mastered the art of handling objects with their feet and could give Myncis a run for their money. Having these large feet and flexible toes makes for these Neopets to have an incredible sense of balance.

     Fun facts about Jubjubs:

     -Werther, a Jubjub, is the assistant to Professor Hugo Fairweather and is an expert on the subject of Kreludite.

     -Owning a Coconut Jubjub can get you the “Coconut Jubjub” Avatar by visiting its’ pet lookup. Give it a try if you haven’t already!

     -Let’s not forget about our neighborhood friendly Shop Wizard, who works to help us with our shopping needs 24/7! This guy is also a Jubjub and a friendly face that Neopians see on the daily.



     This guy is just too adorable to pass up. Yurbles were first discovered on the 28th Day of Hunting in Year 6, and haven’t been through too many cosmetic changes since then. Yurbles are a species that can be found all over Neopia, and are characterized by their large, fluffy manes and curled up ears. Most of the time you can find Yurbles munching on their favourite snacks (or really anything they can get their paws on), or spending time walking and running outdoors. They’re quite fond of nature, and enjoy exploring new areas yet to be discovered.

     Yurbles might be a tad underrated, but they happen to be one of my favourite Neopets, with island and brown being two of my favourite colours. I’ve owned them in the past and they just look so huggable and fluffy. Who wouldn’t want to hug a Yurble? *hugs*

     Fun facts about Yurbles:

     -The Angry Janitor who hails from Altador and is constantly cleaning up the Hall of Heroes is a Yurble. Just try not to make him too angry if you decide to pay him a visit… wouldn’t want to scuff up those floors of his.

     -Since Yurbles are so fond of the outdoors, they greatly enjoy camping trips! They’re always willing to take a stroll through Neopia’s wild side.

     -Yurbles mostly walk on twos, but to break into a fast sprint they have to get down on all fours. Gotta cover more ground somehow!



     Next, we move onto the Ogrin. Ogrins were discovered on the 27th day of Celebrating in Year Seven, just a year after the Yurble! Ogrins, like Lennies, are very intelligent, and have a great appreciation for nature and the world around them. However, even though they like the outdoors visually they dislike camping and would prefer to stay indoors versus camp in a tent. The more luxurious the resting place, the better!

     Ogrins are one of my favourite pets, despite them being a little low on Neopia’s pet popularity scale. Their fluffy manes and prominent stripes are very endearing to me and I greatly enjoy looking at their many colours.

     Fun facts about Ogrins:

     -If you look closely, Ogrins look like a combination of many pets, sporting a Poogle’s stripes, a Moehog’s snout and mohawk, a Gnorbu’s tail, a Usul’s fluffy neck, and a Lupe’s paws.

     -Captain Rourke, Captain of the SS Primella, is an Ogrin. He led Professor Fairweather and Roxton Colchester III to the Lost Isle on his boat.

     -Who could forget Corbin, brother to Kell and one of the monster hunters of Neovia? This serious fellow is also an Ogrin.



     Another of Neopia’s ancient pets, the Scorchio was discovered on the 14th of the Month of Running. Scorchios are comparable to that of a Draik, but their features are a bit heftier and their heads a bit spikier. Their tails are also a bit shorter and thicker in shape, compared to the Draik’s long, thin tail.

     These loveable dragon pets can be found all over Tyrannia and love hot climates the best. They also have the impressive ability to breathe fire from their mouths naturally, able to scorch flammable things with ease. As intimidating as this ability sounds, Scorchios are very understanding and friendly towards others. If you’re considering getting a Scorchio, I’d highly recommend the desert or Christmas Scorchio. Desert Scorchios host the game Word Pyramid, and since playing it, I’ve learned to like this colour quite a lot. Christmas Scorchios’ red colour is also quite vibrant and with or without the clothing, red goes with everything!

     Fun facts about Scorchios:

     -Scorchios in the early days of their discovery used to look much like Korbats, and also had fluffy hair on their heads.

