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Mynci Beach Volleyball Avatar Guide

by cordeliaviolet


     You don’t see this avatar much around Neopia, do you? This cute little green avatar is believed to be difficult to obtain, but I am here to tell you it is NOT! That’s right, it’s easy!

     Well… Fairly easy. The thing that is difficult is not only learning the controls, but to learn all of the controls WITH the powerups, which are given by hitting the Green Pawkeet that can appear anywhere above a players head. Hitting the Pawkeet with the ball means a powerup is now in play! Each of the power ups can hinder you… but you can also use them ALL to your advantage (well, almost)! The key to Mynci Beach Volleyball is to spend a few games orientating yourself to the controls with and without each power up. Generally, it is helpful to not perform a traveling jump unless absolutely necessary - it is too hard to control the movement of the ball this way. Try to only jump straight up and down after placing your Mynci where the ball is landing. The strategy for using each powerup can be found below!

     1. Big Net: This powerup turns the net into a larger, higher net for you to hit the ball over. The good thing about the big net (and other powerups) is that your opponent almost always fails to get the ball over the net. You don’t have to be amazing, you just have to wait out the big net longer than your opponent (that pesky red Mynci!). Don’t be too scared of this one though! Jumping is encouraged with the big net, so jump to your heart's desire!

     2. Small Net: The small net is a powerup that helps both you and your opponent. Unlike the big net, the small net makes it quite easy for your opponent to get the ball over the net. Because of the short height, many of these shots will be hard to get. Jumping is NOT recommended with the small net, as you do not need to in order to get the ball returned. Jumping could mean the ball flies beneath or behind you and hitting the ground!

     3. Big Ball: The big ball is the easiest powerup for both sides of the court. The ball is so large you almost don’t have to move around the court - jumping is advised, but not necessary. Sadly, the big ball means your opponent can return your most devastating spikes with ease.

     4. Small Ball: The small ball can be tough! You think it’s hard hitting it at regular size? This is even harder! More bad news is that your opponent does not seem to be affected by this powerup. Try your hardest to get the next powerup to get rid of this one, and try not to jump!

     5. Turdle: The infamous turdle is perhaps the worst "powerup" (it is not a power per say, more a hindrance). Stepping on one of these bad boys will have you dead in your tracks for a few seconds, often meaning you miss the ball and lose the point. A helpful strategy to use when your opponent triggers the turdle, run into it as soon as you can. This is because the turdle will be triggered by your opponent when the ball is on their side. This means that you should be able to get rid of the turdle on your side of the court (become frozen for a few seconds) before your opponent manages to actually get the ball over to your side. Also, when you get stuck, be calm! Don’t press the arrow keys or hold them down - you could go flying in the wrong direction when you are unstuck!

     6. Super Jump: The super jump is generally disliked in this game, but in order for it to be effective you need to use it to your advantage. Two bad things can come from the super jump power up. Often, Neopians jump when their opponent hits the ball over the net, and the ball ends up going beneath the player or the player hitting the ball with their feet, resulting in a lost point. The second issue lots of players face with the super jump is jumping to serve and the ball falling to the wayside - basically, the ball hits the ground before your Mynci does! Do not despair! The super jump can be your greatest asset in this game if you allow it to be. The best strategy is TO NOT JUMP when you are serving or returning the ball to the other side. You must use the super jump to put pressure on your opponent by blocking all of their attempts to hit the ball over the net. Position your Mynci between mid court and the net, and JUMP to spike the ball back down at them. Once you get the hang of this, you will LOVE getting the super jump power up!

     7. Superspeed: This powerup… AH! This one is possibly more of a hindrance than the turdle because it can last much longer (it can take a few other powerups for this one to become inactive). Things get very hard to control and this is where most players will lose points. The best strategy to use if you get this powerup is to move as little as possible, and do NOT jump while holding the left or right directional keys - this sends you soaring! Like the super jump, this powerup can remain for quite some time and you should focus on getting other powerups so you can get rid of this one. Sadly, this is a powerup that your opponent works very well with, so make sure your movements are controlled! Be very aware of where the ball hits your head - you could send it behind you then slam the left key back to recover - this often ends up in disaster! Remain calm and BREATHE with this power up!

     8. Supersize: This is the BEST powerup to have! It is easy peasy lemon squeezy to get the ball back over the net with this powerup. This is the ONLY powerup that makes me avoid getting other power ups because none are as good as this one. You become over twice your size and take up around half the entire court. Have fun with this one and remember, THIS is the ultimate power up!

     With these tips in mind, you will have that awesome green Mynci Beach Volleyball avatar in a few short hours or days! You MUST have a score of over 800 and SEND that score in order to get the avatar. Happy Spiking!


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