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Neoquest 2: The Haunted Woods Sprint Through

by califorthehomeless


     You've made it 3 out of 5! If you haven’t made it to the Haunted Woods yet, feel free to look back at my past articles. If you are still rocking with me, let’s keep at a fast pace! We are so close to the avatars and a trophy. You should be rolling into the Haunted Woods level 39 or 40. If it’s higher, great! You’ve also got all 4 characters and you’re spending their skill points in a smart matter! I only spent mine to about 47 and then I saved them! I recommend you do the same, but we can talk about this as we get closer to the end.

     The Haunted Woods has some tough cookies, so I hope you’re ready to take them on. Starting in Chapter 4, you are near a town called Shadow Gulch. Enter the town, feel free to chat with its residents, and let’s go shopping. Upgrade your weapons and buy every single kind of damage, haste, and slowing potions! The Haunted Woods has some great potions and we want a stockpile as we get near our final boss. Try to use your earlier potions you have remaining rather than using these until the end! Once you’re done, I switch to normal to head to Count Von Roo’s Castle because there are some nasty enemies who lurk around there!


     You’re going to head to the Dungeon. I recommend being level 40 before trying to take on Meuka. I stay on normal before I go after him since there isn’t a need to hunt unless my level is way to low. This guy is quick. Slow him down with a slowing potion from a previous chapter. Velm needs to get his shields up (like ALWAYS) and Mipsy, Talinia, and Rohane can take turns turning him into a snot ball. Watch your health and have Velm heal, which will be around every round. After you’ve smashed our first boss, talk to Von Roo and take the teleport orb out of the castle.

     Switch back to hunting, since I feel like the enemies aren’t as bad now. Head east and use your maps to get to the Cave of Dark Things! You can also follow the puddles! Level up and keep collecting that gold! You’ll need it later. Head into the cave to find this spider Grundo. Some of the puddles lead to dead ends, so beware and refer to your maps. Also be sure you’re starting to increase Mipsy’s group haste. We need it later.

     Spider Grundo

     Be level 44-45 before approaching him, but that should be easy since you were hunting on the way here. Use slowing potions from Chapter 3 and as usual have Velm shield the team. This guy is magic resistant so Mipsy’s attacks don’t work as well. Talinia and Rohane hit away and Velm can use Celestial Hammer or Mesmerize when he’s not healing! Talk to him after you beat him.

     If you used any damage potions bought in Shadow Gulch, my advice is to return to get more. You don’t wanna fight the final boss more than you have to and I recommend having all necessities.

     Refer to your maps and we’re off to see Balthazar! When you get there, have a chat with both the 4 faeries and the Lupe himself. Hunt your way through the Happy Fun Non-Haunted House and out to see the Brian Tree. He will give you a special code that’ll make those 4 faeries very mad at you. He also opens the gate so you don’t have to go back through the house and gives you the hook up with his potion dealer! Talk to Augur Faunt and once again buy every damage, slowing, and haste potion. He offers you a place to rest, which I recommend. Use this resting spot and the house to level up to 47 before even thinking about taking on those faeries.

     The 4 Faeries

     So this battle is a toughie and was one of my least favorites because I was super nervous the whole time!

     First-round have Velm cast his shielding and Mipsy cast her group haste! Talinia and Rohane throw your Sloth’s Slowing Potions at dark and fire.

     Second Round you need to slow those other two faeries, water, and earth. You can attempt to mesmerize the dark faerie but that didn’t work for me. So after the last two are slowed, I have Velm heal if need and have the last member throwing a Corrode potion at the fire. The most important thing is keeping them all slowed! If one of them returns to normal, stop all attacks and slow her down again! I took out the fire, dark, water, and finally earth! Keep your party sped up my Mipsy and healed by Velm while Talinia and Rohane deal out some damage! Once you’ve kicked those faeries to the curb, go restock your potions at Augur Faunt, rest, and talk to Balthazar. Head out on the path the faeries were blocking.

     Keep hunting through the Haunted Woods! Now I have a choice for you! Hubrid Nox is not required to beat to beat this level. It’s up to you! You can sprint on past him or take your chances and get some weapons! His battle is no fun and nor is climbing up the stairs of his tower! There are 9 levels by the way. You can weigh your options but I’ll tell you how to take him on anyway! If you aren’t level 49 when you reach his fortress, go level up on Esophagor’s swamp. The enemies in Hubrid’s tower are tough and I rather try to pass them as fast as possible on normal mode!

     Hubrid Nox (Optional)

     So you’re level 49 and you’re heading up the stairs on this tower! Remember to stay in normal mode! So you’ve reached Not and you’re ready for some new weapons! This battle will test your patience. He’s fast and he slows you down… a lot. So first thing is first: shields up! Slow him down, speed yourself up with group haste, and fire away! This battle will take awhile but watch your health, speed yourself up with potions if he slows you down, and have Talinia and Rohane hit him hard! He’s magic resistant so Mipsy’s attacks won’t do much and don’t waste your time with damage potions! After some hair pulling moments, you’ll beat him! Hike back to Faunt to restock your potions! Yes, all the way, but it’ll be worth it in the end!


     If you took on Nox, this guy is cake. Make sure you’re level 49, slow him down, shields up, have Mipsy use group haste, and have Talinia and Rohane hit him hard! You’ll see soon that he goes down fast!

     And you’ve done it! One more chapter stands between you, a bronze trophy, some neopoints, two avatars, and the hardest bosses! Celebrate and I’ll see you next week to sprint through the last chapter!


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