     -Who could forget the Lab Ray Scientist that zaps our pets every day? This wacky guy is a Scorchio and is constantly fiddling with his machines…

     -Scordrax, scourge of the Lost Desert during the fight between Razul and Jazan, is a Scorchio, albeit a rather frightening, two-headed one…



     Acaras are an aquatic Neopet that was discovered on 28th of Eating Year Two, and they simply love to swim. Acaras’ horns sprouting from its’ head look hard and fixed in place, but they are quite the opposite. Acaras can move these horns about when they move their heads, unlike other horned Neopets like the Kau or the Ixi.

     One of the Acara’s other more prominent features is its’ ears. In the early days when Acaras were first discovered, these ears were actually fins, but eventually developed into the pink ears we see today. Perhaps that is why they are so good at swimming?

     Acaras are another of my favourite Neopets, and I am particularly fond of the Plushie Acara, though I like all the Acara’s forms.

     Fun facts about Acaras:

     -Roberta of Brightvale, one of the two heroes who originally stopped the Darkest Faerie’s sinister plot against Altador, is an Acara who wields powerful magic.

     -Acaras have a Maraquan form, despite already being able to swim. Perhaps it’s just cosmetic to Acaras.

     -Acaras, when they were first discovered, used to have long, fluffy tails. This must have hindered their ability to swim, so they eventually evolved to lose them.



     The Meerca is one of Neopia’s smaller Neopets, first discovered on the 7th Day of Awakening in Year 3. Most often you can see them walking on twos, but Meercas can balance on their tails if they choose to do so. This habit is similar to that of the Blumaroo. Meercas also have two sharp front teeth to gnaw on things like tough foods or wood.

     Meercas might be one of the smaller Neopets roaming Neopia, but that just makes it easier for them to fit into small spaces… and hide others’ things. Meercas can be quite the pranksters, so make sure to keep track of your belongings while Meercas are about… especially your Neggs!

     Meercas are another favourite pet of mine. Little round balls of fluff, just like Jubjubs, these guys are funny and cute in their own way.

     Fun facts about Meercas:

     -Meercas are very proud of their tails and hate it when they get ruffled.

     -Meercas star in their own game: Meerca Chase!

     -If you’ve ever seen him crawling around the grosser parts of Neopia, Meuka is a Meerca.



     And here we have the Moehog. Moehogs were first discovered on 5th day of Swimming in Year Two and have stood the test of time in terms of their appearance. These pets, in the early days, were once considered Limited Edition, if you can believe it! Moehogs live in mountainous regions of Neopia and because of this, their legs are very strong and good for walking long distances. Because of their strong legs, they have the ability to lift very heavy items without getting tired. They also enjoy running and jumping in mud puddles.

     Whenever a Moehog meets someone new, they tend to kick up clouds of dust and snort loudly.

     Fun facts about Moehogs:

     -Moehogs used to serve Skeiths as their servants, before they left their original homeland to explore the rest of Neopia.

     -Judge Hog, head of the Defenders of Neopia, is a Moehog.

     -One of the bands that plays in Tyrannia’s Concert Hall, Moehawk, is comprised entirely of Moehogs!



     Coming in at the final pet on this list, we have Nimmos. Nimmos have been around since Neopia began, like many of the other pets listed in this article, created on the 15th of the Month of Relaxing. Nimmos haven’t changed much since they were first discovered, and their appearance is unique to say the least. Nimmos always seem to be in a meditative state, always looking zen and calm.

     Nimmos are surprisingly skilled in the field of martial arts, and are able to easily feel at one with their surroundings through meditation. Their strong legs make them excellent swimmers, and because of this you can find most Nimmos at home in large bodies of water. As long as you’ve got yourself a pond in the backyard of your Neohome, then you’re all set to adopt a Nimmo into your Neofamily.

     Fun facts about Nimmos:

     -Nimmos, like Meercas, star in their own game, Nimmos Pond.

     -Nimmos consider intelligence to be the most important quality in themselves and others.

     -Orrin, the food shop shopkeeper in Shenkuu, is a Nimmo. Orrin also stars in the game Revel Roundup.


     Well now, it’s been quite a ride through all these pets, hasn’t it? I hope that by gaining some more insight into the world of underrated pets, that I may have convinced you to create or adopt one. In the process of writing this article, I’ve actually gained a few ideas for new pets myself…

     Thank you all for reading!


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