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A Recap on Daily Dare 2018

by lauren92_k


     Another round of Daily Dare has come and gone in the blink of an eye, and it’s time to reflect on the good, the bad, and the…Zurroball?

     I personally ended up with a silver trophy this year, and would like to state that was because I genuinely felt too lazy to try and beat some of the scores needed for AAA. However, there’s probably a couple of games I wouldn’t have been able to beat AAA’s score in anyways. Though it was interesting note that I had a couple of instances where I selected Abigail to beat, and then ended up scoring higher than AAA’s score. –Cue grumbling and arguing with myself-

     One feature I quite enjoyed this year was how in the prize selection, you could choose a stat increase for your pet. I didn’t play in the previous round of Daily Dare, so I’m not sure if this had already been implemented, but it was a neat surprise for me.

     Overall, I’d say Daily Dare 2018 had a good selection of games. Let’s start at the beginning shall we?

     Starting off DD 2018 was Ice Cream Machine. I unfortunately made the mistake of forgetting that I already had the Ice Cream Avatar, and therefore a higher score than AAA, as I selected Abigail. It might have been the wise choice however, as while playing, I had a moment of wondering how I ever managed to score high enough for the avvie?! It’s one of those games where you need a good mouse, a comfortable speed level, and patience. I was using a trackpad on my laptop. Therefore, minimal patience.

     Anyhow, on to the next game! Word Pyramid brought a bit of chaos to the Neoboards, where some folks were discussing the unfairness of having Word Pyramid a part of DD because English isn’t everyone’s first language. While English is my first language, I still struggled to score AAA’s score. The discovery mid-day of typing ‘thelostdesert’ code to reset the timer also brought a flurry of activity. Many had already sent in their scores for the day prior to realizing this very helpful code.

     Near the end of DD, Spellseeker is revealed as the third last game. The game is strategically very similar to Word Pyramid, and a lot easier for non-English speaking players. The option to choose what is written on the tiles allows for choice of the symbols, as opposed to English letters or numbers. Ultimately, Word Pyramid should have been left out all together to avoid the slight inequality towards non- English speaking players.

     The general consensus seemed to be that Kass Basher is a relatively easier game to play, though I did see a few people struggling with it. I personally had a tougher time with Meerca Chase. This game’s avvie still eludes me to this day, with a high score of 1188 –cries- that was only recently achieved. I actually beat AAA’s score using the classic method, as opposed to superextrahypergravitymode. I really struggle to control the Meerca while avoiding the black hole.

     It was my first time ever playing Lost City Lanes, and while I genuinely enjoyed playing the game, I found it a bit tedious and long to play. I didn’t realize that you could hit the spacebar to jump until after about 20 minutes of game play. Whoops.

     Snowmuncher is a classic for me, probably one of my most played games. However Hasee bounce wasn’t a favourite game to play I have to admit. The screen seems to short, the bounce to violent and vigorous, and ultimately you’re left up to chance, rather than skill. I definitely prefer the original Hasee bounce to this version. Alas. Moving on.

     The most memorable part of this year’s DD for me was when Zurroball came upon us, and mayhem erupted on the boards. I had to laugh when I went to go practice for the game. I hadn’t played it in a long time, so when I scored 2 points, I continued laughing. Keep in mind, I’m still using a trackpad as I can’t be bothered to go out and buy a proper mouse. I luckily got my score up to about 36 points and left it at that, as I didn’t feel like stressing about it further. I’m amazed at the people who select anything other than the energizer ball to use while playing, as I absolutely cannot use any other option. So well done to those who beat AAA’s score, especially if you weren’t using the energizer ball.

     Next up, we had Kou-Jong and Moon Rock Rampage, which I quite like. The first can be a bit tricky and time consuming, especially if you get the little box that pops up telling you there’s no more moves to make, and you begrudgingly hit ‘reset.’ Moon Rock Rampage is beatable with a guide to follow, and avoidance of all the robots. They’re quite vengeful when they start pushing the blocks towards you! The one level though where you pick up a part worth 250 points is all you really needed to beat AAA’s score.

     Pterattack is another classic for me, I have memories of playing this game in my early years of Neopets, an earlier, older version of the game, but nonetheless, pick up those fireballs and you’re good to go!

     Dungeon Dash was another new game for me that I played for the very first time. I have mixed thoughts about it, as I found some of the controls ‘sticky’, for lack of a better term. It’s also difficult not to panic when you see the villain coming after you in the left hand side of the screen. With persistence, AAA’s score could have been met.

     Nova Defender was another game that caused a round of chaos to erupt on the boards. I personally have no idea how anyone achieved a score higher than 100,000, but I stumbled across an advice board where someone suggested circling the robots multiple times and then going underneath to shoot them all. Eventually you get a diamond that you can pick up and shoot all the robots on your screen. This greatly assisted me in achieving Abigail’s score (which I admittedly had been already struggling to get).

     Piper Panic and Turmac Roll took some patience on my end. The latter, simply because I couldn’t seem to get any berries that were worth more points, thus forcing me to collect the 3 point berries the entire way too 850+ points. I lost a couple of times at the 750 mark. I had to walk away from my laptop and come back with renewed vigor.

     Goparokko is another game avvie that eludes me. The scores were easy enough to achieve, but I really start to panic around the 6000 point mark. Playing on the easy level seems to do the trick, along with draping a sheet over your screen to cover up the constantly draining timer.

     Flycatcher wasn’t as exciting of a game, along with Caves & Corridors. There seemed to be some glitches in the functionality of Caves & Corridors that ruffled some feathers. I stuck with Abigail’s score and moved on.

     Last but not least, Volcano Run 2 is another one of those games where I’ve no clue how I ever achieved this avvie. I hadn’t played in a long time, but somehow progressively got worse as I practiced. I started out getting 700 points, and after only a few times playing, ended up scoring an average 200 points. AAA’s score was noticeably less than in previous years (thankfully for me), but was an excellent game to end this year’s challenge on.

     Overall, I enjoyed this year’s DD. It had a mix of the old school classic games with the new ones. It ultimately brought the playing community together to gripe about the difficult games, to help one another out with tips and tricks, and join forces to complete the Team Challenges. Players were thoroughly engaged and left with a few Neopoints richer by playing games all day long.

     Thanks for a good round TNT! Until next time!


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