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5 Beach Looks That Shine!

by teukieteukie


     The snow has melted, the days are getting longer and longer, and the sun is finally out and is shining all around Neopia! As the temperature rises on thermometers everywhere, the prime time for beach adventures is only just around the corner! To prepare you for the sand and the sea, we have put together five fresh and fun beach looks for your Neopet! You can trust that your pet will be the star on the shore with any one of these stunning ensembles. Of courses pieces can be mixed and matched, but we hope that what you will see here will be a proper diving point into some inspired summer looks.

      Just imagine, the waves crashing just feet behind you and your pet, the sun setting low on the horizon, casting everything in a soft orange glow. A sunset on the beach makes for the perfect dinner-time surroundings. With the Beach Picnic Background, you get all of this and more, even a fuzzy blanket to perch upon! This background is the base for this casual beach look. Sand Sandals Foreground and Beach Umbrella Trinket pair perfectly together for a bright pop of color. Nothing says ‘summer’ and ‘beach’ better than a cropped Beach Hair with Sunglasses Wig, complete with those intricate messy waves that you just cannot recreate at home, no matter how hard you try or how much product you use. Blue and White Striped Beach Bag holds all beach necessities, from suntan lotion (always apply this when going out into the sun!) to some pre-dinner snacks and perhaps a good read. Throw a Bohemian Beach Cardigan over your swimsuit and some Beach Sandals onto your feet and you are good to go.

      Beaches don’t just mean lazing around on a towel on the sand (who even likes sand anyway?). Beaches also mean cold, refreshing water and all sorts of aquamarine critters to discover! Every great beach holiday has a memory with starfish, sea glass, and tiny baby fish. Start with the Floating at the Beach Background to set the scene. Bottled Beach Finds Foreground gives you and your Neopet all kinds of fun things to discover. And while you’re at it, you can pick up some of that glass and properly dispose of it. Keep our oceans clean! There is no better way to go exploring for underwater goodies than to use the Mallard Swimming Goggles and the MiniMME8-S2: Fashionable Neovia Inspired Swimsuit for diving in and out of the surface. But watch out for that Beached Sailboat! I wonder if there is anyone in there… while you’re at it, best to just make sure no one is trapped inside…

      One of the things that us has most excited for the summer and the beach season is the epic beach parties! With this look, your Neopet can make their way to the next big beachside extravaganza and be confident that they are looking their absolute best. Heads will turn when your Neopet shows up in the Shimmery Seashell Dress and Golden Sea Star Wig. A Sea Glass Bracelet and Chunky Seashell Necklace really tie together the sea shell and powder blue theme that is certain to be the talk of the party, in a good way! The Gold Starfish Sandals will keep your pet's pristine pedicure from getting gritty with sand. Curved Palm Tree, Stuffed Sea Shell Foreground, and Quiet Beach Path Background really set the stage for a memorable and perfect entrance that no other Neopet could ever forget.

      Some of you beachgoers may love to spend your entire day by the sea, from sunrise until sundown! In this case, it is important to dress up in a way that is both stylish and practical. For example, the Braid and Hat will protect you from direct sunshine and keep your hair from suffering too much when the ocean breeze blows across the beach. The White Crochet Dress is also a minimalistic outfit choice that will keep you both fashionable and comfortable when lounging under the sun. Imagine having your picture taken against the Gorgeous Sunset Background while dressed in a Strawberry Bathing Suit… talk about clashing! Instead, if you wear this dress along with a pair of Crochet Sandals, you will look picture perfect as the sun sets. Additionally, the Golden Bangle Bracelets and the Fire Faerie Eye Shadow will add a pop of colour, that along with the Pearls and Shells Garland, will complement the sun kissed sunset sky! If you're looking for that postcard picture, we suggest adding a Sand Castle Foreground to the fiery sunset foreground to create the best "wish you were here!" atmosphere.

      The final look we have for you pretty much epitomizes what the beach is all about: Fun, sun, and sand. You cannot visit a beach on Neopia without seeing at least one sandcastle. They may range in size and style, but there is no mistaking that where there is a beach, there is a sandcastle. Obviously this means that we will be starting this look with the Lighted Sand Castle Background. While the Sun Shower shines overhead, protect your Neopets skin with a Fancy Sun Hat and Long Summer Dress. Pop on some Beach Sandals to complete the outfit and get ready to get digging and pile that sand high! Worried your pet looks incomplete? Rosy Cheeks Face Paint and Zenco the Magnificent Contacts take care of that and tie the whole beach look together. Perhaps after you finish your castle, you and your pet can search the shore and see what interesting things the Shallow Waves Foreground washed up. Let us know if you find anything good!

     We hope that you enjoyed this installment of gorgeous customization looks. You can trust that you and your Neopet will outshine all of the competition (because looking good is always a competition, right?) with any one of these five custom looks. Try them out and let us know which one was your pets favorite. Come up with a few ideas you think would be better? Share those too! We love to see your looks!

     Written in collaboration with mel_liew_ming_li




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